Top & Best Women’s Havaianas Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Women’s Havaianas: How to choose the best pair in 2022

For a long time, female Havaianas were synonymous with vacation, leisure and rest. Nowadays, these shoes are present in women’s looks with different styles: casual, stripped, modern and sophisticated.

The brand, which won the world and was seen at the feet of national and international celebrities, has reinvented itself. Nowadays, in addition to the legitimate slippers, you will find sandals, espadrilles and sneakers.

Because of the variety of models, choosing a pair of women’s Havaianas is not so simple. With that in mind, we at ReviewBox Brasil have prepared this article with detailed information about this shoe. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • You can find more than 10 lines of women’s Havaianas, including flip flops and sandals. These models can be smooth, printed, with thin, medium or thick strips and with or without heels.
  • Women’s Havaianas are sold in different sizes, from smaller models, to women wearing between 33 and 35, conventional sizes from 36 to 39, to larger shoes up to number 48.
  • The prices of women’s Havaianas vary according to each model. The cheapest ones cost between R $ 15 and R $ 20, the intermediate models between R $ 30 and R $ 50 and the most expensive ones reach R $ 80.

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Ranking: The 4 best models of women’s Havaianas

There is a wide variety of female Havaianas models and the choice is related to personal taste and style. But to give a little help, we have chosen four options that will please women of different styles.

Buying Guide

The tropical  climate makes women wear clothes in lighter fabrics, light colors and shoes that leave their feet exposed. To walk in style and elegance, on different occasions, you can bet on women’s Havaianas.

In addition to being beautiful, Havaianas are comfortable, versatile and match women of different styles. Want to know a little more about this product? Then keep reading this article.

What are the differentials of women’s Havaianas?

In addition to being comfortable, women’s Havaianas are versatile and can be used to compose casual, casual or sophisticated looks and used in different contexts such as the beach, park, cinema, college, work or fun parties.Both slippers, flat sandals and sandals are available in plain versions, in different shades, printed, with thin, medium or thick straps, with or without heels.

Another differential of female Havaianas is that you find models for all profiles of women: basic, casual, casual, classic, sportsmen, modern and geeks.

What are the Havaianas sandal lines?

Havaianas has a wide variety of lines of flip flops, flat shoes and sandals (not to mention espadrilles and sneakers). To help you choose the ideal model, let’s talk about the main features of the main lines.


  • Slim : this line has the greatest variety of models, prints and colors. The differential is the thinner strip than the conventional one.
  • Top Fashion : the differentials are: textured insole, non-slip sole, thick, flexible strips and in two shades.
  • Color : the Color line slippers are wider, the straps are thicker and in very vibrant colors.
  • Flat : ideal for those who prefer a lighter and more delicate slipper, as it comes with a short strap (half the size of the conventional strap) and a thinner sole.
  • Tria : the strips are triple, follow the shape of the feet and give a modern and sophisticated look to the production.
  • Athena : ideal for those looking for comfort, as it has comfortable shoes, anatomical sole, extra soft rubber and thicker straps.


  • You : is the brand’s first flat shoe, with a low and delicate little jump. It can be used in casual or sophisticated looks and combines with different environments.
  • Freedom : has T-shaped front straps and braided back straps joined by a zipper.
  • Luna : it has interlaced straps with oval detail at the front and joined at the back (it does not have a clasp, you must fit the feet).
  • High Light I and II : has a medium size heel (4 cm). The strap is medium, the insole is soft and the sole is rubber, ensuring safety and stability.

What care should I take with my Havaianas?

When cleaning, wash the shoes by hand with water, mild soap and a soft sponge or use a damp cloth with the solution.

Let it dry in an airy place and out of the reach of the sun, as the sun’s rays leave the rubber dry and faded. But keep in mind that wear and tear will occur naturally, over time.


  • Leave to soak.
  • Machine wash.
  • Use chemicals to remove stains.
  • Use a brush to rub your shoes (the color fades and removes the print).
  • Expose to salt water, salt air, excessive heat and direct sunlight.

How much?

The prices of women’s Havaianas vary according to the model in question, so we research the average price of each model so that you can compare and analyze the best option for you:

    • Traditional : R $ 15
    • Color : R $ 15 to R $ 25
    • Flat : R $ 20
    • Tria : R $ 20 to R $ 30
    • Slim : R $ 20 to R $ 50
    • Top Fashion : R $ 25 to R $ 40
    • Luna : R $ 25 to R $ 45
    • Freedom : R $ 40
    • You : R $ 35 to R $ 70
    • Athena : R $ 40 to R $ 50
    • High Light : R $ 60 to R $ 80


Where to buy?

You can find women’s Havaianas in physical stores of the brand itself. The cool thing about this option is the possibility to customize the shoes (at an additional cost).

You can also find Havaianas in shoe stores, sporting goods stores and supermarkets. If you are a fan of online shopping, you can find several options at discounted prices on Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare models of women’s Havaianas

When you buy a pair of women’s Havaianas, it is important to analyze some characteristics that change from one model to another and that can directly influence the comfort and usability of the shoes:

  • Strip thickness and shape
  • Size
  • Sole
  • Design

We will explain each of the topics listed above throughout this section.

Strip thickness and shape

The strip is one of the most important features in a Havaianas, as it differs in many ways. One of the characteristics that can change is the thickness, which can be thin, medium or thick.

Regarding the format of the strips, Havaianas developed models with different designs. You find five variations:

  • Traditional : strip goes from one end to the other.
  • Flat : short strip, up to the middle of the slipper.
  • Tria : three strips that follow the shape of the feet.
  • Freedom : “T” shaped front strip and backs joined by a lock.
  • Luna : front strap with oval detail and braided and joined backs.


You can find women’s Havaianas in different numbers, from the smallest ones from 33 to 35, conventional sizes from 36 to 38 and larger models from 39 to 48 (not all models are sold in larger sizes).

Tip: to get the shoe size right, the ideal thing is for the slipper to go slightly beyond your heel.



The sole of Havaianas changes a little according to the model. In addition to the traditional thickness, you will find models with thinner, thicker soles, with low and medium heels.

  • Thin sole : models from the Flat, Tria and You line.
  • Traditional sole : models from the Traditional, Slim, Top Fashion and Color line.
  • Thick sole : model from the Atena line.
  • Low heels : You line.
  • Medium heel (4 cm) : High Light line.


The Havaianas brand reinvented the slipper concept and created sandals that can be used in different contexts. For this reason, the design of women’s Havaianas is one of the most important characteristics in this shoe.

The sole can be smooth or printed. Smooth models are available in different shades. The printed models can be in geometric, thematic forms (ocean, seasons, flowers, animal print etc.) and even characters.

The strip can be the same shade as the slipper, in a color that creates contrast, translucent (mixture of color with transparency), metallic or in two colors (different front and back).


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