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Mizuno women’s sneakers: How to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about women’s Mizuno tennis, the ideal shoe for women who want to play sports, whether it be walking, running or training at the gym.

One of the brand’s differentials is to bring innovative and technological products with a focus on the athlete’s performance. It is no accident that Mizuno is one of the largest in the segment.

After all, who has never had a pair of Mizuno sneakers? If you answered no, it’s time to try on shoes that will improve your performance in training and competitions. Want to know more? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • Mizuno sports shoes are divided into three categories: walking, running and gym. Among these segments, you will find a wide variety of models, for different athlete profiles.
  • In order to reach all audiences, Mizuno has developed a line of sneakers in the casual segment. The ML 87, Nara and Osaka models can be used in streetstyle or athleisure looks.
  • You can find women’s Mizuno sneakers in different price ranges. Entry models cost between R $ 120 and R $ 250, intermediates between R $ 250 and R $ 550 and premiums between R $ 800 and R $ 1,300.

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The best models of women’s Mizuno sneakers: Our choices

In order to make sports practice comfortable and safe, Mizuno invests in research and technology and offers a wide variety of tennis models. To choose the best option, check the ranking below:

  • For women who like to run
  • An option with excellent cushioning
  • Mizuno’s premium women’s sneaker model

Buying Guide

The Mizuno women’s sneaker is ideal for women looking to outperform their own performance. These shoes are manufactured with high technology and promote comfort, flexibility and cushioning during walking, running or training.

Another difference is the design that will leave your modern look in training and competitions, raising your self-esteem. To inspire you to choose a Mizuno shoe, we have prepared a Buying Guide with everything you need to know about the product.

What are the exclusive technologies of women’s Mizuno shoes?

Before describing Mizuno’s exclusive technologies, we must mention the place where these innovations arise: Sozo Studio, the most complete biomechanics laboratory in the world, located in Ozaka, Japan.

  • Mizuno Wave : Damping technology between the midsole and sole, which provides better energy distribution for smooth strides.
  • Dynamotion Fit : This technology promotes interaction between the movements of the foot with the fabric of the shoes, relieving stress caused in the heel. By eliminating friction, it improves mobility.
  • X10 : Sneakers with this technology are made with carbon rubber, which is able to withstand prolonged periods of use in uneven terrain, offering traction.
  • SmoothRide : The soft and flexible sole in the areas of greatest impact helps to maintain the body’s center of gravity in the ideal position, providing an improvement in balance and posture and reducing energy waste.
  • U4icX : Offers maximum comfort and cushioning in the initial impact of the step.
  • AIRmesh : It is a nylon fabric, breathable, with more open weaves that ensures good air circulation inside the shoe. Another difference is the padded collar that prevents wounds on the heel, common in long workouts.
  • Premium Insock : Insoles with this technology provide breathability to shoes.
  • Intercool : It is a system formed by small ventilation holes along the entire sole, to avoid the concentration of heat and humidity that can bother the athlete during sports practice.
  • CloudWave : Convex shaped plate that optimizes energy gain while delivering softer cushioning and stability while running, offering smooth transitions and free movement.
  • Infinity Wave Technology : Board responsible for providing comfort, stability and reducing the impact generated by the strides. The higher side promotes stability. Generates momentum and smooth transitions.

What are the best models of women’s Mizuno running shoes?

The flagship of Mizuno is the Running segment, with running shoes and Triátlon. The most famous product line in this segment is the Mizuno Wave, composed of tennis models for each style of step.

    • Wave Sky : These are the most comfortable running shoes from Mizuno. Indicated for those looking for a light, stable footwear, with maximum comfort and cushioning.
    • Wave Creation 19 and 20 : This line is a reference in damping and performance in long distance races – ideal for experienced athletes who give priority to well-structured models or beginner runners.
    • Wave Prophecy 8 : Mizuno’s premium model is ideal for those looking for maximum impact cushioning, in addition to stability and smoothness in the stride.


Other models in the Wave line are: Prorunner 21 and 22 (we’ll talk about them soon), Mirai, Frontier 11, WaveKnit, Dynasty and Ultima 9.

What is the best female Mizuno shoes for walking?

Walking and running are two similar activities, both bring benefits to the health of the body and mind, are easy to practice, have progressive evolution and generate impact (at different levels).

When walking, whether on the street or on a treadmill, the feet come into contact with the ground and have a greater impact on the heel region, while in running, there is an initial impact on the heel, stabilization of the stride and impulse to continue the movement.

These differences are so significant that they make Mizuno classify the models in different categories. Hiking shoes are more flexible and running shoes have greater cushioning.

Currently, three models of women’s Mizuno shoes are indicated for walking:

  • Jet 3 : Offers unmatched footwear, support and cushioning.
  • Iron 2 : It has moderate cushioning, ideal for walking and jogging and low intensity.
  • Brave N : It has moderate cushioning, ideal for walking and jogging.

Which model of women’s Mizuno Sneakers to choose to go to the gym?

As with any physical activity, you need to choose a good pair of sneakers to go to the gym, whether for weight training or aerobic exercise.

In bodybuilding, the exercises are based on the use of weights, so it is important to maintain a correct posture to prevent movements in the muscles from being transferred to the spine.

To train, bet on a shoe that offers a lot of stability, with rigid cushioning, low drop and support to fix the midfoot region. We list the best models below:

      • Frontier 11 : Offers maximum stability and cushioning.
      • Iron 2 : It has moderate cushioning, ideal for low impact activities.
      • Victory 2 : Ideal for everyday use, as it offers comfort and protection in your sports activities.
      • Jet 3 : Offers plenty of support, stability and cushioning, ideal for weight training.
      • Brave 2 : Offers moderate cushioning.


To practice aerobic gymnastics, such as jump, step or crossfit, you need a sneaker with good cushioning, energy return, flexibility and traction. It is also important to invest in a shoe with flexible leather, which follows the movements of the feet.

    • Wave Sky 2 and 3 : These models are ideal for those who need shoes with dynamic cushioning. Footwear has flexibility and softness in the regions of greatest impact.
    • Prorunner 21 and 22 : Can be used both in daily training and in walking and running. The technological sole provides better energy distribution, support and stress relief in the joints.

Do I find Mizuno women’s tennis models for casual use?

Anyone who thinks that Mizuno sneakers are indicated only for playing sports is very wrong. Currently, Mizuno has a line aimed at the casual segment.

The Sports Style line brings products developed with inspiration in the iconic models of the sport – which were successful in the 1980s and 1990s – added to the comfort necessary for footwear for everyday use. They are: ML 87, Nara and Osaka.

The ML 87 model has a design inspired by the Air Medal SX sneakers, one of the running icons of the 1980s. To balance the look, use this sneaker with more basic pieces, such as dark jeans, white T-shirt and a stylish jacket. The shoe is available in pink, black, blue, green and gray.

If you prefer a more casual option, you’ll love Nara sneakers, a discreet model that combines with striking pieces. Try it on with dark skinny jeans and a printed jacket. This model is available in marsala, black and beige colors.

The Osaka model represents a “trip” through Japanese culture, a strong trend in the 1990s. The sole is inspired by local art made from bamboo. This model looks great with tight pants and looser pieces at the top. This model is available in marsala and white colors.

See how to combine sports shoes in casual looks with Guid Meineleck, style consultant for the website Não Repete:

How much does a women’s Mizuno shoe cost?

You can find women’s Mizuno sneakers in different price ranges. Let’s start with the cheapest models, from R $ 120 to R $ 250: Ez Flex, Victory, Iron 2, Brave 2, Jet 2, Brave N, Victory 2, Dinasty and Wave Mirai. Casual models are in the price range of R $ 180 and R $ 280.

The intermediate models cost between R $ 300 and R $ 550: Prorunner 21 and 22, Frontier 11, Ironman, Wave Sky 2 and WaveKnit. The premium models cost between R $ 800 and R $ 1,300, they are: Sky 3, Creation 19 and 20 and Prophecy 8.

Where to buy a Mizuno women’s sneaker?

You can find Mizuno women’s tennis models in the best shoe stores,  Centauro, and Authentic Feet. The product is also sold in official Mizuno outlets.

If you prefer, you can buy your pair of sneakers over the internet, either through Mizuno’s own website or from official brand resellers, such as Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare Mizuno women’s tennis models

The choice of a female Mizuno shoe will depend on some factors such as physical activity practiced, training frequency, type of step, whether you are a beginner or experienced runner, among others:

    • Casual or sporty?
    • Gym, walking or running?
    • Pronounced, neutral or supinated step?
    • Size

Did you write everything down? Then read on, as we will detail each of the criteria mentioned above throughout this section.

Casual or sporty?

The choice between casual or sports Mizuno shoes will depend on the intended use. The casual line models are comfortable, versatile and match different people of different styles.

The models of the sports segment are aimed at different activities. However, some models can be used in casual productions. If you want a shoe for both occasions, choose a versatile model.

Gym, walking or running?

Mizuno sports shoes should be chosen according to the sport practiced. To help you and find a suitable model for your needs, we have prepared the table below:


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