Top & Best Fila sneakers Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Fila sneakers: How to choose the best pair in 2022

Today we are going to talk about Fila sneakers, an Italian brand recognized worldwide for offering tennis models in sporty and casual styles.

Fila sneakers are good for running, walking and training, but because they are discreet, they can be used in casual situations. And with such a variety of models, you will surely find one that suits you. Want to know more? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • You can find Fila sneakers in the following segments: Trainning, Running, Tennis, Lifestyle and Sportswear.
  • One of the differentials of Fila tennis is the variety of numbers – from 25 to 48 in the female sector and from 37 to 48 in the male sector.
  • To choose a Fila running shoe, you must analyze the stepping style – pronated, supinated or neutral – and the sport practiced.

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Best Fila sneakers: The ideal for every situation

Based on expert and consumer reviews, we have selected the best Fila sneaker models for people of different profiles. That way, you will only need to choose an option compatible with your needs.

  • The best men’s sneakers for casual wear
  • The best women’s sneakers for casual wear
  • The ideal option for going to the gym

Buying Guide

If you need to buy sports or casual sneakers, you will find good options for Fila sneakers in both segments. Some sports models are versatile and can be used for walking, running and training.

The casual segment models, on the other hand, can be used to work, study or take a walk. In this Buying Guide, we will evaluate the best models of Fila sneakers for different purposes of use.

What are the exclusive technologies of Fila Tennis?

The great advantage of Fila tennis – mainly sports models, in the Trainning, Running and Tennis segments – is that the footwear is technological. We list the exclusive features of the Queue tennis below:

  • FLOW Technology: Intelligent fabric that transfers moisture from the feet to the outside area, allowing sweat to evaporate and intensifying thermal comfort, essential for sports.
  • SUPERACTION sole: Provides cushioning, lightness and flexibility, especially in the forefoot region.
  • EVERGRIP: Increases traction and stability of the sole, on dry or wet surfaces.
  • SUPER FOAM: Insole made of foam that molds to the shape of the feet during the stride and returns to the original shape afterwards.
  • ENGINEERED MESH: Leather with dynamic cutouts to offer more efficient heat exchange.
  • ENERGIZED RIBBONS: Biomechanical damping system with independent units that enhance impact absorption, provide more smooth strides and adapt to foot movements.
  • AMH Cage: Stabilizer piece located in the midfoot region to provide stability and support for movement and minimize the risk of torsion.
  • Flex Cage: Extremely light stabilizing parts that provide flexibility and protection in the most important points of the shoe.
  • Perfit System: Provides the perfect shoe by adapting to the anatomical measurements of the foot, increasing flexibility in the forefoot.

What are the best models of Fila running shoes?

If you need running shoes, it is important to invest in shoes with good cushioning and a firm structure, to provide stability in your strides. To help you find the ideal model, we have prepared a list of the best options.

    • KT1 is one of the best running shoes, as it is comfortable, has responsive cushioning and offers stability on wet and dry tracks. It has an exclusive anti-torsion system. This model is ideal for long training, from 10 to 15 km.
    • FR 97 Energized is ideal for runners looking for affordable performance sneakers. This model has responsive cushioning and elastic upper to deal with common swelling on long runs.
    • Volt features responsive impact absorption technology, lightweight structure and open weaves to provide breathability. This model is available in female, male and child versions.
    • Spirit 2.0 is ideal for short runs on the street or on the treadmill. It has responsive cushioning, comfort in running and breathability to the feet.
    • Fúria has an aerated midsole that offers high impact absorption. The upper offers stability and breathability. The interior of the shoe is covered in foam that offers comfort.
    • Energized Pad 2.0 is ideal for running short distances on asphalt. The cushioning is responsive and the drop is relatively high, which provides a soft and smooth stride.


What are the best models of Fila sneakers for walking and going to the gym?

If you are looking for a shoe for working out or walking, choose a comfortable model with good cushioning. For those starting training, these are the best options:

  • Holder 2.0 is ideal for working out, walking or light running, as it offers a good level of cushioning and has a breathable upper that keeps your feet cool during sports. Available only in the female version.
  • Eternity offers impact absorption in walks, light runs and weight training. The elastic upper increases the mobility of the feet. Available in female and male versions.
  • Trend is a versatile shoe, as it can be used both for training and walking, as well as for casual and work use. The shape facilitates the shoe and the shape is ideal for those with long feet.
  • Fabulous is the ideal model for those looking for a minimalist shoe for walking or running light. Tennis offers good cushioning, but it cannot be demanded too much.
  • Champion Can be used to practice different sports, as it offers comfort, lightness and support to the arch of the feet. This men’s sneaker is one of the most sold by Fila.
  • Finder is good for short walks and light workouts. Although the midsole absorbs the impact well, this shoe should not be used for running. It is available in female and male versions.
  • Softness is the ideal model for working out. It has a bold design, a light leather upper and a padded interior in the heel area. Damping is sufficient for walking and light training.
  • Extra Jog has a high drop, so it supports the arch of the feet, provides stability and security. It can be used in physical activities or casual contexts.
  • Flagtrainer was developed to be a gym shoe. Initially it should be used in weight training, then in walks, it is just not a good option for running.
  • Fit Tech is ideal for gym and indoor activities like a treadmill. It has good construction, ideal to last.
  • Thunderbolt is ideal for those who want to take long walks or light runs on the asphalt. Offers comfort, breathability, freedom of movement for the feet and good cushioning.
  • Nine is ideal for gym activities and light walks. The upper is resistant to the wear of training, but it is less breathable and flexible and this can compromise the comfort of the feet.
  • F-Smash is versatile as it can be used as sports and casual shoes. The sturdy construction – containing layers in areas of greatest wear – is one of the positive points.
  • Phyton Cage is ideal for training and walking. The leather is made of closed synthetic material, so it is relatively warm for long walks. Available only in the male version.
  • Overpass Hit is an ideal sports shoe for sports that require support in the ankle area. This model has a double layer, which provides stability and comfort. Available in male version.

What are the best models of Fila sneakers for casual use?

You can also find models of Fila sneakers in casual style, ideal for those looking for comfortable sneakers to work, study or take a walk with. You should use them in informal contexts.

The most popular models are: Atrekk, Disruptor, F-1911, Ray Tracer, Skyrunner 95, Speed ​​Trail, Trail Byte and V. Track. All are available in female and male versions and in different shades.

Why is Fila Disruptor tennis so popular?

The Disruptor II sneaker is a casual model that can be used at different times of the day. You can combine it with jeans and T-shirt, dress or skirt, for leisure moments, like going to the cinema, theater and restaurants.

This model is available in female and male versions – the difference between them is that the male model’s platform measures 4 cm and that of the female shoe measures 8 cm – in several color options, including with metallic effect.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of Fila Disruptor sneakers with fashion designer Gabriela Toscas, on her YouTube channel, which has more than 300 thousand subscribers:

How to know if the Fila Disruptor shoe is original?

To find out if you are buying an original Fila Disruptor II shoe compare the following features: The original shoe has a firm structure, while the replica is quite soft.

In the original sneaker the insole is glued, while in the replica, you can remove it from the sneaker. Another difference in the insole is that in the original model, the logo is printed in a dark blue block, not in the replica.

The finish is also very different, not to mention the shade of the shoe that is pure white in the original version and bluish white in the replica.

Stay tuned: The original sneakers are made in China, Korea and Vietnam and among the shoes manufactured in each country there are some differences such as the logo print and label on the top of the sneaker.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different models of Fila sneakers

Do you need a Fila sneaker to walk, run or work out? Or are you looking for a casual model to use in everyday life? By answering these questions, it will be easier to find the ideal model of Fila sneakers. Then analyze the following characteristics:

  • Race mode
  • Runner’s footprint and biomechanics
  • Sneakers size
  • Sport

We will detail each of the following items.

Race mode

If you are looking for a Fila running shoe, you need to choose a model suitable for the sport you practice.

  • Sprinter runner: The midfoot and forefoot regions are propellers of movement, so the sole needs to be responsive to generate speed. Suggestion: Kenya Racer 2.0.
  • Mid-distance runner: The hindfoot region propels the movements, therefore, tennis needs cushioning and joint protection. Suggestions: Ribbons Nandi or Ribbons Kamba.
  • Trail runner: You should look for a stable shoe with good traction for rough terrain. The best option for trail running shoes is Slant Summer 2.0.

Runner’s footprint and biomechanics

It is important to choose running shoes according to your type of step – pronated, supinated or neutral. To find out your stepping style, perform a test at the orthopedist.

In addition to the type of step, the examination should raise the athlete’s injury history, pain complaints and foot dimensions, to extract the best indications for running shoes.

“More important than evaluating only the type of step, is to evaluate the biomechanics of the athlete’s run. The kinematics of the run responds to how the movement is being made.”

The plantar pressure test also indicates the athlete’s running biomechanics, through the analysis of overload at the support point.

Sneakers size

One of the differentials of Fila sneakers is the variety of sizes. For women, there are options from numbers 25 to 48 and for men from 37 to 48 – the numbering options vary according to the model in question.

Fila offers sneakers in special numbers, from size 25 to 48.

This is a positive point of Fila sneakers, as most brands offer models in standard numbers and do not serve people who need special numbers. Fila offers sneakers in special numbers, from size 25 to 48.


In addition to the Running and Trainning segments – running and training, respectively – you will find Fila tennis in the Tennis segment, shoes suitable for practicing this sport. They are: Ot Pro Clay, Topspin 3.0 Clay and Delirium Indoor.The Tennis line models have exclusive 4 Pivots technology, four pivoting points at the base of the sole, which allow the athlete agility and speed during the change of position, without compromising stability.


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