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Top & Best Heel sandals Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Heel sandals: All about the best 2022 models

Today we are going to talk about a very common item in women’s closets, which has been with women for decades: the heeled sandals!

Loved by some, hated by others, the heeled sandal divides opinions, however, there is no way to disagree that it combines elegance, sophistication and sensuality in the right measure.

Nowadays, the models are numerous and all shoe stores offer a huge variety. If you still have doubts about which type of sandal is right for you, just follow our Guide below.

First, the most important

  • The heel sandal is a feminine article known for many years, and that can be used in the most different situations, whether at a party or at work.
  • Although very beautiful, it can be quite uncomfortable, so it is important that you choose one that pleases you and guarantees mobility.
  • There are many types of heel sandals, but the most famous are: stiletto heels, anabela, pumps and half heels.

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Ranking: The 4 best heel sandals

That the variety of models of this product is huge, we know. However, there are some types of heel sandals that cannot be missing from your wardrobe. Take a look!

Buying Guide

Most women have worn a high-heeled sandal more than once. Historically, it represents female empowerment and, nonetheless, it is an article that implies style and elegance.

Next, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this accessory, and discuss price and ease of purchase. If you are thinking of purchasing a high heel sandal, take a look at our tips.

What does the heel sandal represent?

Heel sandals are companions for women and have been part of the fashion world for many years. It is well known that highly renowned brands, known all over the world, invest more and more in this product.

They are, above all, synonymous with power, elegance and sensuality, and the favorite piece of many women when it comes to putting together the look.

It is common for you to meet women in heels at parties, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, at work and on the street. Nowadays, this type of shoe is used everywhere, depending only on the taste of the wearer.

What are its advantages and disadvantages of high heel sandals?

In addition to adding beauty and lengthening the legs, the heel sandals have two little-known benefits: they make the spine erect, and help with the blood circulation of the lower limbs, when used in moderation.

However, use of this product is 100% optional, and it is only up to the woman to decide if she feels well using this type of sandal, as it can be a little uncomfortable, and cause pain in the feet and legs.

It is also important to mention that although the heel keeps the spine upright, its excessive use can overload it, in addition to causing malformation in the toes, since a lot of pressure is applied under them.

In general, it is recommended that you choose comfortable models and use them sparingly so you don’t end up getting hurt, see?

Which type of heel sandals are right for you?

As we already said, the models of heel sandals are innumerable, allowing you to choose the one you like best. The most well-known types are: sock legs, stiletto heels, anabela and pumps! Although they are all very beautiful, each one has its peculiarities.

Half Paw

The sock is a good way out if you want to feel more comfortable without losing the elegance of high heels. It is a model in which there is a small platform only on the front sole of the shoe, which provides much more security and reduces the inclination of the foot.

This type of sandal can have both thick and thin heels, and the thick one gives even more comfort, as it promotes greater stability in the stride.

High heels

The stiletto heel is the finest type of heel, and usually does not have a half paw and comes with a buckle at the ankle. He is certainly the most uncomfortable and difficult to walk.

Despite being really beautiful, the stiletto heel should be avoided. Ideally, you should use it only in situations where you feel a lot of need, such as weddings and other social events.


It is the most comfortable model and one of the most loved by the ladies! It has a platform along the entire length of the sole and gives you total mobility. Despite being beautiful and practical, it is not very social, so it is not recommended that you use it in more refined events.


He is the champion of sensuality. With a thin and closed heel in the front, he is more stable than stiletto heels, and a winner in terms of beauty. Its advantage is that there are models with very different heel sizes, which allows you to use it in any environment!

How much?

As there are many brands that manufacture high heel sandals, prices vary widely. However, on average, you will find good quality options with values ​​between R $ 200 and R $ 500.

Some brands with greater reputation, sell for much higher prices, however, it is a matter of preference, see?

Where to buy?

Place to buy high heel sandals will not be a problem for you, because there are countless stores across the country that specialize in women’s shoes.

We can refer you to In some department stores, they also offer interesting options at an affordable price.

Finally, if you  comfort of shopping online, we recommend Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Heel Sandal Models

Choosing a high-heeled sandal should be a pleasant task, so we will give you some tips on what to watch for when buying.

  • Comfort
  • Heel size
  • Color
  • Style

Below, we will explain each topic better


Some high-heeled sandals are very beautiful, but not very comfortable. Observe if the sandal has any buckles that bother you, or if its sole is too hard.

Also notice that your fingers are tight and that you are firm to walk. If you intend to use it frequently, it is extremely important that it is a comfortable sandal that does not represent any risk, ok?

Heel size

The size of the heel is essential and is also linked to comfort. The taller it is, the less mobility you have, so it is important that you choose a height that you do not feel impaired.

On a daily basis, for example, sandals up to 8 cm high are ideal, as they are elegant and comfortable in the right measure.

However, at parties and social events, it can be cool to opt for a taller model, with 10 cm or even 12 cm, but always remembering to be careful not to get hurt.



The color should be chosen calmly. If you don’t have a lot of high-heeled sandals, it may be interesting to prioritize models in neutral tones, like black and nude, which go with almost every outfit.

However, if you love this article and have several at home, daring can be a cool choice! Nowadays the brands manufacture options in the most varied colors, and this issue will not be a problem.


The choice of style is very personal. There are sandals with half feet, without feet, neutral, flashy, and in any way you can imagine!

Here, the most important thing is to know your own taste and know what you will, in fact, use. Opt for a model that pleases you visually and that you fall in love with!


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