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Top & Best Helmet with front flap Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Helmet with front flap: Which is the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about what are the best helmet models with front flap that are available in stores. We will explain what are the differences between the main products and what you can not fail to pay attention to.

Accidents at work are common. Daily they occur in works and constructions all over. To avoid any risk to the worker, the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential. The front flap helmet is one of them.

Although all PPE is important, the helmet stands out, because the head is a very exposed area, especially in construction sites for civil construction. In these environments, falling materials can cause impacts and injuries. Keep reading and find out the differences between the main models.

First, the most important

  • The helmet with a front flap is divided into two classes A and B. In case of working with electrical energy, the ideal is to use type B.
  • According to various regulations, the use of a helmet is mandatory during the work, and professionals must receive the equipment from their employers.
  • Helmets with front flap cost between R $ 7 and R $ 50.

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Best front flap helmets: Our recommendations

Now we are going to present the best models of front flap helmets. All the main characteristics of the product were taken into account to arrive at this list. Among the points that should be noted are: the quality of the material and also the comfort at the time of use.

Buying Guide

On construction sites or inside factories, the use of protective equipment is mandatory by law. This is to ensure that the worker can carry out his activity safely.

The safety helmet, as one of these items, must be purchased following well-defined standards. In addition, it is important that the equipment is suitable for the workplace. In this Buying Guide, we will talk about what you have to take into consideration when choosing which model to take.

What is a front flap helmet?

A front-flap helmet is personal protective equipment. Its use is mandatory in workplaces where there is a potential risk to the individual’s head, face, shoulders and neck.

They are essential for the protection of the skull against material falls, shocks, burns and perforations. The use occurs in factory, civil construction and electricity environments.

2012 and 2016, there were about 150 thousand accidents involving the head region. This type of occurrence is serious.

Concussions in that part of the body can cause head injuries. As a result, the worker may experience fainting, dizziness, drowsiness, memory problems, severe headache, among many other symptoms.

As the objective is to reduce the consequences of impacts and shocks, the front flap helmet has two distinct parts.

Impact on the head can cause serious problems for the worker, which impairs his income and well-being.

The outside is called a hull. Usually produced with high density polyethylene or ABS, which are strong and resistant materials. The inside part is called suspension and has a crown that forms the internal frame of the equipment.

What is the color rule on the safety helmet?

In addition to the safety function, helmets can help identify the function of each person within a construction site. There is, however, no official document that establishes this standardization.

This is the responsibility of the Internal Accident Prevention Commission (CIPA) of each company. In general, the following relationship is followed.

  • Gray : Architects and engineers;
  • Blue : Bricklayers;
  • White : Masters of works;
  • Green : Workers and servants
  • Red : Carpenters
  • Orange : Electricians;
  • Black : Work safety technicians
  • Brown : Visitors
  • Yellow : General purpose

What are the different types of safety helmet?

At the time of purchase, many people may have doubts whether to purchase a helmet with a front flap, with full flap or without flap.

The three options are developed for the same purpose: to protect the head and face of those using the equipment. There are, however, differences between these types.

The front flap helmet is the most used in civil construction. It provides good protection for the eyes and the entire face.

The helmet with full flap has a greater protection area. In addition to the impact, it allows a greater distance from possible contacts with the power grid. It is, therefore, aimed at those workers who work on external journeys and exposed to wind and rain.

The flapless helmet is only suitable for avoiding impacts on the head. It has a compact format.

What is the front flap helmet safety class?

Another point that deserves attention is the safety class of which the helmet you intend to buy is part of. There are two options: class A and class B.

    • Class A : They are composed of high density polypropylene material. In general, they have an adapter for flashlights. Electrical network work is contraindicated. On the other hand, the use is more favorable in the area of ​​civil construction and work at height and in forest environments.
    • Class B : They have dielectric strength and application of electrical voltage in their composition. Thus, they are indicated for activities aimed at the area that contains electrical wiring.


To find out what the ideal model is, therefore, depends on an analysis of the conditions of the workplace and also of the risks to which the employee will be exposed.

How to use and maintain the helmet with front flap?

Like all protective equipment, the helmet with a front flap must be used correctly to ensure efficiency.

The flap must always be facing forward. If use is in windy locations, it is recommended to use adhesive tape to ensure that the equipment is secured.

Before use, the user must analyze the presence of cracks or cracks. If they exist, the object must be replaced.

As for conservation, manufacturers indicate that helmets should be kept in a ventilated place, without the presence of sunlight and away from corrosive materials. Cleaning can be done with mild soap and water.

Did you know that Regulatory Standard 6 (NR-6) is a guideline from the Ministry of Labor that provides guidance on the use of PPE?

This standard requires employers to provide equipment free of charge to employees. In addition, they must be in perfect condition and functioning, clean and functioning.

It is still the employer’s obligation to train workers and demand use. On the other hand, employees have a duty to use the products properly, in addition to storing and conserving them. In addition to the helmet, PPE is considered, among others: noise damper, safety glasses, belts, gloves and shoes.

How much?

The helmet with a front flap costs between R $ 7 and R $ 50. The price variation of the product is great. The more expensive front flap helmets have an adjustment system. This brings more comfort to the user, as it prevents the head from being clamped.

Where to buy?

Helmet with front flap can be purchased in stores specializing in work safety and building material houses.

Through the internet, you can find this type of product in the main virtual stores, Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare front flap helmet offers

When choosing a helmet with a front flap, take the following points into consideration before closing the purchase:

  • Suspension fittings
  • Work compatibility
  • Settings
  • Color

We will talk in detail about each of these items in the sequence.


The function of the helmet is to decrease the pressure exerted on the head during an impact. For this to happen, the inner part, known as suspension, must fit perfectly.

The structure of the equipment has to be adjusted to the size of the user’s head. In this way, the helmet is able to retain the energy dissipated on impact, protecting the head and neck.

Work compatibility

Make sure that the helmet with the front flap is suitable for the work to be performed.

In the case of functions that will have contact with the electrical network, it is essential that the equipment is class B, which guarantees protection against shocks, for example.


As we already said, helmets must be well fitted to the worker’s head. Because of this, an important purchase criterion is the possibility of making adjustments.

Products with this condition can have a longer shelf life and be used for a longer time.


You saw that although there is no official document, it is very common for these helmets to be divided by colors, according to the person’s function.

This way, it is easier to find exactly who you want on the construction site. Choose the color of your helmet according to its function, as we showed earlier.


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