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Top & Best Laser level Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Laser level: How to choose the best in 2022?

Shall we learn laser level secrets? As with any other product, care must be taken not to impulse purchase a disqualified model.

Experienced masons know how things work! The success of perfect marking on walls starts with choosing the best laser levels. This is a simple to use product that ensures quality even in surveying work!

Did you know that there are different types of laser level and each one serves a kind of work? This is just one of the many pieces of information in the following guide.

First, the most important

  • Quality laser level has a very sealed body to prevent any dust from entering the internal system, including a case that helps to keep the machine clean on the outside.
  • This product has a measuring laser distance that can reach up to 20 meters. But this aspect changes a lot depending on the model, so it is necessary to investigate well before confirming the purchase.
  • Using the product is easy thanks to the accessory to fit on tripods or surfaces, in addition to audible alarms and visual signals as alerts for you to generate a perfect measurement.

Best laser level models: Our recommendations

Are you marking the ceiling with an old ruler? Be careful, because 1 cm of error can damage the entire quality of the project! Avoid mistakes using the best laser levels available.

Some examples of products that have a lot of quality and a positive reputation among the general public you will follow below:

  • Bosch laser level, one of the best in the world
  • DeWalt laser level, a reliable model
  • Stanley laser level, millimeter accuracy
  • MTX laser level, excellent value for money


Buying Guide

In your work as a bricklayer, is it difficult to make the markings of a certain wall? Experienced professionals know that without the right tool, perfect measurement can be time consuming.

Choosing the laser level makes your services lighter. However, you need to know how to buy in order not to pay too much and have losses in the end.

Keep an eye on the shopping guide to understand everything necessary for those who want to learn how to buy this product in the smartest and least costly way.

What is a laser level?

Used in areas such as surveying (art or land measurement technique) and civil construction, the laser level is a work tool that must be used for measurements or markings of alignment and levels between different points.

A common feature among the main models is the presence of the laser that serves to establish a direct alignment over long distances.

The best options are robust, rubberized, capable of protecting products from falls or other damage to the work environment.

What is the range limit for a laser level?

Most laser levels work over a distance of 3 to 20 meters. These products are automatic, that is, they perform the measurement work with just a simple click on the button.

It is interesting to note that most versions work vertically and horizontally.

The product works with a magnetic base that can be fixed on the tripod or on the surfaces, and it is possible to work 360 degrees without problems, regardless of the position of the machine.

What is a laser level for?

This is a typical tool useful as a precision instrument to be used in different jobs, for example:

    • Installation of partitions;
    • Installation of ceilings;
    • Installation of tiles;
    • Floor installation;
    • Surveying.


You can use the product without too many worries even at high points. The level has a rubberized structure and engineering tested to withstand falls.

How to use the laser level safely?

One of the main safety requirements is to always protect your eyes against beams of light. For this reason, some options for sale on the market offer free goggles as a bonus.

The laser level should not be used without the operator wearing safety glasses with dark lenses. Employers who allow the work of employees without this protection are fined in the inspections of public agents.

What is the step by step to use a laser level?

The first step is to install the laser level, installable on the tripod or on surfaces. Experts indicate that the level needs to be positioned as level as possible to generate effective results.

Put on your goggles and then turn on the device. As soon as there is a connection, the product begins to move the laser points, a movement called self-leveling.

Following is the time to define the reference points.

Direct a reference point and then position the ruler to the same point, zeroing the crosshairs on the laser.

During measurement, the laser level starts to beep to direct the position. Information appears on the device’s screen to indicate whether it is necessary to carry out the direction to the side, upwards or downwards.

The moment the ruler is level, the level stops whistling to make a continuous noise, thus demonstrating that the measurement has been completed perfectly.

See more in detail how to use a laser level:

What are the advantages of laser levels?

In order to function perfectly, after being installed, the device launches thin laser strokes in a vertical or horizontal way directed to specific points. Use is easy as this product has an accessory that allows it to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

But, there are also other advantages that are worth knowing to know if this machine fits or not to your types of work. For example, the product is practical and can run on battery or directly into the outlet.

There are several colors available for this one which represents the best tool in the world to perform measurement. This product is very easy to use, any construction assistant can perform the functions without problems.

The product is light, so workers have no problem taking it to different locations.

The plug-in support allows the laser level to be directed at different angles, thus facilitating the execution of exact jobs even in difficult to access points.

See only the table below that gathers the main advantages and disadvantages of the laser level:

What types of laser level are there?

Anyone who has looked for this product on the market has surely realized that there are several formats and types of laser level. Each version works differently, you need to buy the choices that meet your job demands.

There are 3 types of laser level:

    • Cross laser level
    • Rotating laser level
    • Point-to-point laser level


Below, understand a little more about each choice:

Point to point

From one point, the device generates sets of laser lights with the objective of making possible the replacement of plumbs and nylon, making the work more practical. This powerful machine is able to demonstrate the markings by replacing:

  • Levels
  • Bob
  • Axles
  • Square

One of the main advantages of the model is the speed in making measurements and due to practical use. With this machine you do not need to perform repetitions of services such as:

  • Mark axes
  • Align or position wires
  • Use pendulums


In the rotating part the product emits beams of light that work very well for closed environments. Many workers use the machine when measuring masonry, ceilings or roof.

To offer excellent accuracy, this device marks everywhere the laser passes. This is an advantage when considering that it is easier to identify perfectly the thickness and complete shape of slabs at the time of concreting, for example.


The light and compact device generates the laser steadily and needs to be positioned to mark in the straight line, thus generating cross-shaped lighting.

In this way, this machine helps to establish the level marking. This type of laser also helps with point alignment, cutting machine, plumb and square services.

See more about the difference of the 3 versions in the comparative table:

How much does it cost and where to buy a laser level?

In the market average you can find laser levels of up to R $ 800. For those who want to save more it is possible to buy simple models made of aluminum that cost only R $ 80.

Steel structures with rubber linings are known to have higher prices, although these choices can last much longer than models that have other types of materials.

The laser level is a product easily found on the market due to its popularity. Buy more popular models in physical stores.

If you want to buy without leaving home, paying lower prices and having many options to choose from, we suggest buying online. On the internet, preferably make purchases on Amazon, since there are many versions available there.

Did you know that no type of laser level can work indefinitely? The rays that come out of the machine have an expiration date ranging from 6 months to up to 3 years.



Purchasing criteria: How to compare laser level models

Today’s salespeople have so much training that they can excel in sales even to specialist audiences.

When buying without due care, sometimes we acquire a product without many technological advances, something negative in principal if the amount paid for the purchase was very high.

From the moment you start searching for models with the purchasing criteria in mind, the chances of buying more advantageously increase, either due to discounts or because of the technical extras in the product.

Find out below the criteria that consumers always need to consider when looking for the best laser level options:

  • 2 in 1
  • Rubber
  • Sealed
  • Warranty
  • Suitcase
  • Alarm
  • Visual signs
  • Battery indicator
  • Color
  • Manual

See below the definition of each of the points for you to stand out when buying laser level:

2 in 1

Some options have a complete engineering to the point of offering a 2 in 1 nozzle. These models perform the laser level work and at the same time can drill or even screw wood.

If you want to save on the number of tools present in the case, it is worth buying the 2 in 1 laser level and thus having more space available, in addition to facilitating the loading of work materials to different locations.


Some versions do not have a useful rubber finish to make use more comfortable and at the same time protect the internal parts against falls or friction in the work environment.

Sometimes there is a need to pay a little more on a rubberized tool to have something that lasts for several years without technical repairs.


There are models that ensure 100% sealing. This means that when using the sealed machine there is no chance that the internal components of the machine will be filled with harmful dust as it reduces the durability of the laser level.

It is also important to choose only sealed options when considering that such versions protect the energy source against dirt, so that the product never loses its power because it is never dirty internally.

With everything well-sealed it is better to work in arid environments without damaging the equipment:


It is very important to pay special attention to this criterion, considering that the guarantee can change a lot according to the type of brands and the extra policies offered by the sellers.

In general terms, we can say that the laser level warranty lasts from 3 months to up to 2 years, with rare options for lifetime coverage.

Keep an eye on prices, after all, products with longer warranty are known to cost higher prices.


One of the best ways to understand when the product has quality or not is to know if it comes with the protective case, also known as a briefcase, a useful accessory for locomotion that guarantees the absence of dirt on the inside.

Nowadays no self-respecting brand offers the laser level without the case, which also serves to store the accessory that allows the product to be assembled in different structures.


Alarms (or, audible devices) are essential to alert you when the correct measurement happens or not.
It turns out that the products can vary in terms of loudness, and models with very low sounds hinder the quick performance of services.

Check with the sellers before buying the product. Details: Options that play louder sounds are known to cost higher prices, although this is not a rule without exception.

Visual signs

Along with audible alarms there are devices that also offer visual alerts to inform data about the appointments. However, in some options this feature does not exist, and this happens even in the case of some high-priced versions.

Some manufacturers do not offer visual signals as alerts to prevent further battery consumption from occurring in the model. Other factories, on the other hand, dispense with the resource just to save on the machine’s production process.

Safe use requires visual signal technology, but for economical reasons you can choose to use the laser level only with audible alerts.

Battery indicator

A laser level that works without connecting to outlets needs to provide the battery indicator.

This technology triggers a red light that flashes when the battery is low.

As market alternatives there are some popular pricing models that generate the low battery alert on the display. In this case, when you are an inattentive person you can forget to see the information on the screen and be surprised by the sudden shutdown of the machine.


There are several places where bricklayers use laser level, including in very low light environments. In these cases it is valid to use a product that has a more vivid, clear and striking color in the coating.
On the other hand, if you are going to work with the device only in bright environments, you do not need to consider this criterion when comparing the laser level options.


In fact, the best laser levels are imported and have instruction manuals in English, Chinese or Spanish. If you don’t know any of these languages, look on the internet to find out if there is a Portuguese manual before buying a certain product.

In some cases there are retailers who sell laser levels from trusted brands imported with a manual in Portuguese. Look for options of this kind to be able to enjoy the best that the laser level can offer.

Anyway, here we end this complete shopping guide. Now with all this content in mind it will be much easier for you to find deals that are really worthwhile.




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