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Top & Best Label printer Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Label printer: Which are the best of 2022?

Nowadays it is common for business owners, of all sizes, to end up needing to buy a label printer. Labels can be used for the internal organization of warehouses, as identifiers; they also serve for bar codes on products and expiration dates on perishables.

In addition, they assist health services, which print the identity of the client or patient. That is where the common question arises: which is the best label printer? Which one should I buy?

you will find the answers to these questions. Follow our review and learn how to choose the label printer that is right for you.

First, the most important

  • There are several types of label printing, such as multifunction, laser or inkjet printers, or by direct transfer, which does not require the use of the Ribbon.
  • Printers, in general, are desktop (desktop). They must be plugged into an electrical source, such as an outlet, and also connected to the computer.
  • Thermal printers are great for those who need to print medium volumes of labels – more than just personal use, less than an industrial level. Thermals are also ideal for labels as they provide agility, speed and economy. They dispense with the use of toners and guarantee durability of the labels due to the high printing temperature. So in this article, we’ll focus on that category of printers.


The best label printers: Our suggestions

To print labels, the best choice is to opt for a specific printer for this purpose. They are faster and make the work routine more practical. With that in mind, we selected the 8 best label printers on the market. That way, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and fits in your pocket.

  • For all types of business
  • Label printer for medium print volume
  • For big business
  • Label printer with free software
  • Best price

Buying Guide

In addition to being practical and streamlining the work of companies, label printers make the business even more professional. In hospitals, for example, it is common to use this equipment. Here in this section, we will see what a label printer is, its advantages and what to consider when purchasing.

What are label printers and what are their advantages?

Label printers are made especially for printing small formats of adhesive paper. They vary in shape, dimensions and even colors. We call your product labels, but prints can also serve as labels.

These printers help any type of business, facilitating the printing of product marking, expiration date on perishables, bar codes and price tags for commerce and retail etc.

Label printers are also useful for internal organization, for logistics and even for the personal use of those who are extremely organized.

Printing labels from common multifunction printers is very laborious, expensive and difficult, especially if you need to print with a certain frequency, and in volumes larger than a batch of a few units.

What is the Ribbon?

Its name comes from the English – ribbon means ribbon. The Ribbon is a thermal transfer ribbon. The Ribbon is a plastic film with paint on its coating that needs high temperature – provided by the printer. Upon receiving this warm-up, he is able to transfer the information to the tag.

That is why this process is called thermal transfer printing.

How much does a label printer cost?

The price range of printers varies considerably. Within the selected subcategory, the variation decreases slightly.

You can find simpler label printers, such as labelers, from the R $ 400 range. Most, including the most sold ones, tend to be in the R $ 1,000 range. The most sophisticated, with superior performance, can reach R $ 1,500.

Where to buy a label printer?

You can find label printers at any type of e-commerce store. Major department stores,  bring a selection of printers.  Amazon has many options, as well as other buying and selling sites.

You can also find products in physical stores. But it is recommended that you buy online, so you can compare the best prices and find the product you want, without major problems.

You can also find label printers at stores specializing in stationery, such as Kalunga, and specific label and label stores.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing label printer models

There are some characteristics to take into account when choosing the label printer that will best suit your business needs.

As in this article we focus on a specific type of printer – thermal transfer ones, which use ribbon, and which include the use of thermal paper, without ribbon, let’s mention some characteristics of the category to keep an eye on.

  • Connection
  • Maintenance
  • Design size
  • Software
  • Versatility
  • Speed ​​and performance

Below, let’s talk a little about each one, so you can get ready before you go shopping.


The connection is usually made via USB, and can also be done in parallel. Make sure the printer has some form of wireless or bluetooth connection. Depending on your need, a wireless connection can make a difference.


Printers may need batteries or their own power source, such as plugs. Remember to check if they are suitable for the environment where they will be used.



Some printers are designed to reduce the need for maintenance. Others already require repairs with a certain frequency.

Opt for more robust models, which require less maintenance, and this can save you money in the future.

Size and design

The size and appearance of the printers can be crucial to your business. It is important that the printer fits the place of use.

In addition, a beautiful design helps in cases where customers see it – such as in hospitals that print patient identification.


The software is used to choose the design of the labels or create your favorites. Some printers have built-in options, others bring sophisticated software for you to create what you want.

Speed ​​and performance

Some printers print incredible amounts of labels per minute; others are slower.

Some print larger volumes, more than one roll at a time, while others reduce to modest quantities.

Don’t forget to take into account the daily, or even minute, demand of your business. Buying a printer that can’t handle what you need would be a bad investment!


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