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Top & Best Cutting disc Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cutting disc: how to choose the best in 2022?

Are you needing to accurately and safely cut metals, steel or other materials such as floors and ceramics? So a good cutting disc is essential for you! We will explain all the details about this useful abrasive.

Cutting discs are small round accessories that have the function of cutting certain types of materials, normally specified. They cannot act alone, needing to be attached to a machine such as a metal cutter or grinder.

Do you know how to use a cutting disc? What safety measures do you need to take to prevent accidents? And, above all, do you know how to choose the model that best suits your needs? Stay with us: all these doubts will be answered in the next lines.

First, the most important

  • A cutting disc itself is quite inexpensive, often costing less than R $ 2, but it is necessary to have the right tool to handle it. So it is more of an accessory than a main work tool.
  • You must always follow the guidelines on the cutting disc label. The main ones are the material for which it is indicated and the maximum number of revolutions per minute that it can reach.
  • Follow all safety guidelines. Your physical integrity should always come first. Wear the appropriate equipment and use the disc within the specified standards.

Best cutting disc models: Our favorites

Cutting discs have several technical specifications and are suitable for different materials. There is a wide range available in the market. Therefore, we selected some models of very high quality and with some differences between them, thus indicating something for you to use in different types of jobs.

  • Stainless steel cutting disc
  • Metal cutting disc
  • Diamond cutting disc

Buying Guide

Now that you know quality models and with different indications, it is time to better understand the operation of a cutting disc.

Let’s take your questions and help in choosing the ideal disc!

What is a cutting disc and what is it for?

Cutting discs are circular tools that have the function of cutting metals or other materials. There are those that are indicated for steel, stainless steel, heavy metals, malleable metals, ferrous metals, among others.

It is important to always follow the instructions on the disc as to what it should be used for. Failure to pay attention to this detail or to deviate from the recommendation can lead to the tool breaking, which at high speeds causes serious accidents.

There is also a diamond disc on the market. With a different composition, it is recommended for materials such as brick, concrete and plaster.

It is worth remembering that for the perfect use of a disc, be it ordinary or diamond, you must have the appropriate machine. Grinders are the best option for housework or as a hobby, as they are relatively inexpensive and easy to handle.

Did you know?

Metallurgy is called the process of handling metals of all types. It is quite old, having originated with the discovery of copper, even in prehistory.

Today, a considerable percentage of what exists in our daily lives uses metals in some part of its composition. That is why the cutting and handling process is so important.

For large productions, thermal processes are more common, but the mechanical ones – and that is where the cutting discs come in – also continue with their value.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cutting disc?

There are two main ways to cut metal: thermal and mechanical. The use of cutting discs falls under the second. It is more suitable for production on a smaller scale and requires greater precision.

In industries, it is common for the thermal process to be more used. This happens because of your speed. When large quantities need to be cut at once, the use of mechanical cutting is not feasible.

However, in addition to being cheaper, mechanical cutting allows for greater precision. Of course, it is necessary to have mastery of the machine used, but if the idea is the artisanal production of something, for example, it is practically mandatory.

Check the advantages and disadvantages of using a cutting disc to cut metals in the table below:

How to use a cutting disc?

The first care to be taken when handling any metal cutting tool is to wear the appropriate protective equipment. At a minimum, you should have glasses, gloves and a helmet. Remember to put your safety first!

As we already said, the cutting disc needs to be suitable for the material to be cut. This information will probably be in the tool itself. Do not proceed if what you have at your disposal is not what you need to do.

Then, attach the disc to the grinder, metal cutter or other saw you are going to use. Do not over-tighten, but make sure it is secure. If necessary, change the flange.

The disc must always be at a 90 degree angle to the material to be cut. Stop if you notice extra heat or chatter. The perfect grip will likely be developed with experience in handling the equipment!

For more information on how to use a cutting disc, check out the video below. He talks about a specific brand, but it fits all:

How much does a cutting disc cost?

The values ​​for cutting discs may vary according to type, indication and brand. It is possible to find some very cheap, for up to less than R $ 2, while others also indicated for steel and metal can come close to R $ 10.

Diamond discs are much more expensive. The values ​​start at around R $ 20 and can reach up to R $ 2,000. The latter, in this case, are suitable for porcelain tiles.

Disc kits are also available for sale. They can contain up to 100 units in a single package. This can make the unit value cheaper.

Where to buy a cutting disc?

Stores specializing in tools, metallurgy equipment and even crafts can feature cutting discs. However, the best option is to search the large networks of construction materials.

If you prefer to make your purchase over the internet, we recommend the  Amazon. There are a wide variety of models and possibilities for cutting all types of materials. International Amazon and Mercado Livre are also great ideas.


Purchasing criteria: what to consider when buying a cutting disc

There are some issues that help with the quality of the cutting disc and that you can take into account when purchasing.

Therefore, we selected four items that will be fundamental for you to make a great purchase:

  • Thickness
  • Maximum revolutions per minute
  • Material
  • Yield

Below, we explain more about each of them:


The thickness of the cutting discs varies considerably. It usually accompanies the material indicated for cutting. Those for stainless steel, for example, are the thinnest, approaching 1 millimeter.

The thinner the disc, the more precision it will allow for cutting. The thicker ones, indicated for hard metals, for example, will present better power, but are more difficult to handle.

This only increases the importance that you are fully aware of what you are going to cut before making the purchase.

Maximum revolutions per minute

Most cutting discs have on their label the maximum number of revolutions supported per minute. This is important information for your safety. This is because, possibly, this amount will be different from what your machine achieves.

Even if you have a powerful metal grinder or cutter, capable of many revolutions per minute, never exceed what is supported by the disc. Disregarding such information can cause quite unwanted accidents.

Other than that, the more revolutions per minute you operate, the faster the cutting speed will be.


The most important characteristics for the material of a cutting disc are the resistance and non-contamination of the metal. When we talk about non-contamination, it means that it cannot create rust and transfer it to what will be cut.

Cutting disc manufacturers are increasingly investing in high quality materials. We can highlight zirconium oxide, aluminum and boron nitrate. The fiberglass finish is quite common and efficient.

Before buying a cutting disc, find out what it is made of and research if it is an appropriate material!


The performance is more information that will often be present on the disc label. Basically, it indicates how many cuts you can make with a product before it needs to be discarded.

There is also a relationship between yield and consumption, that is, when a disc loses its diameter after use. To discover this other information, the only possibility is to measure at the end of the cut.

As a cutting disc is quite cheap, this number is not usually high. Respect him. It is also possible to evaluate, through price and yield, the cost-benefit of a given model. So, your pocket also thanks!


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