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Top & Best School case Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

School case: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about an essential item when studying: the school case.

A must-have item when assembling school supplies, the case has been transformed over time and today is found in different shapes and sizes, in simple and sophisticated versions.

In this article, we will show you the main factors to watch out for so you can buy the ideal school case for your home and school study routine

First, the most important

  • The school case is your great companion when studying and, in general, can last for many years.
  • Today there are models for all tastes and styles, to take items such as pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and even scissors and a ruler.
  • Amid so many options, we will show you what differentiates one school case from another and what you need to consider when choosing the most suitable one.

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Ranking: The 5 best school case models

When choosing the ideal case for children, young people or adults you need to think about the functionality and practicality of the accessory. Manufacturers know this and invest in innovative models every day.

In this way, we will present you the best school case models available on the market today.

Buying Guide

Choosing the school case just for the sake of aesthetics can be a problem after all. After all, this is an item that has to be functional to fit all the accessories that you will need to study.

For this reason, we have created this Buying Guide, so that you have all the information about the different types of school cases and make the best decision.

What is a school case?

The school case is one of the indispensable items for any student. It is there that all the necessary accessories for writing, drawing and painting are kept.

But, more than a storage of items, the school kit is important to save your time.

It often takes some time to find the pen, pencil or accessory we want to perform an activity. But when all items are in the same place, such as inside the case, access to them becomes more practical and quick.

Although some items on the list of school supplies are used only for a period of time, the case is an accessory that, if taken care of, can last for many years.

No wonder, nowadays there are the most varied types of case: big, small, with internal partitions, with or without included accessories, such as pens and pencils.

Let’s talk in detail about what differentiates one school case from another in Purchasing Criteria.

What items should you bring in your school case?

It is clear that the type and quantity of objects you will keep in your school case will depend on your need and study routine. However, in general, there are some essential items for the daily life of any student, of any school level.

Therefore, below we list the main items that you should take inside your school case:

      • Graphite pencil
      • Automatic pencil
      • Pens
      • Sharpener
      • Protractor


    • School scissors


      • Rubber
      • Compass


    • Glue stick


    • Ruler
    • Calculator


Remembering that this is a basic list. You can and should add or delete items according to your need. In addition, it is important that you note that all items must fit inside the case.

It may seem silly, but if you consider the ruler and scissors, for example, it is important that you choose smaller sizes to fit your case.

What pens do you need in your school case?

You may have noticed that in the list of items to be taken in your school case, we quote “Pens”. But, what types of pens should you have?

The fact is that there are different options and it is important that you know each one to decide which one will be the most functional to help in your learning process.

So, check out the main types of pens below and choose the ones you consider most important:

    • Ballpoint pens : Ballpoint pens are the basic ones for making notes in the notebook. They are inexpensive, have good durability and are resistant. There are thin, medium and thick tip. It is recommended to always have a kit with a blue, a black and a red ballpoint pen in your school case. To be on your guard, have more than one blue pen.


  • Pens
    • highlighter : These pens are used to accentuate the most important information of a text or notes, which makes it easy content review. Therefore, we recommend that you have at least two different highlighter colors in your school case.




    pens : These pens are colorful, have a felt tip and a more vibrant color. It is ideal for organizing notes in the notebook and highlighting important words such as titles, for example.

  • Synthetic tip pens : This is another colored pen option that you can include in your school case. They serve to differentiate information and emphasize. In this case, however, the pens have a very thin tip (0.4 mm).
  • Gel pens : Gel pens leave writing with a satin finish. They are ideal for those who like to work in the notebook. This type of pen is also super comfortable and it is worth having at least one in your school case.

How to organize your school case?

Organizing the school case is very important if you don’t want to waste time looking for the right pen, for example.

No wonder, nowadays you find several tutorials on the internet that teach you how to best organize all the items inside the case.

So, the main recommendation is that you keep the items in the school case always starting from the largest to the smallest. For example, calculator, protractor and scissors should be placed at the bottom of the school case.

Then, add smaller items such as pencils, pens, erasers and sharpeners. By doing this, you will certainly make your school case more organized so that it is easier to find what you need.

In addition, if your school case has a zipper closure, you can organize it by placing it on its side, with the zipper facing left or right. This technique will help to use the maximum space inside the case.

If your school kit does not have spaces reserved for holding pencils and pens, you can also use creativity. For example, you can collect all the colored pencils and tie them with an elastic band. You can also do this with pens, markers and even crayons.

The same can be done if you like and need to use the clips. Use rubber bands or a small box to store them before placing them in your school case.

In addition to increasing the organization, you also make better use of the space inside the case when grouping items by categories.

How to keep your school case well maintained?

In addition to organizing all the items in your case, it is important that you take good care of it to increase its durability.

To start, clean your case at least once a month. After all, colored pencils and markers end up dirtying the interior of the accessory.

Not to mention that, as the school year passes, your case ends up getting more and more full of shards of sharpened pencil, rubber glue and pen ink. So, by cleaning your school case regularly you ensure that all this dirt does not accumulate for a long time.

The time to clean your school case is also an opportunity to personalize the items you take inside, as shown in the tutorial below:

Also, remember that the heavier your school case, the greater the risk of the structure being torn or damaged. Hence the importance of choosing the right case for the number of items you will need to keep.

Later on we will talk in detail about the different sizes of school bags available. But in addition, it is worth mentioning that there are other practical tips to help you keep your school case well maintained. Are they:

  • Get rid of broken pencils and crayons;
  • Replace leaking pens and markers;
  • Replace the glue stick and pencil refill;
  • Identify your case with your name and series; if you lose it, it will be easier to get it back.

What are the advantages of the school case?

As we have seen, the case has numerous advantages. It is functional because it includes all the items that will be used in class and at home during your study times.

Therefore, it is also a practical accessory since it saves your precious time when looking for a specific pencil or pen. Not to mention that it is the ideal way to take and bring all these items from home to school and from home to school without risking forgetting any of them.

In addition, a stylish case or even with the theme you like best also becomes an incentive to study.

Nowadays, in addition to the colorful cases, there are also those with children’s character designs that are very popular with children. But, despite all these positive points, the school case also has its disadvantages.

The main one is that, cases made with higher quality material and exclusive ones with illustrations usually have a very high price.

Still, if you consider that the case can and should be a durable accessory that will be used for many years to come, the cost-benefit can pay off. Below, you can see the table with the main advantages and disadvantages of the school case:

How much?

The price of the school kit varies enormously. This is due to the different types of size, material of manufacture and format of the accessory. Therefore, you will find the case costing between R $ 5 and R $ 370.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the most expensive of all. However, remember that very cheap ones will be less resistant and less durable.

Where to buy?

You will find the school case for sale in the most diverse stores, from stationery stores to department stores and hypermarkets.

But if you want more model options and more competitive prices, we recommend that you purchase your case from online stores like Amazon.

That way you will have more chances of purchasing an exclusive school case and still purchase the comfort of your home. More practical impossible!


Purchasing criteria: What to consider before choosing the school case

As we have seen, when choosing the most suitable school case, you must observe your needs and your study routine. For example, depending on how many items you need to carry in your case, you will need a larger or smaller accessory.

But, in addition, there are other important factors that you must consider before purchasing the case that will de facto meet your expectations. Are they:

  • Format
  • Size
  • Simple or complete
  • Compartments
  • Manufacturing material

In the following, we will detail each of these factors so that you can have all the necessary information and purchase the ideal school case.


The first factor that you should consider before purchasing your school case is the shape of this accessory. More than a personal choice, the shape of your case should reflect the number of items you intend to keep inside.

However, it is also essential that you consider practicality when carrying your case inside your backpack or bag. Nowadays you will be able to choose between the rectangular, square, folder, thin, wide, round, and roll shapes.

Note that the shape of the school case you have chosen will not take up much space, which can become a nuisance when transporting it. For example, to carry your case in a backpack the most recommended is the case whose shape looks like a small folder.

This model is usually thinner and therefore takes up less space. As for carrying in bags, the rectangular and wide school case will fit well. The novelty is the roll case, which, of all, occupies the least space without in the backpack or bag.


In addition to the format, you also need to note the size of the school case. Take into account the number of pens and other stationery you need to keep in it.

The manufacturer brands, in general, inform on the packaging or the measures or capacity of the case. A large case, for example, is usually 25 cm high, 17 cm wide, and 5 cm deep.

A small to medium-sized school case can measure 22 cm high, 6.5 cm wide, and 6.5 cm deep. Considering the capacity, in general, there are cases that hold from two to up to 100 pencils.

Simple or Complete

This is a factor worth considering because it can represent savings in your budget. That’s because the simple school case is one that comes with no items inside.

That is, you get the case and you are free to buy and choose pens, pens, pencils, erasers according to your need and taste. The complete school case comes with a basic kit of items included.

The accessories that are part of the complete school kit vary according to size and brand. But in general, this type of case includes pens, pencils, pens, colored pencils, rulers, scissors, erasers and sharpeners.

The advantage of the complete case, therefore, is its practicality, since it includes practically all the necessary items to take to study and the economy


Another factor to be observed is whether or not the school case has internal dividers, which help in organizing the items that are placed there.

Cases with only one compartment, which is the most common model, are less practical since the items are loose and mixed. The school case with compartments is the most functional. In general, there are options with two or three dividers.

In addition, the most modern cases already come with rubber bands to hold the pencil, eraser, and sharpener.

Manufacturing material

As we have seen, the material of manufacture is one of the points that will contribute to the strength and durability of the school case.

The ideal is a case made of nylon. In addition to this material being easy to clean, it is very resistant. Still, you can choose cases made with fabric, leather, and metal.


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