Top & Best Children’s makeup case Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s makeup case: What’s the best of 2022?

Whether for a game, theatrical performance or party, makeup ends up being a fun accessory in the children’s world. But to help store and organize products, nowadays there is a children’s makeup case.

The children’s makeup case can come with or without makeup products, and it can also have other functions. In today’s article we will show you how to choose the best children’s makeup case.

First, the most important

  • The children’s makeup bag can be a good gift for children as the little ones can have everything on hand there.
  • Playing make-up, whether to stage theater or to have fun at parties, can be healthy.
  • To choose and buy the best children’s makeup case you need to analyze the quality and quantity of the products, as well as aspects with weight and material.

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Buying Guide

It may seem simple to buy a child’s makeup bag. But it is necessary to consider some aspects that may or may not please the little ones besides, it is, of course, to pay attention to safety.

Therefore, we created this Buying Guide. Next, we’ll show you how to choose the best children’s makeup case.

What is a children’s makeup bag for?

Every child likes to imitate their parents. Not for nothing, since they are young, the little ones are attracted by their mother’s makeup. Therefore, considering a children’s makeup case can be a good idea.

The children’s makeup case is ideal for storing all your child’s makeup. Nowadays it is possible to buy the suitcase only or even the suitcase that already comes with makeup.

In the case of the suitcases that come with makeup kit, you will find from the simple suitcases that contain only lipstick, blush and eyeshadow, to the most complete ones that have numerous products of varied colors and textures.

In addition, the suitcase also helps in the organization and preservation of products such as makeup brushes. And, often, suitcases come with compartments to store even jewelry.

That is, even if you did not want to encourage the use of makeup, the suitcase can be a good compartment for the child to store other belongings, from accessories to personal items such as souvenirs and notes.

At what age can the child have a makeup bag?

Child + makeup is a controversial topic among parents and experts. What nobody wants is for children to behave or see themselves as adults before their time.

And the fact is that the makeup done in an exaggerated way and conditioned to the beauty of the child can rather distort the objective that should always be that of play.

For this reason, experts recommend that children’s makeup should not be stimulated and should not be used every day, much less for all occasions.

Did you know that children under three years old should not wear any kind of makeup on their skin?

In this age group, the skin is still very sensitive and more susceptible to infections and allergies.

Therefore, if the child wants to put on makeup, direct him to use it only in special moments, such as dance performances, or playful games.

But in addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to more specific consequences, such as skin allergies. After all, a child’s skin is thinner than an adult’s.

Experts say there is no safe age for a child to wear makeup. But the later the better.

Anyway, children’s makeup is made for children from 5 years old. And some brands are only released after the age of 12.

Children’s makeup case: What does Anvisa say?

ANVISA is the body that regulates and inspects products in general. In the case of the children’s makeup bag you should pay more attention in case it comes with makeup products.

In this case, it is essential that the products have been tested by Anvisa to ensure that it will not cause damage to the child’s skin and health.

Anvisa tests children’s makeup to ensure that the product is safe in case of ingestion; it will not cause allergies or irritation due to exposed to light.

All children’s cosmetic products must display the registration number with ANVISA on their label.

With these tests, it is also stipulated that the basic prerequisite of children’s makeup is to have low fixing power.

That is, the products that make up the child’s makeup bag should be removed from the skin easily, just with water. Hence the importance of never letting the child use the adult makeup bag.

Traditional makeup, aimed at mature skins, has substances that make it stick to the skin, so much that the vast majority is only removed from the skin with the help of makeup remover.

And the fact is that the chemical components of a make-up remover and adult cosmetic products can cause allergies and intoxications in the skin of children.

Therefore, lipsticks and lip glosses that are part of the children’s makeup case, for example, should only color the lips temporarily. In addition, doll makeup cannot be used on children’s skin.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the children’s makeup bag?

If you choose carefully, the children’s makeup bag may have more advantages than disadvantages.

Starting with the fact that in the suitcase the child can store a greater amount of products and different colors and always have them on hand.

In addition, it is possible to use the suitcase for other purposes, whether to store accessories, toys and even personal accessories of the child. With that the belongings will be organized in the children’s room.

On the other hand, it is also possible to take the children’s bag wherever you want, since most have a carrying handle. This can be functional, even when traveling.

Another advantage is that some suitcases already come with makeup products. Thus, the economy. But in this case, the disadvantage is that you need more attention to ensure the quality of the makeup and to preserve the child’s skin.

Not to mention that it is possible to choose from a wide variety of makeup cases for children: from the simplest, with few products, to the most complete and sophisticated.

To summarize, check out the table below that shows the main positive and negative points of the children’s makeup case.

How much does the children’s makeup case cost and where to buy?

The child makeup bag can be very expensive depending on the model and material of manufacture. But in general, the suitcase will cost between R $ 80 and R $ 700.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive one. However, in general, the very cheap ones are not usually durable or have makeup with Anvisa certification.

In addition, you can buy the children’s makeup case in children’s stores, department stores. But the ideal is to buy in online stores Amazon. There you will find more options to choose from.


Purchase Criteria: How to analyze the children’s makeup case

When buying the children’s makeup case you will find a good variety of options. Therefore, we recommend that you compare some aspects to choose the best one. Are they:

  • With or without makeup kit
  • Material
  • Format and dimension
  • Outdoor
  • Interior
  • Extra accessories

Below we show how to analyze each of these topics.

With or without makeup kit

The first factor that you must take into consideration is the type of suitcase you are going to buy. In this case, there are two options: the loose bag or the bag with the makeup kit.

You can buy only the suitcase, empty, to store makeup. Or you can buy the suitcase that comes with a makeup kit and makeup accessories.

If the child already has makeup and brushes, the ideal is to buy only the empty suitcase.

If you choose the suitcase that comes with makeup, note that the products may vary. But, in general, the children’s makeup bag that comes with blush, eyeshadow, lipsticks and brushes.


Another aspect that you should consider is the material for making the children’s makeup case. In general, you will be able to choose two types: the one made in aluminum and the one made of fabric.

The aluminum makeup case is the most resistant and therefore will last the longest. On the other hand, the fabric case is lighter and more practical to carry.

Format and dimension

Also note the shape and measurements of the children’s makeup case. You will find from the traditional square or chest-shaped makeup cases, as well as those that come in the shape of a necessaire.

It is also worth checking the dimensions of width, height and tablet to make sure that there will be enough space to store all makeup.


Be sure to also take into account the print and colors on the outside of the children’s makeup case. Often, these suitcases come with designs and motifs that are especially pleasing to girls.

Some of the most popular suitcases are those decorated with images of Hello Kit, unicorn and even characters from movies like, for example, Frozen.


When it comes to analyzing the inside of a child’s makeup case, the most important thing is that it has compartments and dividers.

The compartments will help the child to separate the makeup products.

The compartments will help the child to separate the makeup products so that they are visible, organized and preserved.

Some suitcases have no divider, serving as a chest to store makeup.

However, this model ends up leaving the products disorganized and piled up, which can even spoil the makeup.

Extra accessories

Finally, we recommend that you also check if the children’s makeup case has other accessories that can be useful for the child at the time of play.

For example, the most complete makeup cases on the market have a handle for easy transport. Other models have padlocks and some even have a mirror to help the child use the makeup.

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