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Top & Best Reborn Doll Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Reborn Doll: How to choose the best model in 2022

Have you heard about the Reborn doll? Ultra-realistic, this doll has the same features, size and weight as a newborn baby or up to a year old.

In addition to being a children’s toy, it is also a collector’s item. The Reborn doll can be purchased at a specialized store or made to order.

Want to know more about baby Reborn? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • The Reborn doll can represent a boy or girl born premature, newborn, three to six months old or over one year old.
  • You will find Reborn doll models of different ethnicities and skin tones. Another difference is the hair that can be painted or implanted, in short, medium or long sizes, and in smooth, curly or curly textures.
  • The body of the Reborn doll can be made of silicone / vinyl or fabric. Although the silicone body is more realistic, the fabric body provides a more natural fit and movement.

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The best Reborn dolls: Our recommendations

When searching for a Reborn doll you will find numerous options. To help you find a good quality toy at a fair price, we have selected the best purchase suggestions of the moment.

  • The ideal choice for those who want a grown baby
  • The best option for those who live in the countryside
  • The best option for those who prefer a boy

Buying Guide

Playing doll helps to develop in the child the feeling of empathy, affection and responsibility for others. Among the variety of dolls, one of the most outstanding is the Reborn doll.

Also called baby Reborn, this ultra-realistic model conquers children and adults – many people collect these dolls. If you are interested in knowing everything about the Reborn doll, take advantage of this Buying Guide.

What is a Reborn Doll?

The Reborn doll is a toy that resembles a human baby, mainly in features, size and weight. You find male and female models, representing newborn babies one year old.

The term Reborn means “reborn” and refers to the origins of the toy. During World War II, it was difficult to find toys for sale in England, so mothers repainted children’s old dolls so they looked new.

Nowadays, the techniques of making a Reborn doll are much more sophisticated, however, the essence is the same, as the work continues to be done manually and with a lot of dedication.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of the Reborn doll in the table below:

How is a Reborn doll made?

To make a Reborn doll, only imported materials are used – a set called Newborn , which comes with a head, arms and legs that can be made of silicone, vinyl or an alloy that joins both materials together.

The pieces are attached to the doll’s body, which can be made of soft vinyl (a type of flexible silicone) or fabric.

With the doll assembled, the dyeing process is done. Non-toxic paints developed only for the Reborn art are used. Dyeing is done in one or more thin layers, then the doll is taken to the oven to fix the shade.

In this stage, special effects are applied to recreate veins, folds and birth spots and make the dolls as realistic as possible.

After dyeing, the eyes are implanted – they can be made of acrylic, glass or silicone. There is plenty of variety in shape, size and color, ideal for customizing the doll. At that time, eyelashes and eyebrows are also placed.

Finally, the tufts of hair are sewn together (this is the most time-consuming process). Generally, the threads are made from the wool of a Tibetan sheep, to give a realistic appearance. The threads are dyed according to the desired color – red, blond, brown or black.

After the doll is ready, items such as disposable diaper, clothes, magnetic pacifier, attached to a magnet – earring and other accessories are placed. The Reborn doll can weigh between 1 and 3 kg, values ​​very close to the real ones.



Did you know that the Reborn doll comes with a birth certificate? The certificate is blank so you can fill it in with the child’s name, mother’s name, date of birth, weight and height of the baby. Some models also come with foot testing.


Is it possible to make a Reborn doll like a photo?

Many artists create Reborn dolls from photographs. It is possible to approximate the characteristics of the doll with the features, skin color, eyes, tone and texture of the threads, spots and birth spots, but the result will never be the same.

The reason for this is that the sets with parts used to make the dolls have patterns that cannot be changed. When a person orders a doll and delivers a photo as a reference, it is necessary to find a kit that resembles that baby.

Is the Reborn doll a toy for adults or children?

When given to a child, the Reborn doll is an educational toy that can assist in the development of the little one, as it stimulates creativity and affection. The child can demonstrate his emotions and feelings through play.


To have a Reborn doll, there is no right or wrong age.

However, anyone who thinks that the Reborn doll is only for children is mistaken. To have a Reborn doll, there is no right or wrong age. Many adults buy the toy for a variety of reasons, such as dealing with the loss of a child, recreating the appearance of a loved one as a baby, or even the impossibility of generating or adopting a child.

Some adults treat the doll like a real child, that is, they bathe, change clothes, breastfeed and take a walk. Scientists associate this relationship with the release of oxytocin, a hormone that regulates happiness.

However, care must be taken, as creating an emotional bond with a toy as an adult is not healthy. If the purchase of the toy is used to treat trauma, you need to consult a specialist and follow his recommendation.

Encounter black Reborn doll?

You find the Reborn doll with black skin and afro hair. Generally, the toy is a little more expensive, since the dyeing process consists of several steps until reaching the appropriate shade.

In addition, the threads used to reproduce afro hair have a special texture – curly or with curls. You can also find models of black Reborn dolls with smooth threads, but there is a certain ethnic characterization.

Reborn Doll: Body in fabric or silicone / vinyl?

When choosing a Reborn doll, you can choose a model with body structure made of fabric or silicone / vinyl.

Most models have a fabric body. Although it perfectly represents the lack of firmness of a baby’s body, you cannot wet the doll at all, as the toy will not dry out completely and will probably mold.

If you want a doll to bathe, it is important to buy a model made of silicone (100%) or silicone vinyl – also called Full Silicone – as these materials do not allow water to enter.

However, care must be taken with the head, as the wires are implanted one by one in small holes that allow water to enter – except if the glue used inside the doll’s head is waterproof.

Some models in this category are equipped with articulations on the arms, legs and neck, which makes it possible to place your Reborn doll in the desired position – ideal for those who want to photograph the doll in a Newborn shoot .

Still in doubt? Check the differences between the two models in the comparative table below:

What is the difference between an ordinary doll and a Reborn doll?

The differences between an ordinary doll and a Reborn doll are not limited to price. One of the great distinctions is the manufacturing process: The Reborn doll is handmade, made by hand for days or weeks (depends on the complexity of the project).


Reborn dolls use imported materials.

Reborn dolls use quality materials and imported origin – it is important to consider foreign exchange and customs fees, which increase the value of the product.

In addition, the craftsman makes one doll at a time, in a careful and time-consuming artistic process. For this reason, there are differences between Reborn dolls – even when they are made from the same set of pieces – as each artist prints his identity in the works.

The common doll is made by machines and goes through an assembly line, therefore, it hardly presents realistic characteristics. In addition, all models are the same and if one comes out different from the others, it is discarded, as it is not in the sales pattern.

How much does a Reborn doll cost?

The price of a Reborn doll depends on some factors such as material – the doll can be made of fabric or silicone / vinyl – size, accessories, brand and details.


The more realistic the Reborn doll is, the more expensive it will cost.

A fabric Reborn doll is cheaper. You can find options between R $ 250 and R $ 500.

The Reborn silicone doll is a little more expensive, prices vary from R $ 200 to R $ 850. If you prefer twins, the price can reach R $ 1,100.

You can buy the accessories separately. Pacifiers and bottles cost between R $ 30 and R $ 70. Clothes such as a body, dress and sweatshirt set cost between R $ 80 and R $ 100 and shoes cost up to R $ 80.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to Compare Reborn Doll Models

Buying a Reborn doll may seem like a simple task, but there may be some doubts. With that in mind, we have prepared a step by step how to choose the best Reborn baby model:

  • Boy or girl?
  • Skin color
  • Dyed or implanted hair?
  • Hair color, length and texture
  • Age
  • Accessories

Following the tips below, you will buy a Reborn doll without errors.

Boy or girl?

One of the options when buying a Reborn doll is whether you prefer a boy or girl. For being a very realistic doll, in addition to the face and clothes, there is differentiation in the genital organ – only in the 100% silicone model.

You can also buy a pair of twins and choose between two girls, two boys or a boy and a girl. The choice is only related to personal taste.

Skin color

Another interesting feature of the Reborn doll is the variety of skin tones and ethnic representations. You can find options with white, brown, black or yellow skin – Asian babies.

It is important to mention that the technique to create an Afro-descendant Reborn doll is a little more complex, since the toy receives several layers of paint and goes through the fixation stage several times, for this reason, the value of the product is higher.

Dyed or implanted hair?

When you go to buy a Reborn doll, you will come across dolls with dyed or implanted hair.

The implanted hair is made with Angora sheep hair in different thicknesses (in general, it is very thin). The tufts are implanted with the aid of a fine needle – rooting can be done in different directions – and glued with waterproof glue, inside the head.

In the case of dyed hair, the same paint used on the baby’s body is applied, with the help of a thin bristle brush. To ensure a natural effect, of overlapping threads, paints in different shades are used.

We compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two options in the table below:

Hair color, length and texture

Other characteristics that must be analyzed at the time of purchase refer to the hair of the Reborn doll: Color, length and texture of the threads. You find dolls with brown (light, medium or dark), black, red and blonde hair.

In newborn dolls the hair is very close to the head, in dolls with six months or one year, the hair can be medium or long in smooth, wavy, curly or afro textures.


If you want a Reborn doll that represents a premature or newborn baby, you can invest in a mini Reborn doll, which measures approximately 25 cm and weighs only 350 g.

You can choose a baby with your eyes open or closed.

If you prefer a larger doll, representing a child between three and six months old, you can find models that measure 45 to 50 cm and weigh 850 g to 1 kg.

You can also choose a doll that represents a larger child. Usually the doll measures up to 60 cm and weighs from 1.5 kg to 2 kg.


Some models of Reborn dolls come with the complete outfit: body, overalls, sweatshirt set, cap, shoe, bottle, magnetic pacifier, diaper and stuffed animal. Tip: Accessories make the toy more expensive.

One option is to purchase them separately. In addition to the baby layette , you can buy crib, doll stroller and changing table. Accessories are sold by manufacturers.


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