Top & Best Children’s backpack Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s backpack: The best for children under 12 in 2022

Buying the perfect children’s backpack for your son or daughter is a mission that requires a lot of attention and special care. After all, we are sure that you want to ensure comfort for your little ones. The backpack can be useful for school and also for short trips, serving as a suitcase for children.

Therefore, we made this selection of the best backpacks and also a complete shopping guide for you to learn how to buy the perfect model.

We take into account the comfort, durability, cost benefit and, especially, your child’s health. That way there is no mistake, you will find the ideal backpack at the end of this reading.

First, the most important

  • Choosing the perfect children’s backpack requires attention to some details that you find in this comprehensive guide. Taking care of your children’s health is essential and we will give you precious tips in this regard
  • There are options with or without wheels and we compare the two types for you to decide the best for your son or daughter.
  • Comfort is an essential criterion, but there are other factors that must be analyzed carefully. Learn more about how to find the most comfortable children’s backpack throughout this guide.


Ranking: The 5 best children’s backpack models

Every beginning of the year is the same story for dads and moms: going out to buy their children’s school supplies. Among the items, you can’t miss the children’s backpack. If you want to know the best models, check out our ranking below. We selected the top 5, considering all ages.

Buying Guide

Looking for a children’s backpack is not a simple task. Dads and moms need to pay close attention to some criteria that are essential to ensure the health of the little ones. Children can only carry a percentage of their own weight and we will talk about this throughout this Buying Guide. Read on to learn which backpack is ideal for your son or daughter.

Why is it important to ensure a good children’s backpack for my child?

Whenever a new school year approaches, dads have several missions to get everything ready for a new school year. Among several functions, one of the main issues is to guarantee the ideal children’s backpack for your children, whether they are in the garden or in the early years of school.

Each stage and age requires a different need, which is why our list included options for children from 1 year old up to 12 years old, for both girls and boys.

Even if your child still doesn’t go to school, in the description of some models in the ranking you noticed the versatility of a children’s backpack even for the little ones.

After all, every mother of children from 1 to 3 years old needs to leave the house with a change of clothes, diapers and other essentials. A compact backpack fulfills this role very well, as we mentioned earlier.

So, in addition to being essential for school life, a children’s backpack can also play the role of suitcase on trips and be very useful on short trips.

The backpack is the child’s faithful companion throughout the year. It is there that she carries her belongings wherever she goes. So you need something extremely important: comfort. Especially those who carry school supplies on a daily basis.

What are the advantages of investing in a good children’s backpack?

Backpacks can vary widely in style, material, finish, capacity, price, among other factors. But it is unanimous that even small, they love a backpack full of charm that expresses a little of their personality.

Every detail is important for the purchase to have a great cost benefit. Even because many children use the same children’s backpack for two or three years, since the investment is usually a bit salty.

It is important to keep in mind that investing in a good backpack has many advantages. Comfort, resistance and durability are the main ones.

We will talk more about several decisive factors in the purchasing criteria below. Here we just want to register the advantages of purchasing a quality backpack.

Children’s back or wheeled backpack?

This is a question that many parents ask themselves, especially those who are buying a children’s backpack for the school year. Three factors are important to take into account when making this decision:

    • The grade in which your son studies;
    • The weight he carries;
    • The child ‘s tastes .


Considering the grade your child is studying in is essential to understanding his needs. If he is still in the garden, a wheeled backpack can be difficult to handle for a 2 year old child, for example.

In this case, a small backpack on the back – which will often be carried by the parents themselves – ends up being ideal. If the child is starting in the first year of elementary school, he is not yet used to a school routine, especially with the weight of materials.

New notebooks, more complete cases that go home and return to school every day in the backpack and other essentials can be a lot for those who carried even less.

Perhaps this is the best phase of investing in a wheeled children’s backpack, both for the weight it carries and for the joy of starting at school.

Be aware of this too:

A person can carry only 10% of his weight on his back. So a child who weighs 25kg can take 2.5kg with him.

Always help to organize the backpack so that they do not carry extra materials that will not be used that day.

Children who are in the third or fourth year generally prefer a children’s backpack to carry on their backs. It seems simple, but notice the age range of 9 to 10 years around you.

They like the freedom of a backpack without a training wheel. At the same time, it is as if they are self-affirming that they are growing and are past that stage.

So reflect on these points and talk to your child and take the child’s tastes into account. Compare the main differences between children’s backpacks with or without training wheels:

How much?

A quality children’s backpack can be purchased from R $ 150. There are some good and basic models below R $ 100, but they are not among the best. Even more complete backpacks can cost between R $ 250 and R $ 400.

This price is justified by the quality of the material used, the finishing of the pieces – such as good reinforced stitching – the differentiated design and a brand recognized in the market.

Where to buy?

In the stationery stores or bookstores in your city there is certainly some variety of children’s backpack. But it is worth mentioning that finding these models mentioned is a little more difficult in physical stores, especially imported brands. In online department stores you can usually find more options and lower prices.

All 7 backpacks in our ranking can be found on the Amazon website. Buying online is easy and economical and you do not have to travel and receive the product at your door.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare children’s backpack models

At the beginning of the purchase guide, when we talk about advantages and what you should pay attention to, we briefly go through purchase criteria that can make you decide on the right children’s backpack for your son or daughter.

Now let’s analyze in a little more depth the importance of each one of them so that there is no regret after the purchase is completed.

Although you can usually return the product within seven days, it is not this inconvenience you seek when looking for a product online, so we want to make things easier for you by helping you to reflect on:

  • Cost benefit
  • Ideal weight and measurement
  • Comfort
  • Versatility

We will detail each of these factors so that you can make the best choice when buying the ideal children’s backpack for your little ones.

Cost benefit

You may have heard that saying that cheap is expensive. Perhaps this is not the time to save. Choosing the perfect children’s backpack for your child needs to take the cost benefit into account.

Many backpacks that cost between R $ 60 and R $ 100 do not last for a semester, let alone the whole year. It is possible to find negative evaluations stating that the materials peel or that the seams tear.

When you buy a quality backpack, you are guaranteed to be investing your money in the right product, as there will be no headaches throughout the year. Not to mention that the finishes are different. They hardly peel off, peel or tear. Furthermore, if care is taken, these backpacks can be used again in the following years.

Ideal weight and measurement

The child’s backpack should never exceed 10% of the child’s own weight. The bill ends up being simple, a child of 30 kg, can carry up to 3 kg of weight including the backpack and the material. And this is usually what is necessary for your child to take everything he needs for the day.

It turns out that many children are overweight because they carry unnecessary items. So it is always worth the alert for you to help your child organize his belongings at the beginning, so he will learn to remove from the backpack what he does not need for the lesson.

Another important detail to note is the measurement of the backpacks that are carried on the back. The correct height for adjusting the straps is that the backpack is at the height of the butt and does not extend beyond the child’s back.

And finally, if you chose a wheeled backpack, your child needs to carry it without bending over. The handle must be adjusted to its height. So stay tuned to the descriptions of these products, if they are adjustable, check the measurements and weight they have before finalizing your purchase.


We have already said that comfort is the main element and hardly a dad or mom will disagree with that. Everyone is looking for something that will not harm your child’s health, or that will hurt your child.

Firstly, comfort is linked to the interior item. If everything mentioned above is correct, we are halfway there.

Now it is worth paying attention to the finish of the children’s backpack. Notice if the model’s back has a comfortable panel, as it will be in contact with your child’s body.

Another detail regarding comfort is whether the straps are padded. Even if a child carries only 10% of their weight, it will be much better if the shoulders are protected with straps of this type.

Comfort is also associated with the functionality of the backpack. If it is practical to open and close the zippers, if the main compartment has a wide opening and if it has side pockets for easy access.


Finally, look again. What are you looking for this backpack for? A versatile backpack that can be used both at school, on a trip or on a walk can be great. In addition to a great cost benefit, since you will not need to buy a bag for the child, for example.

So if you usually take short trips on the weekend, or if they like to walk around with friends or relatives, this kids backpack can be more useful than previously planned.


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