Top & Best Hot Wheels Track Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hot Wheels Track: How to choose the best one in 2022?

In today’s article we are going to talk about a success among miniature car lovers: the Hot Wheels track.

Far beyond a simple race track, the Hot Wheels track mixes adventures, challenges and a lot of imagination. Hence the success of this toy and in the world, among children and adults!

With so many variations of the toy, we will show here what you need to know and take into account to buy the best Hot Wheels track according to factors such as the theme and the degree of difficulty.

First, the most important

  • The Hot Wheels track mixes the racing track with incredible urban city scenery, obstacles, monsters, animals and children’s characters.
  • In addition to awakening creativity and imagination, this toy stimulates motor and spatial skills and the learning of cause and effect, shapes and colors.
  • In this article, we’ll show you what to watch out for so you can choose the best Hot Wheels track from so many different options.

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Best Hot Wheels track models: Our favorites

What matters on the Hot Wheels track are the items that make them unique: loopings, radical curves, tanks with water, monsters, animals, among others. Knowing this, the toy manufacturer invests every year in new options. Therefore, below we will list the best Hot Wheel track models currently available on the market.

  • Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Track
  • Hot Wheels Track Car Wash Alligator Attack
  • Hot Wheels Slot Car Track
  • Track Hot Wheels Truck Radical Maneuver

Buying Guide

It may seem simple to choose the Hot Wheels track that pleases children the most. But, the fact is that each model has different functions and specifications and it is important that you know them in order to buy the most suitable one.

For this reason, we created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to make the best decision and acquire the ideal Hot Wheels track.

What is a Hot Wheels track?

The Hot Wheels track is a race and obstacle course that is the sensation of today among children and adults alike.

Developed to awaken creativity and imagination, the Hot Wheels track has as its basic characteristic orange color and non-toxic plastic.

With several models, today it is possible to find the Hot Wheels track both as a simple racetrack track, and in the straight format, from looping to tracks with alien heads. And this last model is the great differential of the Hot Wheels track.

In the most elaborate formats, the toy includes launchers, propellers, flags, ramps, urban city scenes, animals, monsters and even tanks with water.

In many of the cart track models, it is possible to create more than one combination, varying the paths, obstacles and challenges. In this way, the child – and, of course, adults – can use creativity to build, deconstruct and build again.

For you to have an idea, there is the Hot Wheel track where the carts can make radical loops, go down very steep ramps and jump long distances.

In other models, you need to wash your cars and escape from dragons or attacks by sharks and snakes.

In addition, you will also find a variety of scenarios, which reproduce city spaces, such as garages, for example, always with acrobatic tracks.

For all this, the Hot Wheels track makes the fun go beyond playing with cars. Because of the shape and creative objects, the child is transported to a world full of stories and adventures.

How did the Hot Wheels track come about?

The Hot Wheels track was created by Mattel, the same manufacturer of the famous Hot Wheels miniature cars and the Barbie doll.

Founded in 1945, Mattel first launched Hot Wheels cars in 1968. Since then, Hot Wheels has become the most famous toy car brand.

With the success of miniature cars, the company launched the following year, the first orange track called “Orange Track” that, assembled, formed a circular path.

Orange Track consisted of a series of road sections with one or two tracks, with battery-powered rotating wheels, that propelled cars along the route.

Nowadays, the first versions of the Hot Wheels track are almost impossible to find and, when they are, they are considered period items.

Since then, both the Hot Wheels cars and tracks have undergone numerous modifications to attract more and more those in love with the automobile world.

The objective was, and still is, to always mix playfulness with maximum realism with clues from the simplest to the most complex.

What are the main accessories of the Hot Wheels track?

The fact is that there is no race track without strollers, is there? And Hot Wheels is no different.

As we will see later in this article, some Hot Wheels track models are already accompanied by one or more miniature cars. But this is not a rule.

And, even if the track does not come with cars, the good news is that the strollers manufactured by Hot Wheels tend to be super cheap, starting at R $ 10. And each one is more incredible than the other.

But not only that! In addition to the strollers, there are also other accessories to further personalize the Hot Wheels track. Check out this super track on the Brancoala channel:

Mattel offers, for purchase separately, extra tracks to connect with the Hot Wheels track, allowing the creation of new courses, in addition to propellants to fire the carts at high speed.

More than that, there are pieces that can be fitted, for example, on the door or on the table and, with this, create more radical ascents and descents.

There are also ramps that can be used to launch the Hot Wheels car and parts with suction cups, to stick to windows, for example. In addition to these accessories, you will also find the launcher that, connected to the track, launches the car in the heights.

Why are the cars on the Hot Wheels track so famous?

Hot Wheels carts were created using a type of axle that allows them to rotate much faster.

In addition, Mattel uses the manufacturing technique known as die-cast, which allows the production of items that require a high degree of precision with reduced details.

Not to mention that the miniatures’ design faithfully reproduces life-size cars. Hence its great fame among car lovers.

The first Hot Wheels car collection launched had 16 1:64 scale models, meaning the cart was 64 times smaller than a full-size car. Some were inspired by real models, such as the Custom El Camino, Custom Volkswagen and Custom Mustang.

To date, more than 4 billion Hot Wheels miniatures have been produced. To give you an idea, if all the Hot Wheels were lined up, they would make more than four laps on the planet.

But, in addition to the great fame of the cars, Hot Wheels also has other famous automobiles, including the cars of characters from comic books such as Batman.

In addition, in 1975, the brand launched its first motorcycle replica. In the early 1980s, it was trucks, buses, planes, helicopters and motorcycles.

But, in addition to the miniatures, there are several Hot Wheels products on larger scales, such as the Ferraris 1/43, trucks, remote control cars, among others.

How to use creativity playing with the Hot Wheels track?

Planning the track, setting up, adjusting the weak points, creating obstacles and then placing the carts to go through the great adventure is just the beginning of the game! And just with that, children of all ages, spend hours telling stories and having fun.

As we have seen, one of the ways to customize the Hot Wheels track is to purchase accessories such as extra tracks, connectors and cars separately.

But it is also possible to use creativity, without spending money, which can further help in stimulating the creativity of children and young people.

It is possible, for example, to adapt your track using very simple materials, which you have at home. Cardboard rolls can turn into tunnels and shoe boxes can be used to support ramps.

The idea is not to leave the child stuck to the original parts of the Hot Wheels track and encourage him to play using his imagination.

One of the most widespread ideas, mainly in tutorials on the internet, is to place a plastic box with water in the middle or at the end of the track, which turns into a dangerous shark tank.

The end of the track can also have more excitement if you, for example, place a house of cards that will be destroyed by the shock of the cart. You can also use cushions, benches, teddy bears, bricks, everything in your reach, to create even more fun tracks.

What are the advantages of the Hot Wheels track?

As we have seen, the Hot Wheels track has many advantages. This toy stimulates creativity, imagination and motor skills to assemble, disassemble and improvise.

In addition, this toy helps in the learning of spatial relationships, cause and effect, shapes and colors.

In other words, the biggest advantage of the Hot Wheels track is that it becomes an ally for the development of children who learn while playing. Not to mention that it still becomes a moment of interaction between parents and children.

But, although it has many more advantages, the Hot Wheels track also has some negative points. In general, more complex tracks are very expensive. The most elaborate ones are also difficult to find.

Another disadvantage is that some tracks are not perfectly level, which means that the cars are unable to finish the route in a linear way.

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of the Hot Wheels track below:

How much?

The price of the Hot Wheels track varies according to the type, theme and extras included. Therefore, you will find Hot Wheels car tracks that cost between R $ 40 to R $ 1,000.

The most expensive models, in general, are more complex and larger and entertain children for longer.

Where to buy?

You can find the Hot Wheels track in toy stores, departments and hypermarkets such as Lojas Americanas, Extra and Ponto Frio.

However, we recommend that you purchase the toy at online stores such as Amazon. Thus, you guarantee more exclusive models and purchase the comfort of your home.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when choosing the Hot Wheels track

As we have seen, there are different models of Hot Wheels track available on the market. But, amid so many options, how to choose the ideal one?

To do this, you need to understand the main differences that exist between one model and another. And, to help you, we have listed below the main factors that you must observe before purchasing the Hot Wheels track:

  • Type
  • Thematic
  • Age range
  • Trolleys

Next, we will detail these factors so that you can make the best decision and get the ideal Hot Wheels track.


The first point that you should take into account is the Hot Wheels track type. And here, the variety is huge. In general, you will find tracks that can be divided into simple, complex and racetrack type.

The simple tracks can be of the straight type, which can be accompanied by a propellant to fire the cart, among other accessories. But, if you want something more radical and fast, you can opt for simple tracks with one or more loopings or ramp type.

Simple tracks are usually short, but, in general, can be connected with others forming a larger and exclusive route. You can buy these tracks separately or all together in the Maneuver Box that comes with several pieces for you to assemble the Hot Wheels track as you wish.

In addition to the single track, there is also the Hot Wheels racetrack type track. In this case, the cars are guided by the route using controls that work with batteries.

And finally, there is the most elaborate and complex type of Hot Wheels track. This type has a mix of straight tracks, curves, ramps, loopings and, of course, city, monster and animal scenery. This is what you will see next.


If you have chosen the complete Hot Wheels track, you must consider the theme of the toy. There are three lines with different themes: Track Builder, City and Action. In addition, there is also the theme of superheroes.

The fact is that each of them offers several Hot Wheels track models with different characteristics. Check it out below:

  • Track Builder : The tracks of this theme allow various creations of courses and obstacles, for the car to jump, climb, descend, go through loopings, shoot at high speed and etc.
  • City : In this line, the tracks gain urban scenarios with garage, scientific station, car wash, besides snakes, dinosaurs and monsters that swallow, push, spit or crush cars.
  • Action : The tracks of this theme value speed as they intersect in tight curves, with multiple loopings, causing earthquakes, among others.

Age range

The recommended age for using the toy is another important factor that you should consider before purchasing the Hot Wheels track. After all, it is important that the child can assemble or help with the assembly, in addition to being able to understand the dynamics of play.

The fact is that there are some Hot Wheels tracks that are very complex. And, although the degree of difficulty varies from child to child, the age group recommended by Hot Wheels can serve as a guide.

Therefore, check out a summary of the age ranges of the Hot Wheels tracks below:

  • 3 to 8 years : For this age group we recommend the models of track Hot Wheels simple and the City line, which has urban and playful scenarios that stimulate the imagination through storytelling.
  • 4 to 10 years : Here you can already include simple and Action themed track types. That’s when speed and radical maneuvers can be better assimilated by the little ones.
  • 6 to 12 years old : In this age group it is worth investing in the Track Builder line, which allows you to create and customize various courses with obstacles, ramps and curves.


As we have seen, when purchasing a Hot Wheels track, you must also consider the carts, right? Most of the time, whether buying a simple or more complex track, at least one cart is included.

The more elaborate Hot Wheels track models can have up to six cars included. Still, this is not a rule. It is possible to find the Hot Wheels track without any stroller, in which case you must purchase it separately. In that case, check if the car is compatible with the track.


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