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Top & Best Magic sand Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Magic sand: The best options of 2022

the website where you can find the best product reviews on the internet. Today we are going to talk about a product that is winning over children, the magic sand.

Also known as kinetic sand, this product is very similar to modeling clay, but it is made of sand, and the best is not dirty. With silica in its composition, the sand joins easily when the game is over.

As it is a relatively new product on the market, it is natural to have doubts about the product. So be sure to check out our article to understand more about magic sand and all its benefits.

First, the most important

  • Despite being more geared towards children, many adults use magic sand for relaxation purposes.
  • Magic sand is very easy to shape, helping children to develop.
  • The great advantage of magic sand is that it is very easy to clean when the game is over.

Best Magic Sand Options: Our Recommendations

After going viral on the internet a few years ago, the magic sand has become a real fever among children and adults too. So, to help you choose, we have separated some of the best models available on the market in this list especially for you.

  • Option for those who want to start playing
  • To bring home beach fun
  • Magic sand with ice cream cart

Buying Guide

Magic sand is an excellent gift option for children, as it helps in their development. Adults have also embraced it as a great way to relax from the stress of everyday life.

To get to know the product better and all its benefits, be sure to check out our purchase guide with all the information you need before making the purchase.

What is magic sand?

Magic sand, also known as kinetic sand, is a combination of 98% quartz sand, waxes and silicone oil. This is what ensures that it can be separated and put back together easily and that it looks magical to children.

Initially developed for industrial use and in civil construction in hostile environments such as the Arctic, the magic sand soon became popular and went viral as a toy, coming to replace the traditional modeling clay.

Today it is possible to find them in packages of various sizes and in various colors. They are also widely sold with other accessories, such as spoons and molds that allow the child to play at home as if he were on the beach.

Did you know that before becoming a toy, magic sand was developed to absorb oil spills in coastal areas?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of magic sand?

Magic sand offers a number of benefits when compared to similar products. Because it bonds easily, it is much easier to clean after playing. Its pleasant texture helps many adults to relax when handling it and they help in the development and motor coordination of children.

However, there are some disadvantages to note. It is not recommended for children under 3 years of age. Despite being non-toxic, there can be health risks if it is ingested and they still cost more than traditional modeling clay.

How does magic sand help children’s development?

Magic sand is recommended for children over three years of age. Experts recommend it for helping to develop motor coordination and cognitive skills.

Because they are very easy to shape, they also help to stimulate the imagination of the little ones. In addition, on rainy days, when it is difficult to go to a playground or the beach, the magic sand is a great option for your child to have fun even without leaving the house.

How much does good magic sand cost?

The price of magic sand can depend a lot on the net weight, colors and accessories included. The simplest models can be found from R $ 5 to R $ 20.

In larger kits, with more color options and accessories, the price can vary from R $ 20 to R $ 200. For an idea of ​​the price, the models shown in this article can be found in a price range that varies from R $ 20 to R $ 100.

Where to buy magic sand?

You can find magical sand at toy and children’s stores. Increasingly popular, it is also possible to find it in major supermarket chains with toy departments.

However, if you were unable to find magic sand in your city or are looking for a good deal, you can also find them on the internet. The models shown in this article, for example, are all available on Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying magic sand

Now that you’ve seen some models and know the benefits of magic sand, what it is and how it can make your children’s games more fun, it’s easier to choose a good model.

However, it is still necessary to consider some purchase criteria that highlight the magic sand of other similar products.

  • Material
  • Net weight
  • Colors
  • Accessories

Check the topics below carefully to ensure you are choosing good magic sand, whether for your kids or just to de-stress after a hard day’s work.


Many people are surprised to learn that magic sand is practically quartz sand, that is, the good old beach sand. In fact, it makes up 98% of the product.

Its special characteristics come from a mixture of waxes and silicone oil, which gives the “magic” property of the sand, which allows it to clump together much more easily and take on a variety of forms without the need for water.

Net weight

An important factor when choosing magic sand is the net weight indicated on the packaging. The higher the value, the greater the amount of magic sand available.

The net weight of the magic sand is measured in grams and this information can be easily located on the packaging. Nowadays it is common to find pots and sachets that vary from 50 to 300 grams of magic sand.


In addition to its kinetic properties, another factor that helps magic sand become so attractive to children is that they can be found in a wide variety of colors. In addition, children can still mix them to achieve different colors.

It is possible to find magic sands in a wide variety of colors. The most common are still blue, green, yellow and pink. It is also possible to find them without adding dyes, in the traditional color of beach sand.


Finally, it is very common to find magic sand in kits with other accessories to make playing even more fun and to emulate the beach or playground environment.

The most common accessories are animal shovels and molds and buckets. There is a multitude of games for children and the accessories help to make the game more complete, allowing them to give wings to their imagination.


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