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Top & Best Management books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Management books: How to choose the best titles in 2022

Running a business involves more than personal effort. It is necessary to know the resources available and acquire the necessary skills to seize opportunities and succeed in business. And one way to be always up to date on the subject is to invest in business books.

With these works, it is possible to learn financial management techniques, how to improve interpersonal relationships and develop leadership.

These teachings are applicable to companies of different sizes and fields of activity. If you are interested in business administration, read this article that we have prepared on the subject.

First, the most important

  • Management books provide lessons in several areas of knowledge such as financial management, people management, leadership and productivity.
  • In addition to the conceptual and methodological books, you can learn a lot about business management by reading the biographies of great entrepreneurs.
  • One of the most explored subjects in the management books launched in 2022 is productivity. These books teach you how to strike a balance between personal and professional life.

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Are you interested in business books, but don’t know which titles to choose? Check out our selection with excellent shopping suggestions. Titles will appeal to people at different career stages.


Buying Guide

A good manager must always be up to date on new practices and tools for managing people, resources and capital, new laws and regulations, credit options and available investments.

To obtain this and other knowledge, in addition to courses, lectures and workshops, the professional can keep up to date with the reading of management books. We will delve deeper into the theme in this Buying Guide. Good reading!

What are business books?

The management books deal with the science responsible for directing the management of a company’s human, material and financial resources, with the aim of promoting the best use of each one.

The essence of these books is to convey the idea that managing is a four-step process: planning, organizing, directing and controlling. But before applying these steps, you need to know the principles and techniques.

After knowing the theory, it is necessary to acquire practical knowledge (the so-called market know-how ) that involves the development of strategic vision, communication skills, people management strategies and leadership.

A good management book is able to combine theory with practice, build and deconstruct concepts and be applicable to everyday situations. Given the relevance, you find numerous titles for sale in bookstores.


What are the teachings of business books?

One of the main knowledge acquired from reading business books is the ability to plan , essential for any professional working in the area of ​​business administration.

The administrator is responsible for analyzing the scenario in which the organization is at the moment and drawing up an action plan to take the company to the desired level.


With well-structured planning, it’s time to move on to the next step: organizing resources – and people. Management books teach techniques on how to deal with financial and material resources.

Another lesson is how to lead and motivate your staff. Although the phrase sounds cliché, “companies are made of people” and expressive results are only achieved with engaged and motivated teams.

In business books, you will develop skills related to emotional intelligence, improving communication, delegating tasks and negotiating.


  • They can encompass diverse subjects or be specific on certain topics
  • Books can also trace the trajectory of a great entrepreneur
  • You find books aimed at students and entrepreneurs
  • These books discuss real cases
  • You find books in conventional and digital format
  • Some books have space for taking notes


  • Some books require certain business skills

Can I learn financial management from business books?

One of the recurring themes in the management books is financial management, a set of actions that involve analysis, planning and control of a company’s financial transactions.

Financial stability and increased profits are the main objectives of financial management. To achieve these results it is important to understand how to analyze the flow of financial resources in and out.


Management books teach that financial management also involves credit analysis and the investment market. With this knowledge, the professional is able to safely articulate financial transactions.

When developing these skills, the professional guarantees autonomy to make decisions about the budget and management of the company’s working capital. Financial management is essential for the company’s solidity and profit return.

What do business books teach about leading and managing people?

People management and leadership are recurrent subjects in management books, as there is a consensus that human talent is one of the most valuable resources in a company.

A committed team must be led by a good leader. To develop the ability to lead you need to acquire emotional intelligence and improve your interpersonal relationships.


What’s new in business books in 2022?

One of the novelties of the management books launched in 2022 is the topic of productivity. With long and exhausting work hours, stress levels increase and productivity decreases.



As this is the reality of most people, it is necessary to know techniques and tools related to time management. By applying this knowledge, you will be able to complete your projects on time without compromising your personal life.

In this sense, self-help books are also a good choice.

How much?

The most accessible administration books cost between R $ 20 and R $ 30, some are more expensive and cost between R $ 50 and R $ 85 and others exceed R $ 100. Digital books are cheaper, especially if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber .

Where to buy?

You can find business books in large bookstores. If you prefer, you can make the purchase over the internet in virtual stores like Amazon, among others. Online, you can choose the physical or virtual versions, which are generally cheaper.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing management books

Business books have gained popularity as they discuss – in simple language – concepts and methods that can make all the difference in the reader’s professional career.

But with the variety of titles available on bookstore shelves, defining your next read can be a difficult task. With that in mind, we have selected the main purchase criteria below:

  • Theme
  • Target Audience
  • Author
  • Format

We will detail each of the items throughout this section.


Management books can deal with multiple topics or be specific on certain subjects. The main specific themes are people management, financial administration, productivity and entrepreneurship.

These books can also tell the story of great entrepreneurs like the biographies of Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX), Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon), Steve Jobs (founder of Apple), Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), among others.

The stories of these entrepreneurs serve as inspiration and provide valuable lessons for new entrepreneurs, who know the original business plans of these companies, the attempts that worked, the ones that failed and much more.



Target Audience

You can find management books for different target audiences: entrepreneurs, employees in leadership positions, business students and people who participate in competitions in the area.

Generally the titles aimed at students are textbooks, that is, works adopted as the basis for a given discipline / course. These books deal with concepts more broadly.


If you are a student and are looking to invest in business books, you will really like the works of Idalberto Chiavenato, which teach general and specific concepts in simple language.

For entrepreneurs, the best authors are Eric Ries ( startups ), Tom Peters (innovation), Michael Porter (leadership), Seth Godin (marketing), Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence), Christian Barbosa (time management), among others.


Among the advantages of administration books in digital format (e-Book), we can mention the possibility of storing hundreds of titles in your e-Reader, as books are cheaper.

You can also read the first chapter of these books for free, that way you don’t waste money investing in books that don’t have a fluent language or don’t deal with exactly what you would like to read.

However, management books in the traditional format have their advantages, among them the reading that does not tire the eyes and the possibility of collecting the best copies on a shelf .


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