Top & Best Architecture books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Architecture books: Which are the best in 2022?

In today’s article we will talk about an item of interest to students, professionals and curious people in the field: architecture books. With technical, historical or inspirational information, the books are ideal for knowing what has been and what can be done in the world of architecture.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of architecture book for your collection.

First, the most important

  • The market offers several options for architecture books. To choose the ideal, set the reading objective. Choose according to the desired theme and style.
  • Edition, type of cover, publisher, author and type of content are some characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • Prices vary. It is possible to find books in the digital version from R $ 1.99. Physical editions can cost more than R $ 300.

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The best architecture books: The writing favorites

Whether for architecture students, professionals or even for ordinary people in love or simply curious about architectural works, there are titles that are classic and must be read. Check out our selection with some of the architecture books that cannot be missing from your collection:

  • Best rated by users
  • For lovers of sustainable architecture
  • The best cost-benefit

Buying Guide

To develop, or execute an architectural project, or even for everyday tasks such as admiring a classic work, knowing the theory, history and science behind each process raises the degree of understanding and satisfaction of the task.

For this refinement of knowledge and skills, the architecture book is ideal for students, professionals and the curious. Follow our Purchase Guide to learn everything about the product and know how to choose the perfect version to accompany you in your architectural sagas.

What are architecture books?

Architecture books are publications signed by architects or institutions of excellence in architecture. They are characterized by compiling not only theories, techniques and formulas, but also historical information, contextualizations, examples, calculations, among other specificities of the area.

Available in more basic or in-depth versions, they can address the most varied themes related to architecture, such as aesthetics, norms and standards, scales, solutions, references and much more.

What are the advantages of architecture books?

Architecture books are the best way to stay informed about methods and projects that architecture has already successfully accomplished to plan more consistent projects. Knowledge expands the professional’s repertoire of solutions and innovation capacity.

However, one of the biggest advantages of architecture books is that, although procedures, materials and equipment may change and evolve over time, most of the content remains always relevant.

For this reason, a good collection of architectural books is a timeless asset, which can be in full use for many years.



  • Concepts serve several areas of expertise
  • There are options for different aspects of the profession
  • Wide variety of titles and authors


  • Classic specimens can be expensive
  • Dedicated editions can get dated quickly

How to choose the best architecture book?

The ideal architecture book is a concept that can vary. To choose the best option, the profile of the reader and his / her purposes with reading must be taken into account, paying attention to the main characteristics of the product and considering how they suit your needs.

If the intention is to learn about or delve into specific topics such as techniques, norms, metric standards and constructive prescriptions, academic books are the ideal option.


Now, if the interest is broader, like the search for inspirations and trends, or knowledge of the most famous works of humanity, there are several categories. Choose editions that address the topic of interest. For a less in-depth look, decoration and interior design books are a good option. Compare:

What is the importance of architecture books for those who are not in the field?

As in many other areas, the fundamentals of architecture are not restricted to their area. Professionals and students of visual communication, interior design, graphics and many other aspects can benefit greatly from architecture books.

In addition to exposing techniques and methodologies, the works can also be a source of inspiration and a way to broaden the creative horizons of different audiences.

“Architecture is born out of a line. And when it is beautiful and creates surprise, it can reach, being well conducted, the upper level of a work of art.”

How much do architecture books cost?

The values ​​of architecture books vary according to the edition, the type of cover, number of pages, publisher, author and type of content, among other factors. You can purchase basic architecture e-books for very reasonable prices, starting at R $ 1.99.

However, physical versions of books on advanced architecture, signed by renowned professionals, large institutes or in special editions can cost between more than R $ 100 up to thousands of reais, in the case of collections.

Where to buy architecture books?

You can buy your physical architecture books at bookstores like Cultura. However, it is in e-commerce stores like Amazon, you find the greatest variety of authors and editions.

E-books, in turn, are only available on online sales platforms. In the case of the Kindle you can purchase them through the Amazon website, or directly from the device. For other e-reader models, this option is only possible if the model offers internet access.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different architecture books

To conclude this article, we will list some of the important features so that you can compare and recognize the best architecture book option to improve your studies and research. Are they:

  • Authors
  • Format
  • Edition
  • Cover type

Still having doubts? Check the details of the features:


Some books are made by groups of architects.

Even though most architecture books are authored by renowned professionals, there are also books signed by groups of architects, researchers or by institutions of excellence in architecture, such as Harvard or The Barlett School of Architecture.

Before choosing, research the authors and their trajectories, their specialties, theories and famous techniques to make sure the content is of interest to you.


Much of the best architecture books are available in physical and digital versions. The option, however, is very personal. On the one hand, many people believe that nothing can replace the satisfaction of the physical copy in hand at the time of reading.

However, if you have a tablet or e-reader , investing in e-books is a good option. Virtual, these versions are not subject to wear and tear.

In addition, there is the convenience of being able to take numerous copies in a single device to read and consult anywhere. Another advantage is that digital editions of architecture books tend to be more affordable than physical copies.


Most publishers, from time to time, release new editions of their published works. Content is added to these new editions, in addition to updating information and correcting possible errors. Whenever possible, choose the most recent edition.

Also pay attention to the translation and adaptation of the chosen work. Many books, especially those of international architecture or authored by foreign architects, require technical reviews and adaptations of terms and measures in order for the content to adapt to our reality.

Cover type

Most architecture books are available in both hardcover and paperback versions. Although the hard cover usually makes the book more expensive, it provides greater beauty, firmness and sophistication to the work, making it more resistant and durable. Not to mention that it will make your office shelf even more sophisticated.


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