Top & Best Vibrating platform Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Vibrating platform: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Today we will talk about the vibrating platform, an exercise device that has been gaining supporters all over the world since its inception.

This product guarantees a series of benefits for those who use it and, in a simple and easy way, it is able to strengthen bones, improve muscle tone and act on the entire body. Thanks to this, the vibrating platform has become the choice of many and if you want to know everything about it just continue with us until the end of this text.

First, the most important

  • The vibrating platform is a device that works the whole body at once, but it should only be used three times a week and for 30 minutes in each session.
  • It is possible to perform various exercises such as squat, abdominal, flexion, pilates movements and much more.
  • The vibrating platform, like other gym equipment, has a high price and the cheapest models start at R $ 550.

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Buying Guide

The vibrating platform is a device that has the ability to exercise the entire body in a very efficient way. Because of this, it is used by people of all ages in gyms and clinics around the world.

It is possible to perform a series of exercises and thus strengthen muscles, lose fat and lose weight. But don’t stop there, this product has even more positive points and if you want to know all of them, just read this Buying Guide.



What is a vibrating platform and what is it for?

The vibrating platform is a gymnastics device that generates vibrations at its base. These vibrations emanate throughout the user’s body and cause an involuntary contraction of the muscles, achieving in a short time to work out the entire body.

This product is of Russian origin and is currently one of the most modern gym equipment. It can be used in gyms, pilates studios , physiotherapy clinics and even in Veterinary Medicine to treat animals with injuries.


What are the main benefits of the vibrating platform?

Since the vibrating platform began to spread throughout the world, it has been identified as one of the most efficient gym equipment. That’s because she can reduce the daily workout time, burn a good amount of calories and still work out the whole body at once.

Not only that, with the vibrations the platform generates even more advantages. One is related to muscle tone. In this device, the muscles are worked without the tension of weight lifting exercises , which is positive for those who are prone to muscle injuries.

In addition, they are toned from muscle contractions and it is estimated that on the platform, the muscles contract up to 50 times per second.


Provides an increase in oxygen in the bloodstream.

This product is also positive for blood circulation. The platform is able to provide an increase in oxygen in the bloodstream, which improves circulation, contributing to the supply of nutrients to the cells.

The vibrating platform also manages to increase bone density. Not to mention that vibrations have the ability to stabilize joints and improve joint flexibility and function.

Other great advantages of the vibrating platform are the improvement of low back pain and the strengthening of the body as a whole, decreasing the chance of injuries. It should also be noted that it stimulates the production of positive hormones and improves the immune system.

However, this product also has negative points. One is that it should be used with caution, as otherwise it can be harmful. And the other is its price, which is considered high and starts at R $ 550, on average.


  • Tones muscles
  • Improves bone density and immunity
  • Assists in blood circulation
  • Promotes calorie loss and fat burning
  • Reduces pain
  • Stimulates the production of cortisol and growth hormone
  • Strengthen joints


  • If used incorrectly it can be harmful to the body
  • It has high price

How to use the vibrating platform?

The vibrating platform is a very versatile device that can be used to practice the most different types of physical exercise. It is possible to make all movements and the most common are:

    • Squat
    • Flexion
    • Sit-ups, sitting or lying
    • Thigh Abduction
    • Leg and hip extension
    • Pilates



“The combination of contractions with gymnastics done on the device greatly enhances exercise, producing results in less training time”

However, these exercises must be performed with the assistance of a professional and it is important to respect the maximum period in which the platform can be used.

The recommendation is that it be the device of choice only three times a week and it is only allowed to be used for a period of up to 30 minutes.

And its use is very simple. Just go up on the vibrating platform, program it according to the training established by the personal and turn it on. At that moment it will begin to vibrate and you can begin your exercises.



Who can not exercise on the vibrating platform?

As much as the vibrating platform is very positive in several aspects, not all people can use it. Thus, its use is contraindicated in cases of pacemaker patients, children, osteoporosis above Grade I, pregnancy and in patients with severe heart or vascular diseases.

It also cannot be used for people with suspected or confirmed thrombosis, advanced arthrosis, with recent sutures, during migraine attacks and who have epilepsy.

Where to buy a vibrating platform?

The vibrating platform is a product more easily found in stores that sell professional fitness equipment. But at the Polishop store you can find a domestic model.

Online this is easier, since there are a lot of sites that sell this product and some options for online stores to buy it are:


    • Amazon





Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare the vibrating platform models

When buying a vibrating platform it is important to choose carefully so that the investment is worthwhile. To help you with this we have separated below the main factors that must be taken into account in order not to make mistakes, they are:

  • Size
  • velocity
  • Amplitude
  • Frequency
  • Maximum weight supported

We will now detail each of them.


The vibrating platform is found in a wide range of sizes. The smaller models are usually the cheapest and indicated for home or semi-professional use. The biggest ones are professionals, ideal for gyms and clinics.

In addition to this characteristic, size is important considering the space available for the platform and the exercises that will be performed on it.

Some movements require a wide range and, therefore, need a platform with a larger base. For veterinary clinics this is also essential, as animals are often lying on it. So, review all this before choosing a model.




Another important point regarding the vibrating platform is the speed at which it works. There are models with speeds ranging from 0 to 30 RPS, while others have a maximum speed of 60 RPS.

This concerns the number of vibrations that are performed per second and the higher the speed, the stronger they will be. Even, the higher your speed, the more intense the training with the platform will be.





Every vibrating platform has different levels of amplitude and this refers to the height at which your movements will happen. This amplitude is measured in millimeters and the most common is that the platforms work with a variation between 0 and 12 millimeters.

In terms of curiosity, most studies related to this product state that this amplitude must be between 4 and 6 millimeters for the platform to generate efficient results.




Still when comparing the vibrating platform models, it is essential to analyze the frequency it has. This frequency refers to the number of times the product will vibrate in a given period of time.

The ideal is 25 to 45 Hz and the higher the frequency of the platform, the more powerful it will be.

Maximum weight supported

Finally, it is important to know that every vibrating platform has a weight limit. That is, each of them can support a specific amount of pounds and it is essential to analyze this if the product is purchased for a gym or clinic.

Small platforms usually have a lower weight capacity, supporting around 150 kg. Professionals, on the other hand, are able to receive more weight, which may exceed 200 kg, for example.

This information is always described in the manufacturer’s specifications and never fail to analyze it.


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