Top & Best Rowing simulator Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Rowing simulator: How to choose the best indoor rowing in 2022?

learn the best techniques on how to buy rowing simulator. Let’s get to the heart of the matter so you can buy a model that fits your needs with more benefits and less costs.

Indoor rowing is one of the gym products that has evolved the most over the years. Today this equipment has features that make the exercises more complete and demanding.

But you shouldn’t simply choose any version just for the price. First, it is necessary to learn which characteristics of the options are worthwhile. To help you with this task, we present the following article.

First, the most important

  • The air-based rowing simulator tests users’ limits as speed increases in the exercises.
  • Indoor water-based rowing works more difficult according to the amount of liquid in the compartment.
  • Improved rowing skills, calorie burn and muscle development are some advantages of rowing simulators.

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What is a paddle simulator?

Known as one of the most complete gym equipment ever, the rowing simulator (or, indoor rowing) is the ideal equipment for you to simulate the strokes, as if you were in the water competing for a race.

Initially, this device was used only for riders to train without being in the water, facilitating the practice of training in different locations. However, physical educators understood that the machine could also help non-rite people.

A self-respecting gym always has a rowing simulator. This product is used even in homes or condominiums. There are even international competitions with exercises on the device in indoor sports.

In what exercises can a rowing simulator be useful?

Below you can find a list of activities that can be performed with an indoor paddle:

    • Paddling exercises ;
    • Slimming exercises ;
    • Exercises to improve endurance;
    • Exercises to qualify the cardiovascular system;
    • Muscle toning exercises .


What are the advantages of indoor rowing?

One of the advantages of the simulator is that it facilitates the practice of the “rowing” exercise. This means that you do not need to be in the water wearing the essential safety equipment, on top of the boat, to exercise.

The models have different loading options to suit users’ varying strength levels. The loads can go from 2 to up to 20 different levels.

In addition to the rowing exercise, it is also possible to perform other physical training according to the product’s engineering. Another advantage is the fact that the device is used in gyms and homes without taking up much space.

Negatively, we can highlight the need for electricity for the product to work. Some more powerful versions work only on 220 volts. Most productions have bivolt operation.

There are also height and weight limitations on each device, so the rowing simulator is not designed for all types of people in the world. Not to mention that these machines cost high prices.

Better understand the disadvantages and advantages of the rowing simulator:



  • Different loading options
  • Allows you to work various muscles in the body
  • Fits at home or at the gym
  • Panel with digital data


  • Need electricity to work
  • Does not support very tall or heavy people
  • High price

What types of rowing simulator are on the market?

There are features that may take less expert consumers by surprise. You might even think that rowing simulators are all the same, with a difference only in the load limits. But, this thinking is wrong.

There are at least two types of production on the market that are very different from each other: air-based rowing simulator and water-based rowing simulator. Below we will know the characteristics of each option.

Rowing simulator based on air resistance

Since the 1980s, rowing simulators have been gaining more and more space in gyms. It has a function based on air resistance and serves to simulate the rowing strokes.

Flywheel is the name of the internal wheel present in the device responsible for requiring more strength in the measure of the resistance of the practitioners, who need enough energy to overcome the opposing force of their own body.

The device becomes more difficult to use as you perform exercises at higher speeds.

Rowing simulator based on water resistance

This rowing machine works based on water resistance. The internal wheel filled with the liquid is moved during the exercises and generates the resistance that the user will have to overcome using muscles.

The product becomes more difficult to run as there is enough water in the compartment. These versions are robust and resistant, emulating in a more perfect way the true strokes in the water.

Learn more about the difference between the two rowing simulators:


How much does a paddle simulator cost?

An authentic indoor paddle with professional product quality can cost from R $ 1,000 to up to R $ 4,000.
Models with a water compartment cost higher prices than versions with air-based resistance and speed in the practice of exercises.The number of different charges is also a factor that affects prices, as well as the brand, voltage and the ability to support more sizes or weights.

Where to buy an indoor paddle?

It is not easy to find many different variations of indoor rowing in physical stores, apart from the difficulty of taking the large packaging of the product to your home or gym. Find models at points of sale.

Buying online is better to find more different versions. For example, at Amazon you can buy from international sellers without worrying about import bureaucracies, legally. There are also models.


Did you know that the rowing simulator is not only used to improve your rowing skills? With this device you can melt fat, burn calories, reduce size and tone your muscles.



Purchasing criteria: How to compare the rowing simulator models

In order not to buy the equipment on impulse due to the lack of time to make detailed comparisons, it is worth using the criteria to quickly compare offers. Are they:

  • Energy
  • Charge
  • Manual
  • Warranty
  • Monitor
  • Support

Let’s take a closer look at each of the indoor rowing shopping comparison criteria:


You need to buy a product with the correct voltage to avoid costly mistakes in the end. First check your home sockets and then purchase the paddle simulator.

If you have doubts about the voltage of your property, buy productions that work in bivolt. Keep an eye out because some productions also require the use of batteries.


If you are a beginner and want to save on the product you can buy an indoor rowing version that has only 3 or 4 load options.

The most costly productions in prices are challenging for users, so they offer up to 20 different levels to test strength. Productions of this kind are indicated in the installation of gyms.


It is recommended to buy a paddle simulator with manual in Portuguese, unless you are fluent in reading English or Chinese.

By understanding the instruction manual it is possible to enjoy the best that the product can offer. You can also install correctly and at the same time know the main cleaning and maintenance indications.


There are manufacturers that guarantee both the quality of the product and offer a 1-year, 10-year or even lifetime warranty against problems arising in manufacturing.

The period of 3 months is the minimum.

If the shopkeeper or manufacturer does not guarantee at least 3 months, seek other offers with other rowing simulators on the market.


When products have monitors with digital data, it is easy to control effort levels in training and understand how the evolution of each training day works.

Quality monitors report information such as:

  • Total repetitions;
  • Calories burned;
  • Working time;
  • Sweep.


To have comfort in the exercises with the rowing simulator, it is better to buy the versions that have rubberized hand rests.

When indoor paddles do not have rubber, practitioners’ hands can form calluses, in addition to disrupting the lives of those who want to get the best paddling performance.



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