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Top & Best Tennis shoes Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tennis shoes: How to choose the best in 2022?

Children don’t just want to walk, they want to shoot under wheels. For this reason, we are here to welcome you and present the best models of training shoes on the market in 2022.

It is not only a shoe, but it is also not considered a skates. Wheeled tennis is a mix of dress and fun. That they often seem to have rockets on their feet, parents and teachers already know, but technology has still helped.

Full of style and innovation, wheeled sneakers won over the kids and can be an option for parents to buy. Created to ensure the fun of children, shoes should offer safety and comfort and that is why will help you find the best tennis option on the market.

First, the most important

  • Footwear should be safe and comfortable, as its use interferes with health and posture over the years.
  • Orthopedists recommend that the use of tennis as entertainment is limited to two hours.
  • It is essential to respect the rules of the environments. In some establishments the use of training wheels is not allowed.

Best training shoes: Our favorites

  • Lightweight, sturdy sneakers
  • Sneakers with training wheels to give more security in the foot
  • Sneakers with removable wheels


Buying Guide

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy child running and playing with his little friends. Nowadays, unfortunately, the options for outdoor fun have decreased, for several reasons.

But fortunately, the market always finds different entertainment options for the little ones. One of them is wheeled tennis. But is it really safe? Is it worth giving your child a sneaker like that? We will answer all your questions in the Buying Guide below!

How did the wheel sneakers win the kids?

We live in an era of technology, of reduced body movement, but with intense movement of the mind. Waiting, stopping, resting, are verbs that are rarely used in everyday life, especially for children.

This generation is always doing something, be it games on cell phones, social networks on tablets or anything other than leisure. As important as this time with a light mind is, it is difficult to escape the current reality.

When technology and networks are limited, and the child must simply wait for something or someone, it can be tedious. It is at that moment that a simple shoe can be a great ally.

Tennis with wheels goes beyond expectations, it is a toy disguised as clothing. Never strolling at the mall while parents shop was so much fun. Waiting for your turn for some activity or just going to the bathroom or fetching a glass of water in the kitchen has become much more attractive.

In short, what won the kids over was this fascinating idea of ​​always sliding, being able to be faster during short journeys and still having fun as if you were wearing skates.

What are the differences between roller skates and tennis shoes?

Unlike roller skates, tennis with wheels does not allow use for an extended period and does not give the same possibility of movement, but on the other hand, it is quite simple to switch between ordinary shoes and the wheeled version.

See the basic differences between skates and training shoes:

What are the safety precautions to be taken with training shoes?

As much fun as it is, tennis with wheels is not just a toy and to choose it is necessary to pay special attention to several aspects, such as comfort and safety, for example.

It is important to check that the shoe offers adequate support for the feet, allowing the child to jump and run with them safely without squeezing or falling from the feet.

This will certainly not be the child’s main sneaker, the one that is worn every day and needs to be quite sturdy. But even so it is ideal that the materials used for manufacturing, both the sole and the interior and exterior of the shoe and wheels are of quality.

The shoe must be resistant to possible falls, more intense movements and wear and tear. Even if you limit the time of use to avoid injuries, as indicated by health professionals, the shoes will have an intense use if used well.

Orthopedists recommend that the game does not exceed two hours in a row. Prolonged use can cause pain in the legs, back and even spinal injuries. That is why it is ideal to respect the limit on the use of tennis shoes.

Unlike when parents buy day-to-day sneakers, sometimes a little bigger to enjoy more time in this growth phase, wheeled sneakers must respect the correct numbering. The size should be as indicated: neither smaller nor larger.

Another question to be evaluated is about the material used and the possible forms of use. Generally, the wheels can be removed, allowing you to walk normally with your shoes.

To use it as sneakers you must remove the wheels and attach a protective cover. It is necessary to check if this cover comes with the tennis accessories or you will need to purchase separately.

Still, this is not a walking shoe for long walks. Prolonged use without the casters can cause the rubber to expand by loosening the fitting. That way the wheel will be escaping and the shoes will no longer have the same quality and safety when used with wheels.

How much does a training shoe cost?

Wheeled tennis has a value equivalent to ordinary tennis, between R $ 100 and R $ 350. Some have extra accessories such as lights, lid for the wheel compartment, among others.

The price variation occurs according to the material used in production and the most recognized brands in the market.

Where to buy a training shoe?

Shoe stores or sports stores in general are the most common places to find trainers. If you believe that it is essential to try the sneakers before buying, it is worth a visit to these physical stores.

If you are looking for a specific model or trying to find the best prices and promotions, the internet is the best place. At Amazon, the main store in virtual commerce, you will find a wide variety of models, including the main brands and models.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Wheeled Tennis Shoes

Even if it looks like a toy, we are talking about shoes and in this case, comfort is paramount. Choosing the ideal shoe should consider some important factors, including the quality of the materials and the style you are looking for.

We have selected some aspects that will influence your decision and will be practically decisive for your purchase:

  • Comfort
  • Material
  • Style


Even if it is not the child’s primary shoe, the training shoe should be comfortable and fit the foot easily. Being firm on your feet is one of the characteristics that will ensure stability to prevent accidents such as falls or injuries.

For this reason, the model with a taller upper, boot style can be more efficient, ensuring that the foot is well secured with the velcro of the upper part well adjusted.


Sneakers are usually produced in synthetic material and this makes them very resistant, but you should pay attention to the seams and material of the sole. The durability of the shoe is related to its finish.

Also check the weight of the shoes, some sneakers are designed to be more resistant, but this makes them heavier. The use of EVA in the finishes can give the necessary lightness to the footwear.


Forget that idea of ​​buying the cheapest just so the child can get into fashion. It won’t do any good to have sneakers with wheels if he doesn’t like the color, the model and the style in general.

Children are cool and usually know what they want. In order not to throw money away, invest in something that your child will really enjoy as much as possible and that will be his face


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