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Top & Best Tapestry stapler Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tapestry stapler: How to choose the best pressure stapler in 2022?

Feel free to read what interests you, but if you’ve made it this far, you should be looking to learn more about the tapestry stapler!

The tapestry stapler (also called tapestry stapler) is a very versatile tool, within its capabilities. Useful for renovations, restorations and assemblies it appears even in the automotive industry.

If you intend to carry out any of these activities, knowing more about them is essential for a great choice. Follow the reading to know everything you need about these robust stapling machines!

First, the most important

  • The tapestry stapler is a specialized tool for certain uses. It doesn’t work like an ordinary stapler, so don’t use it like that.
  • As it is a pressure tool, it is possible that its use causes the release of particles or even metallic pieces. Goggles and face shields can make a difference in a situation like this.
  • Tapestry staplers can be for domestic or industrial use, depending on the purpose and continuity of use.

Best Tapestry Staplers: Our Recommendations

There are at least three different types of this product, in addition to a number of different specifications. Choosing can become a headache. Then we will help you to avoid it.

  • Sparta Tapestry Stapler
  • MTX Tapestry Stapler

Buying Guide

Staplers have categories, uses and specifications. Knowing you need one and simply buying the first one – or cheaper – may not be a wise choice.

Knowing the product will help you to know exactly what you need, and we have a guide to help you.

Tapestry stapler: What does it do?

So you are thinking of repairing the lining of the sofa and chairs, or even completely changing this material. Is that guy doing everything? Or do you just want to perform the task to be more accountable? Whatever your situation, you need a tapestry stapler.

Not only intended for these tasks, it serves very well for do-it-yourselfers and also for commercial and industrial use. Tapestry staplers are also used in these areas, especially when working with wood.

Of course, its main use is tapestry (also called upholstery, here). And the reason is simple: a fabric is both resistant and fragile at the same time, which can tear if not handled correctly.

The stapler is the one who provides this correct handling with speed and practicality. Usually, a little glue also ends up being part of the process, for a more continuous bonding of stapled items.

After all, regardless of the reason or use, one thing is certain: you need to keep the parts tightly together, and firm. It is exactly what the tool does, with its pressure much higher than that of a common stapler, burying in the wood or object that it intends to fix.

Want to know if it’s worth having one?

Tapestry stapler: Are there different models?

Choosing a tool like this, in addition to the numerous advantages of use, also comes with a great advantage of models. Of course, the choice of a tapestry stapler goes against the use you intend to give it.

In general, tapestry staplers are divided into three categories.

Manual stapler

Similar to the simple stapler model, it works with the pressing of hands. However, in the tapestry stapler there is an internal spring system that is activated, considerably increasing the output power of the staple.

For the most affordable price, they are preferred for home repairs. In addition, they are easy to find.

Electric Stapler

More advanced models are powered by battery or even electricity. Depending on the model, firing is done by a light trigger, different from the need to press from the manual model.

They also allow a continuous mode of use, performing several operations per minute. However, it is not automatic, which allows the user to direct the tool before starting it.

Pneumatic stapler

Models that work from the use of compressed air (require a source of this air). They are usually more used in industries and heavy services, due to greater power.

They are great tools for heavy use, but still do not replace a nail gun. An advantage is that the use of external energy makes these models very light to handle.

How about seeing the best features of each at the same time?

Tapestry stapler: What about staples?

True, the tapestry stapler is as good as the staples it uses. An advantage is that most tools have versatility in handling different ones, mainly in height and width.

However, you are the one who needs to define the clip size to use in the tasks you want. And for tapestry staplers, they come in a good variety.

In general, you need to take two things into account before defining the ideal staple: the thickness and hardness of the material to be stapled.

Clamps are usually 6 to 38mm deep. Choose carefully what you need, so as not to “get through” your work. Literally.

What precautions to take when using a tapestry stapler?

As it is an impact tool – even the manual – it is important to take certain precautions before and during its operation. To help you with this, let’s leave some safety tips:

    • Do not operate the tool if it is not firmly positioned;
    • Do not point it at yourself or others, even if you believe you are discharged;
    • Avoid moving it with your finger on the trigger;
    • Do not load the clamps with the tool connected to the power source.


How much does a tapestry stapler cost?

A tapestry stapler differs greatly from a traditional stapler, and so does its price. Good quality manual versions can be purchased for less than R $ 40.00.

Of course, the complexity of the tool and the energy source help a lot in the formation of the price. A good pneumatic stapler will easily go over R $ 200.00 while a good electric one will be in an intermediate range between these.

Defining what you intend to accomplish with the tapestry stapler will help you a lot to define a price base. After all, you buy a tool to be used, and it needs to “pay for itself”. Otherwise, pay someone to do the job.

Where to buy a tapestry stapler?

Depending on the model you intend to purchase, finding a tapestry stapler is relatively easy. Office stores and even stationers can offer the most basic versions of the tool.

However, for electric or even pneumatic versions, you will need to turn to specialized stores, such as building materials. It is possible that you will find options in large department stores, or related to decoration.

An always very interesting option is to buy online. Increasingly secure, and with the possibility for you to analyze all the staplers you want, it is the perfect place for a comparison.

Stores like Amazon will give you a variety of options, which you can calmly compare individually until you choose the most suitable one.


Purchasing criteria: how to choose your tapestry stapler

So you already know a lot about the tapestry stapler. But know that before you go to choose the ideal is that you define some criteria for the best possible acquisition.

It is not uncommon for people to rush into buying something and end up with a product that does not meet expectations. Therefore, we will now leave a list of items for you to consider before completing the purchase of one of these.

  • Project (s)
  • Safety
  • Energy form
  • Price

Project (s)

Behold, you intend to purchase the tapestry stapler to staple an armchair. One or a hundred of them does not matter for this product.

Important is the “size and complexity” of the project. Demanding a dozen staples on each item that you want to adjust is different from nailing an entire sofa (dozens), for example.

Based on the projects you intend to develop, and how much you imagine using the tapestry stapler, it is a way to choose the tool. Invest in something of higher quality and strength, if you need continuous use.
Or else you run the risk of having to buy three until the project is over.


For any tool, careful use is necessary. In this case, pneumatic staplers are the ones that deserve more attention, due to the power of use.

Lost clamps can easily cause damage to users or people nearby, due to malfunction or operator error. Of course, there are integrated safety mechanisms to minimize the chance of accidents like that.

Try to identify the security and control mechanisms that the tapestry stapler offers, before completing the acquisition. Having a tool to help you stay safe is better than leaving everything on your back.

Energy form

You already know that there are three types of tapestry stapler depending on the energy source, and each of them has its particularities.

Although the most available on the market is the manual, it is also the least durable and with the greatest need for strength (albeit little). Observe the projects you intend to carry out and how much you will demand from the tool.

If you feel you need it constantly, an electrical option can make the job a lot easier. Even pneumatics, if you already have a compressor running.


Here comes the big limiter of any purchase! But, yes, the price can complicate the purchase of a tapestry stapler. Especially if you intend to use it in a commercial way (series projects), or even industrial (construction).

The advantage is that this stapler market is lined with tons of different products, which cost from tens to hundreds of reais. And be aware that the more expensive price will not always mean the best option for you (or even better quality).

In general, the characteristics of staplers are very similar. What changes the price too much are the brands, and this means a personal preference. There is also the issue of customer support and after sales, just consider what you consider essential.


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