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Top & Best Pruning shears Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pruning shears: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Anyone who has a garden at home or works with gardening knows that good pruning makes a difference to the growth and development of plants. And an essential tool for this work is the pruning shears, a product that we will talk about today!

Being produced in different materials and having different sizes and models, the pruning shears are an important item for the care of the garden and there are options for all types of plants.

And to achieve the desired performance it is necessary to choose the scissors correctly and it is to help you in this that we bring in this text all the information about this product. To learn more just keep reading

First, the most important

  • Pruning shears are tools that promote a precise cut of the branches, aiding in the growth of the plant and preventing the spread of parasites.
  • There are two main models of blades for pruning shears, the bypass and the anvil, and each serves for a type of branch.
  • There are options with an extendable handle, which are great for pruning at a height, avoiding the need to use a ladder.

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Ranking: The 4 best pruning shears

Knowing the best pruning shears is not an easy task. And to make your life easier, we’ve separated the best options below and found that the Tramontina brand leads the market with the best-rated scissors.

Buying Guide

Watering, fertilizing and pruning are typical activities of those who work with gardens and are meticulous tasks for those who want to have plants that are always beautiful. For this, several important tools are used and among them is the pruning shears.

This product is very useful and functional and must be chosen with care to suit the types of plants you want to prune correctly. And if you are confused and do not know how to do this, rest assured! In this Buying Guide all your doubts will be solved.

What is pruning shears?

The pruning shears are an essential gardening tool for the care and maintenance of plants. With them it is possible to eliminate branches and dead leaves, cut flowers and control the size and forms of plant growth.

This product consists of a handle, which can be fixed or extendable, a sharp blade and a counter blade, which have different sizes and shapes for each type of plant.

Some models even have a safety lock for when they are not being used and spring systems or power gears that reduce the effort during cutting.

Did you know that it is always important to ensure a longer life of the pruning shears to keep it always clean?

Ideally, at the end of use, clean the tool and apply a few drops of oil to the blades and joints. This way you will have functional scissors for much longer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pruning shears?

Pruning shears have the greatest advantages in helping to control parasites and invigorate and make plants healthy, which promotes better growth of flowers and fruits.

If used correctly they also provide a precise cut without burrs, which is ideal to avoid the risk of contamination on the branch and facilitate its healing.

Another positive point is that this product was developed thinking about the different types of plants and with that there are options that suit all of them and that facilitate the cutting of certain thicknesses of branches and plantations.

It can be mentioned as the only negative point that there are many models of pruning shears made with carbon steel blades and this is a material that, if not properly cared for, can rust.

What are the main models of pruning shears?

For each type of plant there is a more suitable model of pruning shears and it is essential to know this to promote a correct and effective cut.

Cross-cut scissors, or also called bypass , are more accurate and are indicated for cutting green branches because they prevent them from being crushed during cutting.

Anvil models are ideal for dry branches, with very sharp blades and a fixed base that compresses the spot before it is cut.

Following these two blade models, there are variations in the size of the scissors, and with that there are the shears and the long handle and the long handle.

The shears are aimed at cutting thick branches, which are between 20 and 50 millimeters thick. The blade size is relatively short on them, but the handle is a little longer, reducing the force required for cutting.

On the other hand, scissors with extendable handles are very similar to scissors , however they have handles that change their length and thus can reach higher places without the need for a ladder.

There are also long- handled ones that are designed for pruning at great heights, having a fixed length of up to 2 meters in height or extendable and can reach 5 meters.

Finally, there are electric pruning shears that are used for large plantations. They are used to cut larger branches and have bypass blades. They require no effort during use and are rechargeable.

In the table below you can see all the models and their functions:

How much?

You can find pruning shears to buy for values ​​ranging between R $ 10 and R $ 700.

This large price range is associated with the fact that it is a manual or electric model, the type of blade and the size of the cable, remembering that electric ones are the most expensive.

Where to buy?

Stores that sell gardening materials and hypermarkets with this sector are good places to purchase pruning shears.

This is also possible online, as there is often greater variation in models available. Some sites that have this product are Amazon.

Even if you liked any model in our Ranking, just click on it and you will be directed to make the purchase.

When pruning plants it is important that the sharp blade is always at the top of the cutting position and the counter blade at the bottom. With this positioning it is possible to avoid damage to the part of the branch that will be planted.



Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing the pruning shear models

Now that you have learned a little more about pruning shears, we will help you by showing you the main points you should take into account when comparing the available models. Are they:

  • Types of plants that will prune
  • Twig thickness
  • Cable model
  • Blade material

To make the best purchase, check out each of the criteria in detail.

Types of plants that will prune

The first step in choosing a good pruning shear is to determine which types of plants will be pruned the most with them. Depending on the species of plant, one type of blade will be better than another.

Normally for ornamental, fruit and flower plants, bypass models are usually more suitable, but it is always worth looking at the manufacturer’s description and choosing and that best suits your garden.

Twig thickness

Another important factor of comparison is the thickness of the branch of your plants. It is extremely important to choose scissors that are correct for the diameter of the branch, otherwise, in addition to having to make a greater effort to cut, it may not even happen or spoil the plant and the scissors.

Cable model

The simplest pruning shear models have a relatively short handle that is suitable for low or medium plants.

If you have taller crops it is worth choosing a scissor with a longer handle, as there are different measures, whether it can be extended or not.

The extensible model is good because it can help in places where there are variations in height, not to mention that it avoids the use of the ladder. However, in the case of high cuts it is always good to use safety glasses to avoid injury to the eyes.

Blade material

The material of the blade of your scissors is another point to be considered when considering durability.

As we told you above, most scissors are produced in carbon steel, which on the one hand is very positive, since it has an excellent cut. However, great care is needed to prevent it from rusting.

Make sure it has information about the presence of coatings that prevent corrosion, if so, it may be a better choice.


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