Top & Best Grinder Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Grinder: How to choose the best of 2022?

Now is the time for you to understand in the smallest details how to choose a grinder. After reading this manual there is less chance that you will depend on the sellers to make your purchase.

These products are available in different sizes. They also have accessories that must be chosen carefully. Otherwise the machine does not work properly and you have to say goodbye to the work.

What is the average grinder price for sale in physical stores or on the internet? Where to buy? What are the main differentials of the versions? Discover the essential information to buy without making mistakes or spending a lot of money.

First, the most important

  • Bosch, Black & Decker, Makita, Vonder, Stanley and DeWalt are trusted brands of grinders. It is not difficult to find products from these manufacturers in the national market.
  • There are powerful grinders that work on 220 volt outlets. Other versions can run on 110 volts or have a bivolt system.
  • It is a big mistake to buy a grinder just because of the price. Before choosing the device you need to know what types of work to do with the machine.

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Best grinders: Our recommendations

Did you know that by choosing the right grinder to use your work, you finish the job faster? Not to mention that the final results are of great quality.

Keep an eye on the main characteristics of the best grinders for professional specialists or amateurs who work only for hobby.

  • Bosch Grinder
  • Black & Decker Grinder
  • Makita Grinder
  • Vonder Grinder
  • Stanley Grinder
  • DeWalt Grinder

Buying Guide

Perhaps you are one of those people who make a point of developing a professional service even in leisure work. Or, who knows, you are thinking of starting to make money with some services that require a good grinder?

Regardless of what motivates you to buy a grinder, there is a need to know some definitive points to have the best shopping experience. We will get to know you in reading this section.

What is a grinder?

In a general definition, the grinder is an electric instrument used to polish or make finishes. This device works with concrete, steel, metal, iron, marble, bodywork, among other solid materials.

Whether for professional use or just as a hobby this tool is successful because of the work potential of the engines. There are also other names for a grinder on the market, such as a grinder or grinder.

Automotive metallic parts and different types of steel components are some of the products that can be finished using the grinder. This is a portable and lightweight power tool, which facilitates the execution of jobs in different locations. The weight of a grinder can range from 3 to 6 kg.

When working with concrete, the tool is very good for roughing. In metalworking, this appliance has normally been used for grinding or cutting. It is also worth using a grinder to burr parts.

There are many types of workshops that work with grinders. Some examples:

    • Lantern;
    • Metallurgical;
    • Body shops;
    • Industrial maintenance departments;
    • Foundries;
    • Locksmiths;
    • Boilers.


What are the advantages of the grinder?

A grinder has a lot of fame for being the powerful portable product. In a working day you can take the machine to different locations and get the same performance for each job.

Few tools in the world perform roughing with such quality, in visible concrete, as the grinder.

There are even versions that work without a plug, but after a certain period of use, these products lose their working power due to being discharged. These productions need to recharge the battery or perform recharge based on compressed air.

To give you a better idea of ​​the advantages and disadvantages of grinders, see the table below:

What are the different types of grinder?

In general terms, there are 3 basic and different grinder shapes: angular, battery and pneumatic. See the definition of each of them:

    • Angle grinder: This is the most popular version that works on the connection of 110 volt and (or) 220 volt outlets.
    • Battery grinder: This is a product whose use is intended for locations that do not have a power supply. The batteries are rechargeable.
    • Pneumatic grinder: Appliances of this type need air compressors to work perfectly.


What are the grinder sizes?

Grinders have different sizes. It is important to use the tool with the correct diameters for you to work with a lot of performance.

We will now know the main sizes of angle grinders, as well as the type of use for each option. Get to work:

    • 9-inch grinder: It is the right tool if you plan to rough or cut stones and metals. The product requires a lot of engine power to achieve the best results.
    • 7-inch grinder: This model is for cleaning rusted surfaces, grinding metal, removing burrs from cast components and finishing over welds.
    • 5-inch grinder: This production allows you to clean painted or rusted parts of materials. With the model it is also possible to remove burrs from castings, finish welds or rough out stones and metals.
    • Grinder 4.1 / 2 inches: It is a common standard for this type of appliance. Along with the use of the diamond disc, the product is used for masonry and concrete cuts. You can also work on painted or rusted surfaces with this version.


Understand a little more about the different grinders in the video of Canal Oficinando:

We cannot forget also the efficient grinder-saw that has the potential to cut and finish masonry, bricks, slates, wood, marbles and floors.

What is the difference between grinder, sander and polisher?

It is very common for beginning buyers to have difficulties when buying products for the works. One of these main mistakes is in the confusion that happens between 3 specific devices: Polishing machine; sander and grinder.

Let’s understand the difference between these 3 similar models to some extent:


Low rotation equipment. The device also has speed control. As the name suggests, this product is useful for polishing. With polishing machines it is easy to carry out light work using only specific equipment.

The revolutions per minute (RPM) of this machine can range from 600 to 3,300, in the general average. The size of this device ranges from 5 inches to 7 inches. You can even cut metals with polisher, although this is contraindicated for two reasons:

  1. It takes a long time to get the job done;
  2. There is wear on the grinder’s motor and abrasive discs.


These angular devices work at medium speed and do not have speed control. The RPM value of the models can range from 4,000 to 6,600.

An angle sander has the objective of sanding rocks, marble, wood, metal and many other materials. Some options have an internal system that sucks up dust and protects the engine from debris.


This is a powerful instrument that works at high speed and has a powerful engine. The product inches can range from 4 to 9 in general, but there are custom devices that have higher numbers.

Grinder rotation varies according to the inches of each appliance. The 4 to 6 inch versions have an RPM ranging from 9,500 to 12,000.

The grinders that have 7 inches reach 9,000 RPM. 9-inch models reach 6,500 RPM. In the productions of the most famous brands there is a speed control to make the work more continuous.

The grinders that have speed control work as a 3 in 1 product. These versions, in addition to working as a grinder, also function in the sander and polisher functions.


Now an important tip. If you work a lot with the grinder it is better to buy models that have 4 inches. This is because the larger versions are also very heavy for everyday work.

However, if the structure to be worked with the device is too big, there is no way. You should choose to use grinders 6 inches or more. In practice, everything depends on the types of services performed with this tool.

For you to better understand the difference of the 3 models we have compiled a comparative table with summary information below:

How much?

Brands are determinant, given that products from trusted manufacturers are more expensive. The speed of the device, as well as its size, are also important price criteria.

The smallest products with the most wattage are those that are expensive in traditional retail or online. Large, heavy and slow grinders are cheap.

On the market, a grinder can cost from R $ 150 to R $ 700 or more. Electric machines cost values ​​similar to the battery versions or recharged with compressed air.

Where to buy?

Whether in mall stores or other sales outlets it is possible to find different versions of grinders. To buy the product visit physical stores.

Online shopping has more advantages, either for savings or to receive the product at the door. Amazon is the best address for anyone looking to save on 100% secure purchases direct from leading manufacturers.

Save almost 20% on grinders when buying online, from the comfort of your home.

Safety glasses, protective cap, gloves, masks and joint protector.

All of these are PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) indispensable for using the grinder safely. Companies that allow employees to work without these accessories can face expensive fines from government inspectors.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare grinder models

With a few commandments in mind, you gain more ability as an intelligent buyer. So you can do quick searches and find the best grinder offers, without falling for the salespeople.

Do you know what are the 6 commandments to not regret after purchasing your grinder? Are they:

  • Thread
  • Kits
  • Warranty
  • Manual
  • Certificate
  • Drums

Below find out what each of the 6 commandments is about:


If you buy the more traditional versions of a corded grinder, be careful. Some editions have very short threads that interfere with their daily work.

Therefore, before buying, try to measure the length between your work table and the sockets in the workshop. Only then buy a grinder with a wire longer than the measured distance.

Do not forget that the wires must also be resistant and flexible. Otherwise they can easily have broken internal parts.


Buying each of the safety items can be costly for workshop owners. The best brands know about this problem and offer differentials to try to win more customers.

One of these differentials is to sell the grinder in the kit, which also has the essential safety equipment.

These kits cost a little more, but offer savings when compared to the purchase of each safety equipment, separately.

Some of these kits even offer cutting discs for you to use the product as soon as you arrive at your home or workshop.


Only 3 months warranty is very little. Manufacturers are obliged to offer 90 days warranty and exchange product in case of factory problems.

It turns out that sometimes these factory problems can arise after 3 months. For example, when you use a specific speed to cut a certain type of material, following the instructions in the instruction manual.

As a purchase criterion give preference to offers that have a minimum of 6 months to 1 year warranty.


A rule of thumb is certain, when you do not have the manual it is very difficult to benefit from the best that the machine can offer.

Don’t forget that the manual needs to be in Portuguese for you to understand 100% of the content and work better with the machine, if you don’t speak another language.

Often manufacturers only cover the warranty when the buyer confirms that he has read the manual to use the machine correctly.

So, watch out, see if the product really has a manual, otherwise it could be a sale of a stolen device or one that has already been used.


Regardless of whether the grinder is imported or national, it needs to be certified by INMTERO. This represents the only guarantee that the device will not explode in your hands when it is switched on.

Enter the INMETRO website to find out if the tool you intend to buy is a certified product. Famous and renowned brands have this certification.


Some versions of grinders work only with the use of a battery, without plugging into the outlets.

These products are good, but lose a lot of performance when the battery is half or almost empty.

The lack of a charged battery undermines your plans to do long jobs.

When purchasing the battery grinder, be sure to check the duration of the charge. In general it is possible to use these products in high performance for 3 hours. However, usage limits vary by brand.


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