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Top & Best Metal detector Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Metal detector: What is the best model of 2022?

Today is the day to talk about the metal detectors. If you want to buy this product, be sure to read the information in this text first.

Metal detectors are products that have a lot of technology. Some versions have some differentials that do not have in other models. But, if you know the difference and the advantages of each model you can make the best purchases.

What are the main types of metal detectors? What can the market offer in technological innovations? The average price? These and other responses are present below. Have a great read.

First, the most important

  • Portable metal detector serves certain different jobs. Some models are more powerful in detecting weapons. Other versions have perfect technical characteristics for finding gold or diamonds.
  • Fixed metal detectors are not just for places with a high flow of people. There are industrial detectors that are great for detecting small metal parts that can contaminate food, for example.
  • It is no use buying the most expensive detectors and expecting the best results. These products also need to be calibrated to have great detection power.

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Best metal detectors: Our favorites

Regardless of the reason you are looking for a metal detector, know that there is the right model for your needs. They have differences between them and below we list the best models on the market. Check the list below:

  • 1º – Metal detector – Bosch
  • 2nd – Metal detector – Lee Tools
  • 3 ° – Metal detector – Skil
  • 4th – Metal detector – White’s

Buying Guide

Used to ensure security and environments and events, the metal detector is present in all airports, for example. In addition, there are models aimed at finding metals in the beach sand and even one that can be used underwater.

If you want to learn more about the metal detector, read on and learn how to choose the best one for your needs.

What is a metal detector and what are its advantages?

Metal detectors are instruments used by public or private security to find metallic objects. A modern detector can find anything from firearms to a small jewel hidden in the wallet.

The most popular versions also serve to find gold, diamonds and other riches in natural land or mines.

To carry out the detection work, these products have systems that have electromagnetic fields. The devices even contain options for adjusting the sensitivity on detection.

When the sensitivity of the machine is high, it increases the ability to detect even the smallest metals. On the other hand, if the equipment is less sensitive, it is less likely to be able to identify porous metals – such as iron and steel -, non-porous metals – such as copper -, wires, weapons and precious stones.

Some newer machines have options for you to choose the type of metal to detect. There are versions that have some adjustments to detect low or high volume of metals.

The main uses of modern detectors are in pipelines, mines, natural land, armed forces, public and private security, banks, jewelers, airports, penitentiaries, among others.

Now see what are the advantages and disadvantages of using metal detectors:

What are the main types of metal detector?

The types of metal detector are divided according to the form of use, for example: industrial, manual, among other choices.

These productions are also organized according to the application, such as airport security, defense for banks and the search for gold, for example.

Now see how the market names the main metal detectors:

Portable Metal Detector

It is smaller in size and lighter in weight to be simple to use in different locations. It is a tool to detect manually, after being used near the body of people or the terrain. Some versions connect with smart phones via applications.

Metal detectors for submersion

It is also a portable tool. This product is used for searches in the depths of the seas or rivers. With this version, divers and archaeologists find several historical findings.

Industrial Metal Detector

This model is useful for different sectors of the industry. The machine is present in food factories and serves to locate small metals that can contaminate the food.

In addition to the food industries, there are also other industrial sectors that use these detectors, such as companies in the primary, textile and pharmaceutical sectors. These detectors are large structures with alarms, tracks and other features that guarantee perfect detection power.

Gantry Metal Detectors

This is the largest and most complete detector version. The structure is part of places that have a large flow of people, such as airports. The version has 1 central cabinet and 2 antennas on 2 fixed doors. The detection signal is audible, vibratory or visual.

Revolving doors or any other means to control and block access are sometimes present in this detector. Thus, if there is an audible signal, the detected person cannot move forward or backward.

How does a metal detector work?

The operation of metal detectors is similar to other devices such as loudspeakers or microphones:

  1. An iron core coils a coil present in the metal detector;
  2. A magnetic field is generated by an electric current around the coil, which acts as a kind of conducting sphere for electricity;
  3. From the moment that the detectors detect something metallic, the magnetic flux presents a magnetic variation;
  4. This magnetic variation interferes with the electrical current of the coil. This whole process causes the detector to trigger audible, vibrating and visual signals to inform about the presence of the metal.


Portable metal detector or gantry?

There are several factors to take into account before confirming the purchase. The first is undoubtedly the metallic object you intend to detect.

Structures that can identify different objects cost a lot of money and do not have 100% guaranteed operation. Even better is to buy a product specialized in detecting a certain type of metal.

There are some portable versions that are perfect for gold diggers. These products have a cable that facilitates search and detection. There are also editions to use in the water.

There are productions of portable metal detectors specialized in detecting metal weapons and even electronic products. These versions are used in public tenders to prevent access by armed people or with equipment to cheat.

The location where the detection takes place is also an important factor. For example, there are detectors that work better on land than on beach sands. You can even buy a detector for different locations that have the option to “adjust land” in the menu.

Now, if you want a metal detector with the latest technology, the best recommendation is the gantry. In addition to detecting metal coins, these structures can detect weapons or anything metallic on the person’s body.

There are two forms of gantry metal detector. The simplest editions have only 2 doors, one in front of the other, with a space for traffic.

The other way, in addition to the 2 doors, also has revolving doors, roulette wheels or any obstacle. This structure prevents the movement of people who are detected by metal detectors.

See a table comparing the main advantages of portable or gantry detectors:

How much?

The price of the metal detector can range from R $ 100 to up to R $ 100,000. It depends on the brand, the levels of sensitivity to detect metallic objects, the sophistication of the pieces and the quality of the technology.

In the case of mobile detectors that do not weigh heavily, buying online seems to be the best choice. Buying this product on the web means paying at least 10% less!

It is also possible to buy a gantry detector on the internet. In these cases, the product has a higher price. Then, you must choose offers that have the extended warranty for 12 months or more.

Where to buy?

There are many buying options in traditional retail stores. Buy your metal detector. For you to purchase gantry metal detectors it is more advisable to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

On the internet, the types and prices of detectors are more varied. Some secure online stores that sell the product are Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing metal detector models

Just ask the seller about an offer to hear a lot of information that tries to convince people to buy fast. At these times we never know when the words are true or just chat to sell more.

Want to defend yourself against salespeople’s snares? So always pay attention to the following factors:

  • Type
  • Size and weight
  • Operation
  • Sensitivity
  • Warranty

To keep it simple, let’s explain the meaning of each of the points listed above.


As you saw in this Guide, there are some types of metal detectors. And that is the first question you should ask.

Analyze the purpose of the equipment and thus you will already eliminate some options. They must be experts in finding the metallic objects you want to detect.

Size and weight

Sometimes we just look at the photo of the product and get excited to the point of making a quick purchase. But, in the end, a much larger or smaller model than we really need comes.

So it is extremely important to keep an eye on the measurements before purchase. Even to be able to store the equipment it is important to have a real sense of the device.

Just like the weight. A very heavy product can be quite uncomfortable if you spend hours using your metal detector.


Metal detectors work with batteries and rechargeable batteries or not. Always see how the product’s energy is fed. Ask the seller if the model already has the battery or batteries in the package.

Also check where to buy and how much these batteries cost, that way you will have a real sense of the cost of the equipment. Also, check the durability of these batteries. This point is important so that you do not stay on hand at such an important time, and prioritize those that have greater durability.


More sensitive products have a higher power in metal detection. Portable versions are less sensitive than gantry metal detectors.

And when it comes to sensitivity, a rule is certain: the more sensitivity the better the metal detector is, and consequently the higher its price.

Therefore, knowing the purpose of use, as already mentioned, also helps in this step. Each metal requires a degree of sensitivity, so you will not pay more for a sensitivity you will not use, nor will you buy a product with insufficient sensitivity.


The Consumer Protection Code requires a minimum warranty of 3 months. Check if the manufacturer offers at least this time.

But, as it is a high investment technological product, choose the metal detector offers that guarantee a longer term. A good guarantee is to invest in equipment that offers a 12-month warranty.


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