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Top & Best Marble saw Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Marble saw: How to choose the best one in 2022?

If you work with floors, ceramics, bricks, tiles or other hard materials, you should know that there is a tool of enormous importance in your daily life: the marble saw!

Such an important tool that helps in the production of fundamental parts for civil construction, handicrafts, carpentry and so many other areas deserves a buying guide to match! Therefore, we produced this article with great affection.

In it, we will talk about technical specifications, present quality models, compare the marble saw to other tools and explain details about its use. Prepared? All of this is on the next lines!

First, the most important

  • The marble saw is a very useful tool for those who need to cut hard materials such as floors, concrete, ceramics and bricks. Because of its ability to make curved and angled cuts, it is unique.
  • Despite being very similar to the circular saw, it is a tool with different functions. Trying to use one instead of the other is a big mistake.
  • As it works at very high speed, the incorrect use of the marble saw can cause very serious accidents. Never disregard safety guidelines.

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Best marble saw models: Our recommendations

The importance of the marble saw is so great that all the giants in the world of tools produce excellent models. So we made a list with some copies of this tool that will certainly not disappoint you!

  • Makita: The most traditional marble saw
  • High power marble saw
  • Marble saw for those looking for ergonomics and safety
  • High performance marble saw

Buying Guide

After the presentation of the best models, it is time to go deeper into the explanations of everything that involves the marble saw. Stay tuned for advantages, disadvantages, ideal uses and more!

What is a marble saw and what is it for?

A marble saw is an electrical tool used by professionals in the field of civil construction, carpentry, crafts and other work with stones and hard materials.

To work, it needs a cutting disc. This accessory must be changed according to the material on which the tool will be applied.

Its main function is to cut materials such as marble, floors, bricks, ceramics, concrete blocks, tiles and the like. Until recently, the tool was not recommended for use on wood, but there are now specific discs for this function.

It is a tool that is part of the electric saw family, where you also find the circular saw (with which it is very similar), jigsaw, band saw and many others.


Did you know? We call photocopiers xerox, razor blades for Gilette, steel sponges for bombril. This trend in the Portuguese language is called metonymy: Sometimes, a brand is so associated with a product that it ends up becoming the name of the product itself!

We can say that the same happens with the marble saw. It is popularly known as “serra makita”, since this was the brand that developed and popularized it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a marble saw?

One of the main highlights of the marble saw is its ability to make cuts. It manages to make them straight, curved or angled, always allowing the worker to achieve the desired results.

There is no other tool on the market capable of working with hard and resistant materials with the same skill as the marble saw. That makes it unique.

It is a very specific tool: If you work with any area that uses it, you will certainly need to have complete mastery of it, but otherwise, you will hardly handle it at any point in your life.

As it always works at very high rotation, you need to know all the details of the use of the marble saw and follow the strict handling guidelines. Neglecting the rules, serious accidents can happen.

We set up a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of the marble saw. Check out:

Marble saw or circular saw?

Many people make confusion between marble saw and circular saw. Some even believe that the first is just a type of the second. In fact, the two tools are very similar.

The physical compositions of the marble saw and the circular saw are very similar. Both have the function of cutting materials and they do it with efficiency and quality, in addition to needing discs to be able to perform their work.

But the similarities stop there: The marble saw works at a much higher rotation and, therefore, is suitable for hard and resistant materials. The circular saw, in turn, is mainly used in wood.

You should not try to use the marble saw on wood unless you have a specific disc for that. Otherwise, the chance of an accident is great!

Because it works at a lower speed and has a protection around the motor that closes when the product is not in use, the circular saw is a safer tool. Handling the marble saw requires experience, discipline and concentration.

Below, we compare the two types of saw:

How to choose the right disc for each use of the marble saw?

The marble saw uses diamond cutting discs, which generate less friction with the surface and are able to make cleaner cuts. For this, they have small diamond grains at the ends.

In doubt about choosing the perfect disc for the marble saw? We list some important issues:

    • Disk diameter : You need to choose a disk with a diameter compatible with your saw. In both the tool and the accessory, this information is usually quite clear.
    • Band type : The band of a diamond disc can be continuous or segmented. The first type is recommended for materials that require a better finish (marble, floors, ceramics), while the second, for when precision is not as necessary (bricks, plasters).
    • Disc performance : It concerns how much a disc can cut before it becomes worn out or loses efficiency. Follow this guidance to avoid accidents.
    • Specific material : Some discs can only be used with a certain material. This is especially the case for those made for wood. They are new to the market and very specific about their application.


The following video from the William Oliveira channel presents some marble saw discs and explains their ideal uses:

How much does a marble saw cost?

Most of the marble saws cost between R $ 200 and R $ 400. We didn’t find great variations between the most famous brands, and small changes can happen because of some extra items or innovative functions of a given model.

Remember that you will always need to buy new cutting discs to use in your marble saw, which will generate a continuous and long-term investment.

Where to buy a marble saw?

Building materials stores and specialized in civil construction are the best options to find a marble saw. The large chain stores in this segment.

To buy online, the best option is Amazon, full of high quality models. Also look for international Amazon, specialized home, and construction networks websites mentioned above.


Purchase criteria: What to consider when choosing your marble saw

It’s time to get into some technical issues. We selected some items that are very important when choosing a marble saw. Are they:

  • Maximum speed
  • Disc diameter supported
  • Wattage
  • Weight
  • Extra items

Below, explanations about each one!

Maximum speed

The marble saws operate at very high speed. Measured in revolutions per minute, this number helps to show how long a part will be cut. The harder the material, the more it will be necessary to have a machine that achieves high values.

It is important to have a machine that achieves more revolutions per minute if you need to cut a large amount of hard materials per day, but in any case, all marble saws already operate above 10,000 rpm.

Disc diameter supported

The supported disk diameter is important for compatibility reasons. Tools from different brands have different numbers in this regard, and if you want to take advantage of specific discs, you need to be aware of that number.

If you are going to buy your first machine, know that later you will need to purchase compatible discs. If you already have one and are thinking of replacing it, observe the compatibility so as not to lose the accessories you already have.


Directly related to the maximum speed, the high power of a marble saw helps you to cut faster and more efficiently on harder and harder to penetrate materials.

All the marble saws we find are rated above 1,000 W, but some are a bit more powerful than others. This variation can help you save precious time on harder work.


Look for an intermediate weight marble saw.

Working with a marble saw is manual, long-lasting and difficult. You will need to hold it and maintain accuracy to make quality cuts without damaging the materials. Therefore, the weight of the tool is also important.

Look for an intermediate weight marble saw at the time of purchase. The very heavy ones can easily cause fatigue, hindering the productivity of the work, while the light ones may not be as stable, impairing the accuracy.

Extra items

There are some items that can accompany your chosen marble saw, making the purchase more cost-effective. They can be in the following categories:

  • Protective equipment : Goggles, helmets, hearing protectors, gloves and vests.
  • Machine accessories : Cutting discs, keys and locks for changing discs, kits for cooling or motor protection.
  • Storage items : Briefcases, boxes, chests and similar.

Among two tools of similar quality and price, choose the one with the most extra items!



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