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Top & Best Children’s shopping cart Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s shopping cart: Which are the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a very versatile toy that has several advantages for children: the children’s shopping cart.

This product is able to stimulate the creativity and imagination of little ones of different ages. With its simplicity, this toy provides moments of great fun not only among children, but also with parents, not to mention that it is possible to create great stories with them.

And if you are interested in increasing your child’s play in an educational way, but did not know how, you may have found a beautiful product and in this article we will bring you all the information about it. Just continue with us to know everything!

First, the most important

  • Children’s shopping carts are recommended for children from three years of age.
  • They are produced in plastic and many bring accessories such as food, calculator and cash register.
  • The price of this item varies between R $ 20 and more than R $ 100 and it depends on its size and what it contains.

Best Children’s Shopping Carts: Our Favorites

To ensure good games it is essential that the shopping cart is quality and fun. There are several options on the market and to make no mistake at the time of purchase we show you the best four below, check out:

Buying Guide

Ideal for children aged three and older, the children’s shopping cart brings the world of supermarkets into the home and helps to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the little ones that are out there at this stage.

But is playing with this product really interesting? Is it worth buying one for my child? To answer these questions and many others, we created this shopping guide, which brings all the information about this toy. If you want to know more, just keep reading.

What is a children’s shopping cart?

What child never wanted to push the supermarket cart when shopping with their parents? Many are interested in this activity and thanks to the children’s shopping cart this is possible.

Often simple daily activities are synonymous with fun for children and going to buy products and food for the home is one of them.

Therefore, this toy was created. It imitates a common shopping cart found in all supermarkets in the country, with the difference of its size, which is adapted for children three years of age or older.

Realism is one of the main points of this product, since there are options with one or two baskets, wheels and handles, not to mention the models that even have a basket to put dolls seated, as well as the real strollers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the children’s shopping cart?

Even though it is simple, the children’s shopping cart is a toy with several advantages.

The first of them is related to the fact that with this product the stimulus to reasoning and imagination is high, since it makes the child think about the products he wants to “buy” and also to interpret different roles in his play supermarket.

There is also a development of motor coordination, since the child will need to push the stroller, not to mention the touch, which will also be worked on.

Another positive point is the fact that it is a simple toy, easy to handle and that brings a little perspective of reality for the little one, making him start to get used to the daily life of all people.

In addition, for slightly older children, this game also works with simple mathematical operations, establishing in practice the knowledge acquired at school.

Within its proposal this is a product that has no negatives or reservations, being an excellent play option for children of different age groups.

These are the main advantages of this toy:

    • Stimulates reasoning and imagination ;
    • Develops motor coordination and touch;
    • It gives a perspective of reality;
    • Put mathematical knowledge into practice .


What types of games can be played with the children’s shopping cart?

The best games for children at the age of three are those that stimulate creativity and require a little thought. Both of these factors are addressed in the activities carried out with the children’s shopping carts.

And if you think that only simple games can be made with this product you are very wrong. There are several options.

The most common is to create a mini supermarket at home for the child to do their shopping. In this style of activity it is also possible to play role-playing and create stories, one moment you can be the cashier at the supermarket, the other the buyer and so on.

In this activity, you become characters and can create a beautiful storyline, not to mention that for children who already have contact with mathematical operations, putting them in the box is a way of applying knowledge.

Another version is to take the little one to the real supermarket for you to do the shopping together.

The cart is small and light, being easy to transport. When you arrive at the place you can go telling the little one what you want and ask him to pick it up and put it in the cart. If it is something he does not know, it is possible to present the product and let him handle it.

These are just a few ideas, but if you use your imagination you can create many other fun games using one product.

Up to what age can the children’s shopping cart be used?

Many manufacturers of this toy recommend the maximum age of 10, but there is no rule.

The most important thing in this regard is to respect the minimum age, as younger children can get hurt.

However, this is a game that can be used in several ways and even children of more advanced school age can be stimulated, either by writing a shopping list or calculating the price of the products that were purchased.

How much does a children’s shopping cart cost?

The size of the cart and the presence of additional items like cash register and plastic food are often factors that change the price of this toy. Thus, the simplest and smallest models cost around R $ 20.

The strollers that are bigger and that come with several accessories have an average price of R $ 100.

Where to buy a children’s shopping cart?

The best physical stores to purchase a children’s shopping cart are toys.

Another option is the websites, which have a vast number of models with the most diverse prices. Some where you can easily find this item are:

    • Amazon
    • Free market
    • American
    • Toy Mania
    • Shoptime


It is also possible to purchase the strollers that we list in our ranking and to do so just click on your preferred one.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Children’s Shopping Cart Models

After you have learned everything about the children’s shopping cart, if you are willing to buy one for your child, get ready, as we will give you even more tips to choose the best model for her.

For this we have separated below the main points that you must take into account when comparing the available options, they are:

  • Cart Size
  • Material
  • Accessories
  • Lightness and handling

Cart Size

The vast majority of children’s shopping carts have a minimum age of three years, but not all are the same size.

There are options that are taller, lower, wider, less deep, and so on.

Knowing that no child is the same, regardless of being the same age, it is valid that you analyze if the stroller is not too low or too high for it, because if it is, it can harm the activity.

Height is the main factor that you should take into account in this regard and remember that the ideal is that the arms are in a comfortable position to handle the toy.


All strollers of this type are made of plastic and it is important to research whether the material used is non-toxic, thus avoiding any problem with the child.

Also, make sure it is more rigid or very malleable, very thin plastics can easily break, which impairs the product’s durability. Always look for what seems to be strongest.


Many toys of this type come with accessories that make the game even more real.

There are those that have a cash register, others come with products such as vegetables and food, not to mention that there are also those that even accompany a toy calculator.

It is worth investing in one of these because that way the child will already have the products for their purchase, without having to purchase anything else.

Lightness and handling

It is essential that a children’s shopping cart is easy to handle and light, regardless of the age of the child who will be using it.

If you go to buy one of these in a physical store, do a test and try walking with it a little and after that let the child do the same. That way, you will feel the product and see if she can use it easily too.

Weight is also an important factor both for the little ones and for you if you want to take the product somewhere else.


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