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Top & Best Tatame EVA Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tatame EVA: How to choose the best set in 2022?

In today’s article, you will find everything about the EVA mat, the synthetic rug that easily transforms any place into a more comfortable, safer and more suitable space for a wide variety of activities.

However, to get the most out of your EVA mat, you need to choose the model with the appropriate characteristics for your use. We will, throughout the sections below, help you in this endeavor, presenting the utilities, the characteristics, the varieties, in short, everything that can help in the search for the ideal mat.

First, the most important

  • The EVA mat is basically a mountable mat, like a puzzle. It can be sold individually, per piece, or as a whole, in an even number, obviously.
  • The pieces of different models of EVA mats have different sizes, colors, thicknesses and even prints.
  • The properties of EVA make the mat have efficient impact absorption and a padded surface. For these reasons, it is widely used in sports spaces, such as gyms, and for children, such as daycare centers and playrooms.

Shopping Guide

The properties of the EVA mat are ideal for a mobile covering. They allow, for example, a child to play without danger or an athlete to train without fear. Its use, on top of that, is very practical, with easy assembly and disassembly, and versatile, for different spaces and configurations, although the ideal is to use the most suitable model for each scenario.

In the following Shopping Guide, we will focus more on these spaces, on these configurations, and especially on the ideal varieties for each one. We will also talk about advantages, disadvantages, care, prices, in short, everything you need to know to do a thorough search for the best EVA mat.

What is the EVA mat for?

The mat is basically a mountable rug, a floor covering made up of several plates, which fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

The variety treated in this Guide, that of EVA (Satin Vinyl Foam, synthetic material), has a unique density that absorbs impacts with great efficiency, and finally cushions the contact with the covered floor.


Where to use an EVA mat?

For its practicality and low price, but mainly for its safety, the EVA mat is widely used in two types of space: sports and children.

Martial arts academies use the EVA mat for the numerous falls resulting from their multiple practices, such as judo, jiu-jitsu, karate, etc; fitness centers, such as Functional and CrossFit, take advantage of the high impact absorption of the product to minimize possible damage to your series.

There are also spaces for Yoga, Pilates and other similar activities that use the EVA mat for the comfort they provide, since many practice their exercises barefoot.

All, however, choose the EVA mat for its durability and easy maintenance.

Children’s spaces, in turn, are daycare centers, schools, playrooms, libraries, in short, everything that can take advantage of the features of the EVA mat. We will see the advantages of this use shortly.


What are the advantages of a children’s EVA mat?

One of the biggest consumers of EVA mats is children. The children’s EVA mat, a nomenclature you will constantly encounter in your research, is widely used in spaces reserved for the little ones and their activities and games, such as daycare centers and schools, and playrooms and libraries.

The main reason for its use is obvious: security. With the EVA mat covering the floor, parents, monitors and educators do not have to worry about falls, and they are also sure of a comfortable surface for children to sit, lie down, squat, in short, so they can be children, especially children. more young.



An interesting tip for your children’s EVA mat is to use it as a “trail”, tracing a path, for example, from your room to the child’s. This not only exercises the locomotion of the little one, but also his spatial notion.


If this calms parents and guardians, what makes the difference for children are their colors, drawings, fitings – both between boards and inside them -, in addition to the fact that they are on a big puzzle. A fun experience.

And like everything else at this age, fun can be accompanied by education. There is a great offer of EVA mat sets stamped with letters, numbers, shapes, and even animals and fruits. Many of them are pluggable, on top of that.


  • Safety and comfort
  • Funny
  • Educational


  • Fragile edges
  • Fragile fittings

How to clean an EVA mat?

One of the essential points of using the EVA mat is its hygiene. We are talking, after all, about a product that, for all purposes, is a floor, or at least accumulates dirt as such.

Ideally, you should always clean it after use, that is, if it is used daily, cleaning should also be done, or at least as often as possible.

But rest assured, it is very easy and quick to give that treatment on the EVA mat. There are just five steps:

  1. Sweep the mat up;
  2. Disassemble the carpet and the tiles (don’t forget to sweep the bare floor!);
  3. Rub both sides of the plates with a damp cloth and soap (or detergent);
  4. Remove the excess with a dry cloth;
  5. Dry in a ventilated and shaded place.


What is the price of an EVA mat?

As the material is the same in any model, what is most important for the price of an EVA mat is the size and quantity of the plates and, especially in children’s models, the prints.

Either way, you can find unique pieces for around R $ 3, basic sets for around R $ 50 and advanced sets for up to R $ 350.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare EVA Mats

EVA mats are simple products, which is why they are somewhat difficult to compare. In the list below, we show what to notice in each model, to find the one that best suits your needs.

  • Use
  • Size
  • Color
  • Kit


Before making your purchase, before even advancing your search, it is worth thinking about the exact use you intend to give to the EVA mat. As versatile as the product is, you only have to win by choosing the set that best suits what you want.

Sports mats, for example, must be sturdy and have a certain grip, but not to the point of being rough and potentially abrasive. The plates for children, in turn, must be very comfortable and mainly thick, to protect the little ones from any fall. Besides being colorful, of course.


A very important point to note is the size of the EVA mats of your choice. And not only the size of each plate, but also of all the assembled parts, which, depending on the fit of the model, is not a simple sum of all lengths.

This information is essential and should match the area in which you intend to mount the mat. And don’t forget the thickness! The bigger it is, the more it will absorb impacts.


Tip: if the idea is to cover the entire floor of a space, such as a bedroom, for example, it is better to have tatami mat, the excess of which you can cut, than missing.



Color is not such an important element, but it is quite useful for selecting some models, especially if the mat is assembled for children. In this case, it is best that they are colored, with at least the three primary colors: yellow, red and blue.

For other situations, the idea is the opposite: few colors, at most two, and more sober tones. You don’t want to teach a Yoga class, for example, with tatami mats in hot pink and yellow, do you?


Finally, it is very worthwhile to carefully select the kit, the set. It is a matter of cost-benefit, that is, of paying the lowest price for a larger number of pieces, or the best price for the right quantity. It is also worth a reminder to be aware if the kit number is even. There’s every company out there …

Another point to note in the set is whether it comes with edges. They are not essential, but they make the look of the complete mat more pleasant, and they protect the exposed fitting parts from kicks and protect you from tripping.


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