Top & Best Tampon Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tampon: see how to choose the best model in 2022

the best analysis website on the internet when it comes to articles for women’s health and well-being. Today we are going to explain everything you need to know about the tampon.

Practical and much more discreet than the absorbent pads, this is a great option for day to day and even when you are in those days, but you don’t want to stop enjoying a pool or going to the beach.

So, to understand everything about these models and leave aside your doubts and insecurities, be sure to check our article to the end with more information, tips and all the benefits of the tampon.

First, the most important

  • Before finding the ideal absorbent model, it is important to run tests to find the one that best suits your needs.
  • In case of pain or discomfort, discontinue use and see a doctor you trust.
  • Always remember that the ideal is to change the tampon every four hours to avoid the formation of odors or the proliferation of germs and bacteria harmful to health.

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Best tampons on the market: Our favorites

Today it is possible to find tampons of different sizes and the brands are always investing in new technologies to offer more safety and comfort to women. See our list with some of the best models on the market.

  • Women’s preferred tampon
  • Internal absorbent with drop cover
  • The most comfortable tampon


Buying Guide

When it comes to tampons, there are many myths and untruths. The truth is, that used correctly and following all the manufacturer’s instructions, it offers a number of benefits.

Be sure to take a look at our buying guide for more details, understand more about the advantages and disadvantages of tampons and demystify some of the mysteries to enjoy an even healthier life.

What is a tampon?

The absorbent is nothing more than a type of hygienic product developed especially for women to absorb the menstrual cycle and avoid the risk of leaks, preventing stains on clothes.

In the case of the tampon, it is inserted into the vaginal canal, making it more comfortable, since the woman does not feel disturbed during her daily activities. They may or may not have an applicator and have a thread that facilitates removal to perform the product change.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of absorbents?

The tampon offers advantages when compared to other models available on the market. It can be used on the beach and in the pool, reduces the risk of leaks and are the most hygienic models.

However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. The exchange needs to be carried out more frequently. It is not recommended to use during sleep, since the recommendation is to perform the change every 4 hours. In addition, it requires more care during placement.



  • Can be used on the beach and in the pool
  • Decreases the risk of leaks
  • They are the most hygienic models


  • You need to change more often
  • It is not recommended to sleep using the tampon
  • Requires more care during placement

What are the different types of absorbents available on the market?

There are currently three main categories of absorbents. The internals are among the cheapest, they are much more comfortable and hygienic and the internal placement helps to reduce the risk of leaks.

Pads are still the best known, as it is much easier to change. They are in an intermediate price range. And finally, we have the menstrual collectors (reviewbox.com.br/coletor-menstrual/), which are also for internal use, but they last much longer. They are among the most expensive models.


How to use a tampon?

Unlike the more traditional models, some care must be taken when using the tampon. First, perform some tests in search of the ideal size, which is not uncomfortable, but which is well attached to the vaginal canal.

The recommendation is to put him on his feet, just flexing one leg a little or sitting on the toilet. With your fingers very clean, insert the pad until you feel it is securely attached and has encountered an obstacle. Some models have an applicator for easy introduction.

It is worth remembering that in these models it is advisable that the change is made in a period of 2 to 4 hours to avoid the risk of the proliferation of germs and bacteria that are harmful to health, as well as unpleasant odors. You can also use a good intimate soap between changes to clean the area.

There are also many doubts about whether the tampon can be used by virgin women and there are many myths about it. See what the expert has to say:



“There is no risk of breaking the hymen as long as she follows the manufacturer’s directions for use and purchases the product of the ideal size for her”

How much does a tampon cost?

The price of tampons can vary widely depending on the brand and some factors, such as size and the presence of an applicator. The simplest models can be found in a range of R $ 5 to R $ 10.

In the case of models with applicator, the price goes up a little. They are in the range of R $ 10 to R $ 20. To give you an idea, the models shown in our ranking cost from R $ 8 to R $ 14.


Where to buy tampons?

You can find tampons in virtually every pharmacy and drugstore in the country. As they are a very common hygiene item, it is also very easy to find them in supermarkets.

But, whether you’re looking for a specific brand or looking for a good discount, the internet is always an option. Today many pharmacies have online stores. You can also purchase them from major distributors like Amazon.



Did you know that the first patent for the tampon appeared in the United States in 1933, but that it only arrived four decades later?



Purchasing criteria: What to consider before buying a tampon

It is inevitable, women have to deal with menstrual flow for much of their life, so finding a good tampon is essential to achieving more quality of life.

After following our shopping guide, we separated some criteria that differentiate one model from the other to help you find the ideal model. So, check the items below carefully.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Absorption power
  • Application

At the end of the reading you will be more than ready to put your fears aside and adopt the tampons for good, either for the day to day or for that day you don’t want to leave the pool aside.


One of the most important factors when choosing a tampon is to be aware if the material is hypoallergenic, thus avoiding the risk of irritations and allergies.

Currently, they are produced with 100% cotton, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene and rayon materials, a type of artificial silk. Always remember to check the composition of the product on the packaging and consult a doctor you trust if in doubt.


Another decisive factor in the choice is the size of the tampon, and here the choice varies according to your menstrual flow. If it is very intense, for example, it is recommended to use a larger absorbent.

Comfort is also an important factor, so you may have to test a few sizes until you find the ideal pad. Today the brands work with five sizes: junior / slim, for younger women, regular, super, super plus and ultra.

Absorption power

Unlike absorbents, the internal models are specially designed to ensure more safety and less risk of transferring the flow to the clothes.

With that in mind, many brands offer models with special grooves and barriers in the design of the pads to ensure that the material will better absorb menstrual flow. Although some models offer up to 8 hours of protection, remember to change them regularly every 4 hours so there is no risk of disease.


Finally, some brands offer tampon models with an applicator. Made of plastic or biodegradable materials, they help insert the product into the vaginal canal without the need to push it with your fingers.

In such cases, it is vital to remove the applicator after the absorbent is properly seated. Whether in these models or the traditional ones, always remember to check that the string is out of the vagina, otherwise it is necessary to go to a gynecologist to have it safely removed.



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