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Top & Best Bamboo brush Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bamboo brush: See how to choose the best model in 2022

where you will find the best reviews of products for care and hygiene. In this article we will talk about the bamboo brush and all its benefits.

More and more brands and consumers are concerned with the environment and sustainability, but without giving up quality. Check out our article with more details and tips on caring for your teeth

First, the most important

  • It is possible to find bamboo toothbrushes in various sizes and with different types of bristles, so always choose the models that best suit your needs.
  • In addition to being biodegradable, bamboo has natural resistance to bacteria, making it a great choice for oral health products.
  • It is worth remembering that, despite being a more sustainable option, the bristles of bamboo brushes are often made of nylon and must be disposed of separately.

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Buying Guide

When it comes to toothbrushes , they can be made from a wide variety of materials, many of them using plastic, a more practical and inexpensive alternative.

However, bamboo is an abundant raw material and, in addition, the brushes of this material offer a number of advantages and benefits when compared to its competitors. See more in our Buying Guide.



How to use a bamboo brush?

Experts recommend brushing your teeth at least three times a day. Preferably, upon waking up, before bed and after meals.

The ideal type of bristles will depend on your preference and your dentist’s indication. As a rule, the most suitable for people with more sensitive gums and teeth, they are softer and softer. But remember to consult a specialist if you have any questions.





In the brushing itself, remember to use a toothpaste you trust. The ideal is to touch the bristles in the region between the teeth and the gums, making circular or vertical movements, from the base of the teeth to the ends.

Then, just repeat the process in the chewing area, where there is usually a greater accumulation of food. Brushing the tongue is also important, as it is where various types of bacteria are concentrated.


Did you know that bamboo has a natural bactericidal property that helps brushes to last much longer without needing additional treatments?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bamboo brush?

Bamboo toothbrushes are on the rise, after all they have their advantages. Many models already use bristles with charcoal, which help to whiten teeth.

The cable material is biodegradable and decomposes in just 30 years, much faster than plastic. Bamboo is still a raw material with low environmental impact.

However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. Care must be taken when cleaning the brush, such as letting it dry perfectly and keeping it in an airy place.

And, unfortunately, bamboo brushes are still not 100% biodegradable, since the bristles are usually made with synthetic materials and must be disposed of separately.



  • Many models use charcoal bristles
  • The cable material is biodegradable and decomposes in just 30 years
  • Bamboo is a raw material with low environmental impact


  • Care must be taken when cleaning the brush
  • Bamboo brushes are not 100% biodegradable

What care should I take with the bamboo brush?

As with other bamboo pieces, it is essential to take proper care so that the brush lasts longer.

It is recommended to wash your bamboo toothbrush right after use, dry it well and keep it in a dry place to avoid the appearance of mold or other bacteria.

And periodically, you can clean your bamboo toothbrush with a mixture of warm water, alcohol vinegar and baking soda, to prevent contamination of the bristles. See the video below with some more tips:




What is the impact of bamboo products on the environment?

Unlike other types of wood, bamboo has an extremely rapid growth, which varies between three and four years. In addition, they have an average life of 100 years.

Another advantage is that when it is cut, a new bud appears in place through the underground stems. More resistant, its long fibers allow it to be molded in various formats with less waste.

Companies that commit to using bamboo usually have a certificate, ensuring that they exploit sustainable reserves, ensuring that areas of native forest are safe.


[sc_pullquote] It is a biodegradable and recyclable material. [/ sc_pullquote] Considering all these factors and that this is a biodegradable and recyclable material, the use of brushes and other bamboo products help to reduce the environmental impact.


Purchasing Criteria: What to consider before buying a bamboo brush

With all the benefits that we have listed throughout our analysis, it is not difficult to understand the advantages that bamboo brushes bring when compared to their competitors.

But before you buy, you still need to be aware of some factors, such as the number of bristles and even the size of the cable. Here are some topics and what you should consider to find the ideal model.

  • Bristle material
  • Softness
  • Finishing
  • Size

After carefully reading each of these points, you will be ready to abandon the plastic brushes for good and adopt a more sustainable product instead.

Bristle material

As the cable material is always the same, here it is important to pay attention to the bristles. In most cases, it is still made of nylon, a synthetic material that needs to be discarded as such.

A differential that manufacturers are using are the bristles already coated with activated carbon or vegetable, which help to whiten teeth.

In these cases, take your doubts with your dentist, as these treatments can remove the natural enamel of the teeth over time, leaving them more sensitive.




The bristles can also have varying levels of softness, from the softest to the toughest.

The more rigid models help to remove plaque and dirt more easily, but if used incorrectly, they help to aggravate gum retraction.

The softer bristles absorb water better and damage less the enamel of the teeth, as well as the gum, which is a more sensitive region. So, before buying, carefully check which type of bristle is right for you.


A bamboo brush should not only be functional, it must also be beautiful. That is why brands invest in different types of finishes, whether with a lighter, darker bamboo or even combining the two.

As we have already said, another advantage is that bamboo produces a natural bactericidal agent that not only protects you but also helps to combat the formation of fungi, which guarantees more health for you and longer product life.

And, when we talk about finishing, we cannot leave out the format. Currently, you can opt for more anatomical cables, which fit perfectly in your hand.




Finally, you should also not ignore the size, whether for storage, transportation or convenience.

Brushes with longer handles can be more difficult to store, but they also offer a better grip, allowing you to brush even the most difficult teeth.

For children, on the other hand, it is recommended that the handle be shorter, allowing it to handle the brush more easily and safely. So, before you buy, remember to check the product specifications.



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