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Top & Best Granado Soap Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Granado Soap: How to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about Granado soap. The brand is one of the most respected in the market for the quality of the products and the originality of the fragrances.

A pioneer in the manufacture of vegetable soaps, Granado stands out for developing biodegradable cosmetics and packaging. And you find Granado soap for different skin types and care needs. Want to know more? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • You can find Granado soap options for all skin types: Normal, mixed, oily, dry and sensitive. Granado soap can be bar or liquid.
  • Granado has a line of cosmetics for skin care of the face. The soaps – anti-acne, coconut, sulfur, sulfurous – help to control oiliness and acne to varying degrees.
  • Baby soaps are developed to clean and moisturize baby’s sensitive skin. The products are dermatologically tested and recommended by pediatricians.

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Best Granado Soaps: Our Recommendations

You will find different options of Granado soap: To clean your hands, bathe and wash your face. In addition to cleaning, the cosmetic takes care of the skin. Not to mention that you find a wide variety of products, from antiseptic soap to hydrant. To find the ideal option, check out our purchase suggestions.

  • The best soap for acne-prone skin
  • The best baby soap
  • The boys’ favorite
  • The ideal option for combination skin


Buying Guide

The bath provides a feeling of cleanliness and relaxation. But to ensure skin care, it is important to choose a soap suitable for your needs and a good brand, such as Granado.

Do you want to know more about Granado soap and discover the advantages of using it daily? Check out this Buying Guide and discover everything about this great ally in day-to-day care.

What is the difference of Granado soap?

Granado is a pioneer in the production of soaps with a vegetable base and 100% vegetable glycerin, with an emollient and moisturizing action that serves to clean the skin gently, leaving it soft and fragrant.

The brand invests in different assets, according to the type of skin and care needs. All products are free of parabens. Granado soap is available in bar and liquid versions.

What is the best Granado soap for facial care?

The Granaderma line offers dermocosmetics with plant extracts and high performance actives developed especially for the skin. The products have light texture, dry touch and quick absorption.

Oily and acne-prone skin

    • Anti-acne soap : suitable for oily skin, with blackheads and pimples. This facial soap has a bactericidal and drying action, as the formula is enriched with salicylic acid (2%) and sulfur (10%).
    • Sulfur soap : suitable for acneic skin and oily scalp. The formula is enriched with sulfur (7%). Despite being deodorized, the smell can bother some people. If your skin and scalp are excessively greasy, use Sulfur Sulfur soap, as the sulfur concentration is higher (10%).
    • Coconut soap : ideal for combination skin, as it controls sebum production. The product is enriched with vegetable coconut oil. Can be used on the face, scalp and body.


Dry skin

  • Dermonutritive soap : ideal for dry skin, as it is enriched with murumuru and shea butters, oat extract and olive oil, actives that cleanse, tone and hydrate the skin. It is hypoallergenic.
  • Lanolin soap : has high hydrating power for the skin, as it is enriched with murumuru butter. It is free of parabens.


Did you know that Granado sells shaving soap? The product forms a creamy foam that provides a close and smooth shave.


After washing your face with the Granado soap of your choice, don’t forget to apply a face cream , suitable for your skin type. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of Granado soap in the table below:


  • There are Granado soaps for all skin types
  • You can choose between bar soap or liquid soap
  • You find soaps suitable for facial care
  • There are soaps that can be used to control oiliness on the scalp


  • Liquid soap is up to 10X more expensive than a bar soap

What is the best Granado baby soap?

Granado has a line of products developed especially for babies’ delicate skin. The products have a vegetable base and natural ingredients and are available in bar or liquid versions.

You will find the following glycerin soap options: Traditional, with fennel, lavender or chamomile (relaxing effect).

The dermocalmante soap is enriched with proteins from wheat, oats, sweet almonds, olive oil and butters from Murumuru and Shea. It is ideal for newborn babies, as it does not irritate the eyes or the skin. It is free of parabens, dyes, fragrance and silicones.


What is the best Granado soap for athletes?

If you are an athlete invest in Granado Antiseptic soap . The product is indicated for cleaning and asepsis of the feet and armpits, as it eliminates bacteria. The formula is enriched with zinc oxide (has a drying action) and lanolin (prevents skin dryness).


Do I find Glycerin Granado soap?

You find the glycerin soap individually packaged – the packaging is sustainable – in the original versions, with honey, seaweed, almond and fennel.

You also find the product sale together with six units, packaged in colorful redinhas and in the following versions: Tropical fruits fruits and citrus fruits .

Can I give Granado soap as a gift?

If you want to gift a special person, you can choose the soaps from the Vintage line, which brings four soaps with the original Granado mold in printed cans. The options are: Imperial soap, Rosa Damascena, Lemon Tahiti and Néroli and Vanilla.

Another option is the Rótulos can, which brings together five bar soaps with fragrances and classic packaging: Carioca, Um Sonho, Benjoim, Superfino and Salomé. Check the image below:



What are Granado soaps from the Phebo line?

Phebo is a sub-brand of Granado, which produces high quality cosmetics, with striking and original fragrances. You will find glycerin soaps, creamy, classics and a collection of mini soaps.



Purchase criteria: Factors to compare the types of Granado soap

Granado soap has the function of removing impurities and meeting skin needs – astringency, hydration, oil control etc. But with so many options of brand soaps, how to choose the best one? Just follow the tips below:

  • Skin type
  • Active
  • Common soap or hypoallergenic?
  • Liquid or bar?

We will explain each of the items throughout the section.

Skin type

You should choose the Granado soap according to your skin type. Only then analyze the texture – liquid or bar soap – fragrance and packaging.

  • Dry skin : Opt for a moisturizing Granado soap, with a vegetable base and moisturizing agents such as oils and butters. Suggestions: Dermonutritivo or Lanolin soap.
  • Oily skin : Choose a deep cleansing Granado soap. For the face choose a cosmetic with drying properties such as sulfur and salicylic acid. Suggestions: Sulfur soap and sulfur sulfur soap.
  • Sensitive skin : Opt for a hypoallergenic soap. The glycerin soap is released, as long as it is the traditional version. Suggestion: Dermocalmante soap.
  • Mixed skin : Use a soap that controls oiliness in a balanced way. Suggestion: Coconut soap.



For many people, the texture of Granado soap is one of the most important factors in choosing this cosmetic. But the big difference between the products is in the composition of the formula.

  • Active ingredients for oily and acne-prone skin : Salicylic Acid, Sulfur and Zinc Oxide.
  • Assets for dry skin : Murumuru and Shea butter, oat extract, olive and almond oils.

Common soap or hypoallergenic?

If you are allergic or have sensitive skin, opt for a hypoallergenic Granado soap, as the products in this category are free of parabens, dyes and fragrances. Suggestions: Traditional glycerin soap and dermocalmante soap.

Liquid or bar?

When buying a Granado soap, you can choose the liquid or bar version. The difference between them is that the liquid soap has the pH closest to that of the skin, which makes the product smooth in cleaning.

The bar soap is more alkaline – the pH is high – so it is able to remove residues and impurities more deeply.


You can find liquid soap in versions with 50ml – ideal to take in the necessaire – to 500ml. The product can be indicated for cleaning hands, body or face, pay attention to this information, present in the product packaging.

The liquid soap can come in practical packaging, with pump valve – versions with 250, 300 and 500ml – in the tube version (with 50ml) or in the refill version, ideal for refilling the bottle. Check the differences between the two versions in the table below:


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