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Top & Best Tea tree oil Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tea tree oil: How to choose the best essential oil in 2022

Today we are going to talk about tea tree oil, also known as Tea Tree Oil , one of the most used essential oils in aromatherapy and aesthetics.

Tea tree oil has numerous therapeutic properties that aid in the health of the skin of the face – smoothing inflammation caused by acne – of the body, hair, nails, teeth and respiratory system.

It also works in synergy with other essential oils, to clean, purify and calm the environment. If you are interested in knowing all the properties and applications of tea tree oil, read this article.

First, the most important

  • Tea tree oil has several uses: cosmetic (hair, nails and skin), treatment of diseases – dermatological, respiratory and oral – cleaning and purification of the environment.
  • Regardless of the purpose of use, it is essential to dilute tea tree oil in a neutral cosmetic or vegetable oil. Only in the treatment of mycoses, you can apply it pure.
  • You find tea tree oil in bottles of 10 to 30 ml. Although it seems little, the durability of this essential oil is surprising.

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The best tea tree oils: Our tips

Tea tree oil is one of the most versatile essential oils, as it has numerous properties and purposes of use. To help you choose a good product, we have selected the best options in the ranking below.

  • 100% organic and vegan product
  • Ideal for body care
  • Great natural option


Buying Guide

Did you notice that the concern for health and well-being has grown in recent years? From food to physical exercise, this care extended to cosmetics.

One of these natural cosmetics is tea tree oil, which has numerous therapeutic properties and purposes of use. Do you want to meet them? Read this Buying Guide.

What is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is an essential oil obtained from the leaves of an Australian tree called Melaleuca Artenifolia or Tea Tree (in free translation it would be “tea tree”), also grown in countries in South America, Asia and Europe.

This essential oil has a yellowish color and herbaceous aroma. Tea tree oil has the following properties: Antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, germicidal, anti-inflammatory, parasiticidal and healing.

With so many properties, the indications for use are varied. Tea tree oil can be used pure or mixed with other vegetable oils and neutral cosmetics – from body moisturizer to hair mask. The tip is to dilute a drop of the oil in 100ml of another product.



  • It is a versatile oil with numerous cosmetic effects
  • It can also be used to clean and purify the environment
  • Can be inhaled and applied to the skin
  • One bottle yields many applications


  • It is a relatively expensive product
  • Most brands sell bottles with only 10ml
  • It cannot be ingested, as it is toxic

What are the cosmetic benefits of tea tree oil?

Due to its antiseptic and bactericidal properties, tea tree oil can be used to fight the bacterium Propionibacterium Acnes , which causes inflammation in the follicles and causes the formation of blackheads and pimples.

To promote this benefit, you must dilute two drops of tea tree oil in 10 ml of jojoba vegetable oil and apply this mixture directly to the skin, after washing your face with facial soap.

Another option is to apply tea tree oil through vaporization on the face.

You can also make a facial mask with tea tree oil and green (or black) clay to treat acne and facial oils, as esthetician Isabelle Mantini teaches on her Youtube channel:




Unlike other actives, tea tree oil does not cause skin irritation. If you find it necessary, you can seek a dermatologist or aromatherapist to assess your inflammatory condition and recommend the ideal dose for your situation.

Can tea tree oil be used as a deodorant?

You can also use tea tree oil as a deodorant to combat bad odors caused by bacteria and fungi present in the armpits. You can buy products with the active in the formula, have them manipulated or make your own mix:

Dissolve eight drops of tea tree essential oil in 50g of sodium bicarbonate. Store the mixture in a glass bottle – amber – with a spray cap and spray deodorant on your armpits once a day.

What are the benefits of tea tree oil on the skin of the body?

The union of the anti-inflammatory property with the soothing and healing effects, helps to calm irritated skin after epilation and avoid the dreaded folliculitis (inflammation of the follicles).

To take advantage of these effects, mix three drops of tea tree essential oil in a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel / aloe vera and apply to the skin right after the end of epilation.


Is it true that tea tree oil fights dandruff?

Tea tree oil can also be used on the scalp. Its properties help to balance oiliness, treat dandruff, seborrhea and psoriasis.


It has anti-inflammatory action.

In addition to promoting deep cleansing of the scalp and unblocking the follicles, its anti-inflammatory action regulates redness, itching and scaling of the scalp.

You can look for shampoos with tea tree oil in the formula or dilute three drops of tea tree oil in the shampoo when washing your hair.

Another option is to dilute three drops of tea tree oil in one drop of lavender essential oil in 5ml of avocado vegetable oil. Massage the scalp well with this mixture and let it act for 10 minutes, then wash your hair normally.

Can I use tea tree oil on my nails?

Tea tree oil is also used to treat mycosis in the nails, thanks to its fungicidal property. In this case, you should apply a drop of tea tree essential oil directly on the ringworm nail twice a day until healing.



Did you know that tea tree oil also works to strengthen nails? You can apply a few drops of this oil to the treatment base or buy cosmetics with the active ingredient, such as nail regenerator, oil or drying spray.


How to use tea tree oil to treat wounds?

Did you know that tea tree oil can also be used to treat cuts and bruises? The asset enters the first treatment stage, that is, it serves
to clean the wound – thanks to its antiseptic properties.

For this purpose, look for tea tree hydrolate (a by-product derived from the extraction and distillation of Tea Tree barks) and use it directly on the wound to clean it.




How to use tea tree oil to improve oral health?

Due to the bactericidal property, tea tree oil can be used to care for oral health, to fight bad breath, prevent the formation of plaque, tartar, inflammation of the gums and even cavities.

There are already creams and mouthwashes formulated with tea tree oil on the market, but you can dilute a drop of the essential oil in a glass with filtered water, rinse and spit.

You can perform this mouthwash daily. The coolest thing is that despite the yellowish hue, tea tree oil does not stain your teeth.


Does tea tree oil benefit the respiratory system?

Tea tree oil acts in decongesting, because when inhaled, it opens the airways and acts against viruses and bacteria that cause colds, flu and other respiratory diseases.

To take advantage of these benefits, dissolve a few drops of tea tree essential oil in boiling water and inhale this mixture with the aid of a vaporizer or nebulizer.

If you often have nasal co-management, you can perform this procedure every night, before bed. You can also combine tea tree oil with eucalyptus essential oil.


How to use tea tree oil in the environment?

You can also use tea tree oil in your home or office. The scent of tea tree oil is therapeutic, helps to strengthen the immune system and make the environment calmer, relieving the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

You can add two or three drops to the aroma diffuser or pour the same amount into a clean tissue and breathe deeply once a day.


As we already mentioned, tea tree oil fights germs, bacteria and viruses, so it can also be used to clean your home.

To wash the dishes, add a few drops directly into the detergent. To clean the bathroom, mix half a cup of baking soda, complete with vegetable soap and add ten drops of tea tree oil.


“Using essential oils to clean the home is the most practical way to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals in traditional cleaning products”

Another way to use tea tree oil in the environment is as an insect repellent. You can dilute five drops of essential oil in filtered water and place in an electric diffuser or candle.

Is there any contraindication to tea tree oil?

If used in the correct proportions, tea tree oil has no contraindications. But be aware, although tea tree oil can be inhaled or used topically, it cannot be ingested, as it is toxic.

The use for pregnant women is also not recommended – especially in the first six months of pregnancy – as there is no evidence that the components have the ability to cross the placenta.

Irritations or allergic reactions can only happen in people with a predisposition to allergy to tea tree oil.


How much does tea tree oil cost?

The price of tea tree oil varies according to the quantity in milliliters of the bottle and the brand. Products with 10ml cost between R $ 30 and R $ 65. Bottles with 30ml cost between R $ 65 and R $ 85.

Where to buy tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is sold in health food stores and in handling pharmacies. You can also buy the product over the internet at specialized stores, or targeted stores, such as Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing tea tree oil models

Once you know the properties and functionality of tea tree oil, you must be curious to test it, right? But before buying the product, it is important to evaluate some characteristics:

  • Quantity in ml
  • Dripper or dropper?
  • Brand
  • Other components

We will detail each of the criteria throughout this section.

Quantity in ml

You find tea tree oil in bottles of 10, 15, 20 or 30ml. To choose the ideal size, evaluate the frequency of use, after all the product is valid for only one year, so it only pays to invest in a larger bottle if you are really going to use it.

In addition to the quantity in ml, it is important to assess whether the product was filled in a dark, amber, green or purple glass, as bottles in this shade help to preserve the properties of tea tree oil.

Dripper or dropper?

The cap has the function of keeping tea tree oil preserved and avoiding the product’s contact with light and oxygen, which can cause the loss of essential oil properties.

The drip cap is more economical, effective – prevents oil from contacting the environment – and is safe, as it does not spill the product if the bottle falls. The dropper cap helps with specific applications.


When you buy tea tree oil, you will come across products from different brands. To help you choose a quality essential oil, we list the best brands in this segment:

  • WNF
  • doTerra
  • By Samia
  • Phytotherapics
  • Now Foods
  • Raccoon
  • Via Aroma
  • Bio Essence
  • Terra Flor.


Did you know that there is a difference between essential oil and essence? The essential oil is the 100% pure extract, since the essence offers only the aroma of this substance.


Other components

You also find tea tree oil in association with lavender essential oil. The duo has calming and relaxing properties.

Lavender oil has a fresh aroma, is clear in color and mild in viscosity. It has good synergy with tea tree oil, which has a herbaceous aroma, yellowish color and is a little more oily.




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