Top & Best Pre-shampoo Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pre-shampoo: How to choose the best cosmetic in 2022

Which woman does not like the feeling of cleanliness and freshness on the scalp? To achieve this result, it is important to include a pre-shampoo in your hair care routine.

As its name implies, the function of the pre-shampoo is to prepare the hair fiber for washing with conventional shampoo. The cosmetic can act both in the intensification of cleaning, as in the prevention of damages, depending on the product.

Therefore, before buying a pre-shampoo, it is important to identify what are the characteristics and needs of your hair. You can find this and other information in this article. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • There are two versions of pre-shampoo: The first is developed to protect the hair from damage caused by the astringent action of the shampoo. The product should be applied to the length and ends of the hair.
  • The deep cleansing pre-shampoo serves to enhance the action of the shampoo and increase the absorption of conditioning agents. The product should be applied from root to tip.
  • There is also a third option, the exfoliating pre-shampoo, which has granules that promote a gentle exfoliation on the scalp, removing dead cells and product residues.

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Best pre-shampoo models: Our favorites

Are you interested in trying a pre-shampoo, but don’t know which product to buy? Check out our ranking with purchase suggestions and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Buying Guide

When we think about washing our hair, we remember the shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask. But there is a product that precedes the use of these three: the pre-shampoo, do you know?

If you are part of the group of women who have never used this product, know that the pre-shampoo will revolutionize the way you care for your hair. Therefore, we have prepared this Buying Guide with everything you need to know the cosmetic.

What is a pre-shampoo?

Do you know that feeling of heavy, oily-looking hair even after washing? This is because the scalp and hair are overloaded with residues from other products and the daily shampoo cannot penetrate so deeply.

At this time, a pre-shampoo is essential, as the product will unclog the follicles, remove residues from other cosmetics, open the cuticles and allow the conditioner nutrients to be absorbed.


The pre-shampoo is also indicated to prepare the hair fiber to receive deep treatments, promoted by the hair mask, whether for hydration, nutrition or reconstruction.

Ah, in the same way that you choose the shampoo and conditioner according to your type of hair, the pre-shampoo also has variations. We’ll talk about the different products in the next section.


  • Prepares the hair fiber for washing
  • Can act in deep cleaning or protection against damage
  • Different textures: paste, gel, oil, scrub etc.
  • Prepares the threads for treatments such as hydration, nutrition and reconstruction
  • You find versions with exfoliating granules


  • Does not replace conventional shampoo
  • If used frequently it can cause a “rebound” effect

Pre-shampoo: Damage prevention or deep cleansing?

You may be wondering why to apply a product before shampooing. The truth is that there are two answers to this question: to deeply clean or protect the wires.

Pre-shampoo with protective action

The protective pre-shampoo seals the cuticles, preventing the shampoo’s harmful agents from damaging the hair fiber. With regular use, the strands become stronger and healthier.

This cosmetic is ideal for curly and curly hair, which is naturally sensitive. They can also be used by women with colored or bleached hair. The product guarantees color integrity and fiber restoration.


Deep cleansing pre-shampoo

The deep cleansing pre-shampoo serves to remove dead cells and excess oil, promoting the peeling effect . In addition to removing impurities and residues, the product helps to open the hair cuticles.


Adriano Almeidadermatologist

“For those who suffer from excessive oiliness (the pre-shampoo) it is an extra care, which can contribute to hair health”

The result is threads free of impurities and residues left by finishing products such as leave-in, hair oils, fixative spray, styling ointments, among others. The hair is loose, soft and shiny.

An alternative is to use the products interchangeably, that way, you enjoy both effects.

The ideal is to apply the product once a week if the hair is washed daily, or every 15 days if the strands are washed alternately. Overuse can overload the scalp and hair and cause imbalance.

How to apply the pre-shampoo correctly?

The pre-shampoo will be the first product used to wash the hair. Use it in the amount needed to apply from root to tip. Then massage the scalp gently using your fingertips and go down the strands.

Wait for the pause time indicated by the manufacturer, which can be three to ten minutes. Then, rinse your hair to remove all the product and apply a traditional shampoo, preferably milky or pearly, to treat the strands.


For women with dry, damaged, curly or curly hair, it is important to perform a quick hydration – with ampoule or treatment booster – after using the pre-shampoo, to return the nutrients and oil removed by the product.

How much?

The prices of a pre-shampoo vary according to the components of the formula, quantity of product and brand. You find many options for prices between R $ 15 and R $ 40. Some models are more expensive and reach R $ 200.

Where to buy?

You can buy the pre-shampoo in cosmetic stores, in perfumeries.

If you prefer you can buy the product online. Options include virtual cosmetics stores on the Web or department stores like Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare pre-shampoo models

Now that you know the benefits of pre-shampoo, what is the ideal type for your hair’s characteristics and needs and the correct way to apply it, let’s delve into what characteristics you should analyze at the time of purchase:

  • Product texture
  • Quantity in ml
  • Active
  • With or without exfoliating granules?

We will explain each of the items listed above throughout this section. Any questions, leave a comment.

Product texture

The texture of the pre-shampoo varies according to the function of the product. The pre-shampoo that works to prevent damage may have a cream, paste or oil texture. The deep cleansing pre-shampoo can have the texture in gel or oil, with or without exfoliating granules.

Quantity in ml

When buying a pre-shampoo, analyze the quantity in ml that comes in the bottle. You can find smaller versions with 120, 170 or 200 ml, traditional versions with 250 or 300 ml and large glasses with 400 ml.

Tip: sometimes the same product is sold in smaller or larger bottles. If you’ve never used the cosmetic and want to try it out, it’s worth buying a smaller bottle. But if you have already used and like the product, invest in a larger bottle.


Again, the pre-shampoo assets vary by product. In the version that protects the threads against damage, the most common assets are vitamins and amino acids that recover the density (mass) of the threads.

Other very common components are nutritious butters – from Shea or Murumuru – and vegetable oils.

In the deep cleansing pre-shampoo, the most common actives have a refreshing, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action such as mint, green tea, chlorophyll, jambu extract and propolis.

With or without exfoliating granules?

If you are looking for a deep cleansing pre-shampoo you will find conventional products and exfoliating versions, with small spheres that promote a gentle exfoliation on the scalp.

“There are versions with exfoliating particles, which stimulate the cellular renewal of the scalp, helping to balance the root oiliness”

If you choose an exfoliating pre-shampoo, massage a lot both when applying and rinsing the product, as the exfoliating granules do not always come off easily.

Ah, the product should never be used more than once a week, because, in excess, exfoliation can harm the scalp.


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