Top & Best Dual band router Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Dual band router: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome to mypricesaving.coml! Having a fast internet is no longer just a futile wish. We need it to work, talk to loved ones, have entertainment and organize every aspect of life. One device capable of helping with all this is the dual band router.

The big difference of the dual band router is the ability to work with two different frequencies of wifi signal: 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. But is it worth it for you to invest in this device? What are your real advantages? What do these numbers mean? Stay with us to discover all these answers!

First, the most important

  • When working with both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz frequencies, the dual band router offers a wide range of possible uses and configurations.
  • The 5 Ghz frequency is the future of wireless connections, as it has more power and allows a higher speed. However, the 2.4 Ghz signal is also important because it has a better range.
  • Dual band routers are modern devices with excellent features such as signal gain and access control.

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The best dual band routers: Our opinion

The main technology and internet companies already manufacture exceptional models of dual band routers. Knowing this, we researched which are the best available and made a short list of devices that are sure to please you:

  • The most complete dual band router
  • The best cost-benefit
  • For those who put safety first

Buying Guide

If you made it this far, it is because you have doubts about the benefits and differentials of dual band routers. But don’t worry: We research the most frequently asked questions about the device and prepare very complete answers!

Our buying guide is made especially to help you make all the right decisions!

What is a dual band router?

Wirelessly connected devices work over radio waves of a certain frequency. This is not only true for routers, but also for bluetooth devices, cell phones and various other equipment.

For many years, there has been a pattern for the frequency of these signals: 2.4 Ghz. As a result, many of them end up meeting each other, generating congestion that can affect the speed and quality of connections.

Thus, devices capable of operating at a new frequency were created: 5 Ghz. Not only are they able to escape this congestion, they naturally also have better speed.

A dual band router is a wireless internet signal distributor capable of operating on both frequencies: Both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. Thus, it offers you the best of both worlds.

It is a very modern equipment that serves to improve the quality of the internet signal distribution in different environments.


Did you know that there is a standard that defines the functioning of all wireless networks? It is known as IEEE 802.11. The first part of this code is nothing but the acronym for Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

This pattern is followed by virtually all wifi devices that exist. It is practically impossible to find one that is not suitable for IEEE 802.11. Thus, it is rare that compatibility problems arise!

What are the differences between the frequencies of a dual band router?

After all, there are the frequency 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz, and a dual band router allows you to use any of them. But what are the differences?

The first difference is precisely in the amplitude and power of these waves: The 5 GHz frequency offers a much stronger signal and, therefore, faster. On the other hand, 2.4 Ghz also has its advantage: It allows for superior range.

Another issue is the number of channels. For devices that work with 5 Ghz waves, there are 23, while for those with 2.4 Ghz, only three. It is practically impossible to find a jam when using the first option.

The fact that it is more modern and emerged as an option to the 2.4 Ghz signal does not necessarily make the 5 Ghz signal better. Therefore, we have prepared a table comparing the two frequencies:

Why can a dual band router improve your internet?

The first reason the dual band router improves your internet is the most obvious: It offers higher signal strength, leading to higher speed. For domestic activities, such as online games or streaming movies, the difference is considerable.

frequencies, so you can always find the one that works best for the moment. It avoids congestion and recognizes what is ideal for the use that is needed on each occasion.

A signal at 2.4 Ghz is interfered by household devices, such as cordless phones and even microwave devices. Meanwhile, the 5 Ghz band can be damaged by radars and military devices. Having change options to ensure constant performance is always ideal!

Some older devices are not compatible with 5 Ghz signals, so having both options is also an important possibility offered by the dual band router.

See the table below for the main advantages of a dual band router:

What are the ports of a dual band router?

By reading the technical specifications of a dual band router, you may come across information that it has four LAN ports and one WAN, or some variation. What does that mean?

    • LAN port: Means Local Area Network. Fits home or small office networks. This is where the internet server cables for your home or small business should be. There is not much range and the IP has its own mask.
    • WAN port: Acronym for Wide Area Network, this is where the cables for a connection that intends to serve a wide space must be placed. Very large companies, shopping centers, public areas and condominiums need to make use of the WAN. It should not be used for home networks.


Therefore, having a WAN port is only necessary for those who wish to have a large public network. For a home environment, the ideal is the simple presence of LAN ports.

How to configure a dual band router?

The time has gone when configuring a router required the help of a professional. Nowadays, you have access to all the information needed to do so.

After turning on the router, simply connect to it using the access data that must be present on the packaging or on the device itself. Then, enter the IP of the same in your browser and, to be able to manage it, use the username and password also available on the device.


You can choose to leave only one of the bands on, or both.

From there, you will have options to choose between leaving only one of the bands (2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz) on, or using both. The second possibility is more interesting, since the device can move between them according to the moment conditions.

In some models, it is still possible to choose options such as access control (ideal especially for parents of young children), connection filter and interference control. Ideal for those who want to keep their home network running smoothly!

How much does it cost and where to buy a dual band router?

Dual band routers are slightly more expensive than simple models, but still affordable. There are some devices that cost around R $ 150, while other advanced and excellent quality can be purchased with approximately R $ 250.

Computer stores, electronics stores and even large hypermarkets are good places to purchase a dual band router. The internet is also a great option, especially the Brazilian Amazon: It offers a range of models quite satisfactory. Be sure to search international Amazon and Mercado Livre.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a dual band router

Now that you know how much a dual band router can improve your internet, it’s time to know some special criteria that can help you in choosing the best model. We selected four:

  • Maximum speed
  • Antennas
  • Access control
  • Design

Below, we’ll go into more detail about each one!

Maximum speed

Each router has a specification of what the maximum speed it can reach. However, in most cases, this number has no connection with the speed of the internet, which is defined by your provider.

The maximum speed indicated by a router concerns the connection between devices, that is, between it and a computer or cell phone.

You should pay attention to this only if you have an extremely fast connection hired from a provider. In this case, it is necessary for the router to offer an equal or higher speed so that your internet is not harmed.


The antennas of a router have the function of increasing the signal gain. Thus, it is received with more intensity and can be distributed both with more power and with better reach.

Dual band routers are modern devices and have good numbers of antennas.

In the case of dual band routers, it is common to find a large number of antennas: Usually, between three and five. They are modern gadgets, capable of truly transforming the quality of the internet at your location.

However, it is necessary to understand the specifications of these antennas. The value is measured in dBi and indicates how much gain they provide. The bigger the better!

Access control

Do you have small children at home? Would you like to control what kind of content they can access? This may be easier than you think. Most modern routers now offer the ability to block certain types of websites, games or movies.

If this is an important issue for you, check when purchasing the dual band router if it has access control and what are the limitations offered. Thus, you can be very calm about what your children do on the internet!


For some people, all the objects inside the house need to be beautiful and match each other. Knowing this, some of the leading technology companies are concerned with producing routers with a modern and elegant design.

There are routers in various colors and formats. If you want one that effectively matches your room, or that seems to be more of a decorative object, you will surely be able to find it after a little search!

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