Top & Best All in One i7 Review 2022 How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best All in One i7: How to choose the best computer in 2022

Anyone looking for a computer to work on and prioritizes an organized work desk should consider buying an All in One i7. The “all in one” computer contains the main hardware in a machine, has interesting features and superior processing power.

As if that weren’t enough, it comes with a keyboard and mouse, both components without cables. But to find out if the All in One i7 is the best option for your Home Office, you should continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • The All in One i7 has a processor, motherboard, video card and memory device on the back of the monitor – it has no CPU. That is, you will need little space to accommodate your computer.
  • As it requires a larger investment, the All in One i7 is only suitable for users who use heavy software, produce multimedia content or run high-performance games.
  • Evaluate the components of the All in One i7 computer before you buy it, as it is difficult to upgrade this model of computer – one of the disadvantages of the “all in one” computer is the difficulty in assembling and disassembling the machine.

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The best All in One i7 computer: Our recommendations

Are you looking for an All in One i7 computer? Then check out a list of the best options for sale. We bring together models with different technical specifications, from the basic model to the premium model.

  • The best All in One i7 of the moment
  • An option with SSD storage
  • A simpler model

Buying Guide

When purchasing a computer, you should consider certain factors such as the purpose of use, space, and available budget. Anyone who needs a computer to work in a Home Office and has a reasonable budget should invest in an All in One i7, the subject of this Buying Guide.

Who should buy an All in One i7?

The processor is the most important component of the computer, as the hardware turns data into actions. The speed with which the system runs programs, loads pages, and downloads, is the processor’s responsibility.

Most computers use Intel processors, which are classified into different lines and generations. One of the main lines is Intel Core, available in Core i3, i5, i7, and I9 versions.

The Core i7 processor is designed for heavy use. It presents a greater performance in the execution of simultaneous or repetitive tasks – from editing programs to games with heavy graphics.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an All in One i7?

Are you in doubt if the All in One i7 computer is the best option for you? So you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of this model, listed and detailed throughout this section.

Superior performance

The All in One i7 offers excellent cost-benefit for those looking for a computer to work, as it offers superior performance in the execution of various software, such as Adobe’s editing programs – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, among others.

Compact design

This model has a compact design that helps to keep the environment always organized – the absence of the CPU eliminates the need for connection cables.

It is common to find models in several color options besides black, such as white, silver, and gray. The modern and sophisticated design helps to enhance your work environment, whether in a commercial or home office.

Therefore, anyone with a small space and looking for a computer with a capacity greater than a notebook should invest in an All in One.


Many people do not know, but computers in the All in One category can be used as a Smart TV. And many models are equipped with a digital signal receiver and reproduce several channels of open television.

The models that come with digital TV are very interesting for those who have little space or money to purchase both devices. It is also a nice alternative for those who use streaming services like Netflix.

But we recommend that you analyze the size and resolution of the panel, which can influence the image quality and your experience. Another interesting option is to use a computer to play.

Ease of installation

In addition to reducing the number of cables hanging in place, the All in One computer offers ease of installation. You will only need to connect the computer with three cables: Power supply, keyboard, and mouse.

This amount of cables can be even less if you buy a keyboard and mouse with a Bluetooth connection. Check out some articles about these gadgets below:

But just like any other electronic device, the All in One i7 computer has
some disadvantages and may not be suitable for certain situations. Find out more below:

Limited upgrade possibility

Like a notebook, an All in One computer has a compact design and a lack of internal space to accommodate parts. Therefore, do not count on the possibility of upgrading the machine.

In some models, it is possible to expand the capacity of RAM memory or memory hardware, only.

High price

Another disadvantage of the All in One i7 is the high price of the machine, which has a higher price than the notebook and desktop, even offering similar or lower configurations.

To assess whether the investment is worthwhile, you must consider some factors, the main one being the purpose of use. For example, if your intention is to use the computer for games, be aware that the graphics are heavy and the graphics card may not cope, causing the crash and closing the game screen.

This leads us to an important aspect, whoever prioritizes the graphic potential, must be willing to pay dearly for a model with a dedicated video card.

When it broke, it ended

An All in One computer is a single piece, that is, if one of the components breaks, you must take the whole set up for service. In some cases, there is no fix and you must learn to deal with these problems.

If even after knowing the pros and cons of an All in One i7, you are in doubt if you should invest in this equipment, check the table below:

What are the different processors in the Intel Core line?

As mentioned earlier, the Core line processor models are the most popular from Intel. In general, we can say that the higher the identification number, the more advanced the hardware is. We compare the different versions in the table below:

Should I buy an All in One i7 or i9?

As mentioned earlier, the Intel Core processor family is quite diverse. However, we will limit our analysis to models of the premium category (Core i7 and i9) so that you can decide which is the best processor for your machine.

Purpose of use

An All in One i7 computer is developed for professionals who work with high-performance programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Autocad, among others, as the processor offers up to 10 physical processing cores, in addition to Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost functions.

The core I9 processor is designed to meet demands that demand even higher performance. This processor can run several heavy programs at the same time, as it has up to 18 physical processing cores.

Processing speed

The more you require of the computer, the more power is required to perform the tasks. Therefore, one of the criteria to be analyzed and compared between Core i7 and Core i9 processors is the processing speed.

The Core i7 processor is quite agile, as it offers 4.7 GHz of frequency, a smart choice for running professional programs and games. In addition, there are up to 10 cores and can support up to 64GB of RAM.

In contrast, the Core i9 offers a 4.8 GHz frequency combined with up to 18 processing cores and ample RAM capacity.


An issue that must be evaluated when choosing between Core i7 or i9 is the cost-effectiveness of the machine. Assess your needs and the capital available for investment.
Is it better to buy a notebook, desktop or All in One with a Core i7 processor?

The All in One computer is a happy medium between a desktop and a notebook. Many models offer the same hardware found in notebooks, as limited space requires smaller components.

In addition, as each square centimeter is used, the space for air circulation is compromised. And the All in One does not support internal cooling components like a desktop.

For these reasons, buying an All in One may mean investing in a laptop-like computer.


Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different models of All in One i7

Even if you have decided to buy an All in One computer with a Core i7 processor, several technical specifications need to be evaluated and compared at the time of purchase, as they change from one model to another:

  • Processor specifications
  • RAM memory
  • Internal storage
  • Graphics card
  • Data security

We will detail these criteria throughout this section. In case of doubt or suggestion, leave a comment below.

Processor specifications

If you are thinking of buying an All in One i7, know that there are several versions of this processor and each model has different characteristics such as generation, clock speed, number of cores and cache memory.

The processor clock represents the speed at which the processor runs. This speed is calculated by the number of cycles per second and is measured in Megahertz (MHz) or Gigahertz (GHz).

The higher the clock, the faster the processor, but the greater the heating and, consequently, the greater the power consumption.

Another variable that influences processing speed is cache memory. Again, the greater the memory capacity, the better the machine’s performance.

The number of physical processing cores, on the other hand, varies from four to ten, and the greater the quantity, the better the execution of multiple tasks.

Regarding the generation of the processor, the more recent, the better the performance of the hardware, because with each generation technological advances appear in relation to the previous generation.

In addition, a newer generation processor offers better battery life. To find out what is the generation of the Core i7 processor, analyze the numbers that follow the identification – for example, the i7-10XXX processor belongs to the 10th generation.

RAM memory

Another feature that deserves your attention at the time of purchase is the computer’s RAM memory, responsible for running and managing programs, applications and internet tabs in consecutive or simultaneous use.

You can find models of All in One i7 with 4 to 64GB of capacity. Want to know how much RAM you need to perform your everyday activities? Check out the information below:

  • 4G RAM : Basic user, who accesses the internet and uses Office suite programs.
  • RAM 8G : Intermediate user who uses lighter editing programs and games with simple graphics.
  • 16GB RAM : Power user, who uses several heavy programs at the same time and likes to play in his spare time.
  • RAM greater than 16GB : User using ultra heavy programs or gamers.

Internal storage

Another technical specification that must be evaluated is the internal storage hardware. Your options are a HD with 500GB, 1TB or 2TB of memory or an SSD with 64GB to 256GB of capacity.

Although the SSD has less storage capacity, it is important to mention that the hardware adds ultra speed to the computer, while the HD does not influence this feature.

Graphics card

When purchasing an All in One i7, evaluate the computer’s graphics card, especially if you are a gamer or work with multimedia editing software, as the computer’s graphics processing is done by the video card.

We recommend that you choose a computer with an integrated video card, as the hardware has dedicated memory, that is, it does not use the machine’s RAM memory!

Data security

Like other Intel processors, the Core i7 has an integrated security system. This protection makes browsing, virtual payments and password logins more secure.

However, some models have additional security features such as fingerprint reader, facial recognition or speech recognition, which are simple but effective features.



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