Top & Best HP Cartridge Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best HP Cartridge: Learn how to choose the best in 2022

For high-quality prints, whether black or white or color, it is very important to use quality inks, such as those used in the HP cartridge.

One of the most recognized brands on the market, HP is one of the leaders when it comes to printers and copying machines, but to take advantage of its full potential, it is very important to use the original cartridges.

That is why today, at, we will explain more about these cartridges, giving information and tips on how to buy and exchange more safely, without mess or leaks.

First, the most important

  • Using incompatible cartridges can damage your printer.
  • To facilitate the purchase, check the sticker on the cartridges, as they indicate the correct model when replacement is necessary.
  • It is always important to choose an original HP cartridge to ensure the quality of your ink and printing.

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Best HP cartridges: Our recommendations

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Buying Guide

Printers, whether professional or for home use, are increasingly popular, especially multifunctional models. And to ensure durability and prevent damage, using a good original HP cartridge is essential.

See our buying guide for some more tips and product information.

What is an HP cartridge and why do they have more quality?

The cartridge is nothing more than a container responsible for storing the ink that will be used in your prints. Although it is possible to carry out a refill, the ideal is to carry out the total replacement of the cartridge, preferably choosing a quality brand such as HP.

Known as Hewlett-Packard, the famous HP was founded by two American students in 1939, introducing their famous inkjet printers in 1983, causing a revolution in the market.

Through massive investments in new technologies it has become one of the giants of the printing market, using only the best materials in its inks and ensuring that they last up to four times longer than its competitors.



Did you know that HP also invested in computers, launching its first model, the HP-85 in 1983 in conjunction with its laser printer?


How to change the HP cartridge?

Cartridge replacement is very simple. First, turn on the printer and place a blank sheet on the paper tray. Then, just open the cartridge access door and wait for the carriage to stop in the center position.

Lightly press the end of the cartridge and pull it out until you feel it is loose. Now just remove the cartridge, pulling it upwards. Remove the seal from your new cartridge, and, holding it by its sides, insert it into the slot.

Finally, close the access cover and print a test page to see if everything went well.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of HP cartridges?

HP cartridges have their advantages, as they offer higher print quality, extend the life of the printer and last longer than generic models.

However, there are two disadvantages to be aware of. Besides they cost a little more, you must always check the model of the cartridges and check the compatibility with your printer before making the purchase.

What is the best type of cartridge for your printer?

We currently deal with three main categories of cartridges. Factory originals are the safest and do not pose any compatibility risks, but they are also the most expensive.

In the case of compatible cartridges, they are manufactured by other companies, being a great resource in emergencies, since they are in a more affordable price range. However, it is worth mentioning that they may not perform as well as an original cartridge.

And finally, we have the refurbished cartridges, which are recycled and refilled, allowing them to be used several times. They are also among the cheapest cartridges on the market.

In the case of refurbished cartridges, it is very important to be aware of the amount of refills already made, to ensure that there are no problems during printing or damage to your device, after all, they can clog during refills or be damaged.

How much does a good HP cartridge cost?

The price of cartridges can vary widely from colors, net weight and even the printer model with which they are compatible. In the case of black HP cartridges, they vary an average of R $ 30 to R $ 150.

The color cartridges can be found in a range that goes from R $ 40 to R $ 130. In the cartridges for laser printer toners the price can reach more than R $ 1000.

Where to buy an HP cartridge?

You can find HP cartridges at stores specializing in computer supplies or office supplies, but also at stationery stores and even some large retailers.

However, if you are looking for a specific model difficult to find in your region, you can appeal to the internet. Amazon offers HP cartridges of various models and delivery is fast and secure.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider before purchasing an HP cartridge

Now that you understand a little better about the benefits and advantages of having only genuine HP cartridges, you still need to be aware of a few factors to ensure that they really fit your needs.
Check out the topics below that we have separated for you.

  • Ink Type
  • Net weight
  • Compatibility
  • Durability

After reading these last criteria carefully, you will be ready to enter a world of prints with unmatched quality.

Ink Type

HP currently works with two types of inks, pigmented or dye. In the case of pigmented ink, it has less gloss, greater water resistance and ensures better fixation on plain paper.

The dye inks are more suitable for color printing, since they have more brightness and a greater variety of tones, resulting in sharper and more vibrant images.

To find out the type of ink, check the manufacturer’s packaging and specifications before making a purchase.

Net weight

Another important factor to be aware of is the net weight of the cartridges, that is, the amount of ink they have.

Most inkjet printer cartridges are 8 to 9 ml, while toner cartridges range from 100 to 300 ml. In the case of traditional cartridges, this ink is capable of producing around 100 prints.

There are also XL cartridges, which have triple the volume when compared to traditional cartridges, so they produce triple prints. They are considered ecologically friendly, as they last much longer than traditional ones. However, its price is higher.


Just a quick glance at the packaging of HP cartridges is enough to notice a lot of numbers. And these are the numbers you should look for when buying your cartridge.

Generally, on the side of the product there is a short list with the line of printers and the models with which they are compatible. In the case of other printers, you need to do a search or consult the seller to avoid an accidental purchase.


The most recommended is to use the cartridge until the end and then replace it with a new one, but it is also possible to refurbish them and even carry out refueling at your home or at a specialized store.

Just remember that the ink used in remanufacturing houses may not be of the same quality, so always prefer original HP cartridges. Despite the price, the quality of the prints made using genuine HP cartridges is indisputable.

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