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Top & Best Gas barbecue Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Gas barbecue: What’s the best of 2022?

Here you will know everything about an item that is still a little controversial in Brazil: the gas grill! Despite being very common in countries like the United States of America, this appliance is not widely used here.

There are gas grills of different types, sizes and models. Some are more like a charcoal grill. Others are more compact and have rotating skewers. There are also small ones that can be used on the stove as if they were a pan.

If you got to this article it is because you want to know what are its advantages and disadvantages, and we will tell you. We will explain what the difference is with each type of gas grill and help you decide. Liked? Then read on to know everything about this appliance.

First, the most important

  • There are three main types of barbecue grills on the market: gas, charcoal and electricity. Each has its specificities and is suitable for different needs.
  • There is still a lot of prejudice with the gas grill, but it has many benefits. Among them, this appliance preserves your health and the environment more. In addition, it is much more practical and safe!
  • There are several models of gas barbecue available: with wheels, inlaid, with rotating skewers and even those that are used as pots on the stove! You will find the ideal option for your needs!

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Best gas grills: Our favorites

The gas grill can also provide a delicious barbecue on Sundays. If you are looking for the best models of this type of barbecue, you have arrived at the right place. We list the best options on the market for you to choose yours:

  • To feel at an American barbecue
  • Gas barbecue for apartment
  • Portable and practical gas barbecue

Buying Guide

It is not because the meat is not smoked that it is not delicious! The gas barbecue is soft and juicy, contrary to what many think. The gas barbecue has many other advantages that we will detail throughout the guide.

Read on to learn all about this type of barbecue and decide if it is right for you and your family.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the gas grill?

One of the main reasons for consumers to purchase the gas grill is the fact that it is a more sustainable option. The burning of charcoal and firewood is not harmful to the environment and, moreover, to your health.

This leads us to the second reason why more and more people are opting for the gas grill. When you roast meat with charcoal, the fat falls into the flames, producing toxic smoke.

In an interview with the portal Uol, Adelaide Cassia Nardocci, a professor at USP, says that this smoke usually contains hydrocarbons, a substance potentially identified as a carcinogen and that can cause respiratory damage.



Adelaide Cassia NardocciTeacher

“In general, the meat stays on the grill for a long time and the fat is burned as it increasingly involves the food. Made this way, the harmful substances are increased. It is absolutely inadvisable to expose the meat to smoke.”

The advantages do not stop there. Another reason to purchase this type of appliance is the time it takes to prepare the meat and easy to light it.

You have probably gone through that recurring situation at barbecues: the difficulty of lighting the charcoal. With the gas grill, roasters are faster and keep the heat stable.

Safety is also a factor that can influence your purchase. This is a better option especially for those who live with the elderly and children. With the gas grill, just press the ignition button to start roasting your meat. It is not necessary to expose yourself to the dangers and dirt of coal.

Of course, in the midst of all these advantages there is a disadvantage that is probably one of the only ones of the device.

Those who are more traditional do not change the charcoal barbecue because they think it is the only one that provides that special flavor to the barbecue. Are they wrong? Yes and no.

The gas grill provides a lot of flavor to the barbecue. It leaves the meat juicy and tender, with a crunchy layer on the outside. However, in fact, the barbecue roasted on charcoal has a peculiar taste. This is because meat drops fat and protein in the charcoal, which, when mixed with charcoal lignin, produces a characteristic aroma.

This table summarizes well the benefits and possible disadvantages of the gas grill:

That is, the gas grill provides several benefits and advantages for your health and convenience. It is worth weighing in the balance and deciding which is the best option for your needs.

Gas, electric or charcoal barbecue?

There are three main types of barbecue available on the market: gas, charcoal or electricity. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and are best for different types of environments.

As seen in the previous topic, the gas grill is a great option for the environment and your health.

In addition, this model offers several other benefits. Some of them are practicality to operate and clean, quick heating and cooking, ease of installation and safety.

Electric grills also stand out for their practicality and absence of smoke. The two models (gas and electricity) are very similar, differing only in the mode of operation.

For those who are happy to play the role of barbecue and eat smoked meat, the charcoal barbecue is the best option.

It gives the meat a very characteristic taste, similar to bacon. However, it has been proven to be harmful to health, in addition to being able to be used only in outdoor spaces.

How much?

Because it is available in several different models, a gas grill can have extremely varied prices.

The appliance is available in different sizes and with different technologies. If you prefer a more compact and simple model, you can find them from R $ 220.

Those larger grills that are ideal for gardens and large barbecues cost a lot more. An American-style model can cost from R $ 4,000 to R $ 20,000.

In short: there are several models of gas barbecue. Certainly one of them fits your needs and your budget.

Where to buy?

As it is a more specific product, it is not available in all physical stores. However, if you prefer to see the product before purchasing it, you can do it in large stores.

If your business is shopping online, it will be much easier to find a gas grill perfect for your needs. With a quick search, you will find the best models on Amazon. When making an online purchase, always choose trusted and well-known websites.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare gas grill models

If you made it this far, you probably enjoyed all the benefits that a gas grill can provide. However, there is still a lot to think about before deciding which model is right for you.

As with most products, there are some specific features that must be taken into account before you purchase your gas grill. These are some of them:

  • Models
  • Possible baking techniques
  • Type of environment
  • Size and capacity
  • Purpose of purchase
  • Gas inlet

There are many things to check before making your purchase. But do not worry, we will explain point by point so that there is no doubt.


This type of barbecue has a very diverse range of types and models. These are the main ones: Barbecue with trolley, built-in, rotary and stove. Let’s see the characteristics of each one.

The built-in and stove models are the only ones that do not allow great mobility. The sausage will be stuck in a specific space, which can be in your kitchen or outside. The stove, as the name suggests, can be used only as if it were a pan.

Barbecues with trolleys and rotary grills allow greater mobility and can be used outdoors. They are perfect for that outdoor barbecue to enjoy the summer with a beer by the side.

If you usually cook barbecues for a few people, the small rotary and stove models are great options. If your family enjoys barbecuing almost every weekend and for more people, the barbecue with trolley or sausage may be a good option.

Possible baking techniques

Some models of gas barbecue have rotating skewers and tangential burner. They allow you to choose some baking techniques. If you like to vary, you need to pay attention to that.

These are some of the possible baking techniques with these models:

  • Grilling : It is necessary to use only the lower heat source.
  • Charbroilar : A closed lid is required to generate heat at the top, roasting by infrared radiation.
  • Rotate : With rotating skewers you can rotate, relying on the posterior heat source in infrared.

Types of environment

Each gas grill is suitable for a different type of environment. If you live in a small apartment, you will need an indoor model. For those who have a garden, the models can be different.

The grill with cart, for example, is perfect for an outdoor barbecue. As it takes up a lot of space, it will not be very comfortable for small kitchens. Rotating grills, however, can work both indoors and outdoors. This will depend only on the size chosen.

The stove and built-in grills will be better for those who want to roast meat indoors. However, the stove is more suitable for small barbecues, while the sausage can serve several people.

Size and capacity

If you live alone and rarely barbecue, there is no need for a large, spacious barbecue. Taking this factor into account is essential to ensure more practicality for you.

For those who cook little, the stove grill may be more suitable. By making small portions, it is ideal for fast cooking and without waste. Large families, on the other hand, need a bigger barbecue, so you don’t have to roast meat all day.

Purpose of purchase

Some people purchase a gas grill to satisfy sporadic cravings. However, in Brazil, it is very common for families to organize barbecues quite frequently. Regardless of whether you are a sporadic or regular barbecue, there is the right type of gas barbecue for you.

If your goal is to roast meat from time to time, choose small, easy-to-store models. For those who want to purchase the barbecue for recurring use, the ideal is a larger model.

There are also those who purchase the gas grill for sale. Nowadays, several professional grills are adopting the gas grill. This is because it is much more practical and provides greater productivity.

If this is the case, it is necessary to buy a specific barbecue, which has greater capacity. Some brands of LPG gas already market this type of barbecue.

Gas inlet

Those who live in an apartment, may face the difficulty of using LPG gas. In the city of São Paulo, for example, the use of traditional cylinders is prohibited by Technical Instruction No. 28/2004 of the Fire Department. If you live in an apartment with piped gas, you will need to take specific measures.

As with the purchase of a stove, it will be necessary to modify the gas inlet. To do this, just contact the grill manufacturer or the company indicated.

After following these steps, just turn on the barbecue at the gas inlet and start roasting your barbecue!






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