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Best Soluble coffee Review: Discover the best one

This time we are going to talk about a product that can help you start your day strong and in the best way possible. It can also give you extra energy and stamina, and help you forget about sleep. All of these benefits can be found in a delicious cup of instant coffee.

Instant coffee or instant coffee is one of the most popular forms of coffee around the world. It was the renowned Nestlé brand that at the end of 1938 discovered an innovative dehydration process that would allow its production. This product largely retains its original flavor and aromas.

This coffee presentation is one of those products you can’t miss to review with us. The practical and economical nature of this product makes it a very interesting option for deep lovers. So let’s begin to find out more about this faithful companion of so many people and homes.

The most important

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  • Soluble coffee is a derivative of coffee beans. Contrary to popular belief, instant coffee should be considered coffee. The latter offers important advantages for the consumer, such as convenience, good quality and low cost.
  • There are two dehydration processes that make it possible to obtain quality soluble coffee. On the one hand, there is the dry process known as atomization. On the other hand, there is the cold drying process known as freeze drying. Freeze drying is the highest quality process and allows obtaining a superior product.
  • In order to make the best choice of quality soluble coffee, four aspects must be taken into account. These have a direct impact on the features and quality of the product. Type of coffee bean, caffeine concentration, processing and packaging.


Buying guide: What you need to know about instant coffee

Much has been written about instant coffee, however, we know you want valuable, at-a-glance information before making the best decision. For this reason, below we will review together the important points you should consider about this product before making a good purchase.


What is instant coffee and what are its advantages?

Soluble coffee is a derivative of coffee beans, which is obtained through careful dehydration processes. This conditioning allows it to rehydrate and dilute in contact with hot water.

Quality soluble coffee has many of the same characteristics and benefits as coffee beans. It is often said that instant coffee is not really coffee. However, this type of claim is really a myth due to misinformation.

In order to obtain this product, beans are first selected. Then roasting, dissolving in hot water to extract soluble solids and dehydrating are carried out.

  • Easy and quick to prepare
  • Easy to transport
  • decaffeinated possible
  • economic price
  • Aroma and flavor reduction
  • Lose 20-30% of the nutrients in the coffee bean
  • Leaves traces at the bottom of the cup


Dry or cold dehydrated soluble coffee – what to look for?

There are two different dehydration processes to obtain a quality soluble coffee as a final result. On the one hand, we have the dry dehydration process called the atomization process. On the other hand, we have the cold dehydration process known as the freeze-drying process.

Atomization process . Coffee is dried with hot air at a very high temperature. Due to the latter, the aromas, compounds and properties of coffee are lost in a proportion of approximately 20%. This process is the pioneer for obtaining soluble coffee and the most efficient. However, it does not provide the best possible result.

Freeze-drying process . This consists of bringing the coffee extract to temperatures below -50°C. Here the coffee is below the freezing point, which makes it possible to obtain and preserve soluble coffee. It also prevents the loss of flavors and attributes of the drink.

atomization processlyophilization process
AromaModeratedeep and strong
FlavorMarkedvery marked
ConservationBetween 6 and 10 monthsMinimum 1 year

Purchasing Criteria

We consider it important that you take into account a series of essential criteria so that you can make an optimized purchase tailored to your needs. Please pay special attention to the following section. The aspects to be analyzed are as follows:

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  • Coffee beans
  • Caffeine concentration
  • Processing
  • Packaging


Coffee beans

The most important thing to take into account when choosing a quality soluble coffee is the type of coffee beans that were used to make the product. The different types on the market are made from Arabica coffee beans, Robusta coffee beans or a mixture of both.

Arabica. This is ideal if you are not looking for a high dose of caffeine. Caffeine concentration is twice as low in Arabica as in Robusta. Also, this option is the most suitable if you prioritize the aroma and texture of the drink. Ideal if you have sensitive digestion.

Robust. This option is most suitable if you are looking for a cheaper option than Arabica. On the other hand, this is an appropriate choice if you are looking for a more pronounced and bitter taste. Also remember that this option has twice the caffeine.

Blend . This is a mix of different coffee beans. If you are looking for a different balance of coffee flavor, aroma, properties and texture, then this is the best option for you. Also, this option will allow you to find a more specific drink according to your taste.

Caffeine concentration

The concentration of caffeine in each coffee can vary. It is important that you know which level is most appropriate for you. You can do this through practice and starting to drink this energizing drink in small doses. Soluble coffee gives you a great option to dose and even eliminate caffeine if you so desire.

Caffeine . Keep in mind that instant coffee generally has a lower concentration of caffeine than roast and ground coffee. On the other hand, you can easily drink more cups of this type of coffee because of its convenience. This way you can find a larger amount of caffeine if you wish.

Caffeine free . If you are looking for a caffeine-free coffee, instant coffee is the most suitable option for you. This is because this presentation is practically the only one that offers a decaffeinated option. However, you should be aware that taste and aroma will be slightly affected in this case.

“There’s nothing like a cup of coffee to stimulate brain cells.” Sherlock Holmes


Coffee processing is the way in which coffee beans are obtained for roasting. Every aspect of coffee processing has an impact on the taste and aroma of coffee, and coffee processing is no exception. Let’s now review the three types of processing.

Cleaning. This is the right processing to pass your instant coffee if you are looking for more acidic flavors. On the other hand, it will give a lighter body to your drink. Finally, this is the most economical option for you.

Honey. If you are looking for full-bodied, full-flavoured coffee, this is the right process to pass your instant coffee. However, it is important to note that this will have an impact on the price of the product.

Natural . If you are looking for a coffee with a heavy body, light acidity and a strong flavor and aroma, this is the right processing. In this case, you should also keep in mind that this option will increase the price of soluble coffee.



This aspect has an important impact on preserving the quality of soluble coffee and its conservation over time. For these reasons it is important that you are aware of the properties of each type of packaging.

Glass packaging . The most important advantage of this type of material is its transparency. This will allow you to observe the condition of the product inside the package at all times. In addition, the opening and closing system will be very practical. Finally, keep in mind that glass is the best material for storing food.

Laminated packaging . If you need a disposable option, this container is right for you. Laminates provide total protection against gas and moisture. This will allow you to preserve the aroma and flavor in the long term, as long as you don’t open the container. Once opened, you have a maximum of one week to consume the product.

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