Top & Best Printer ink Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Printer ink: See how to choose the best of 2022

Printers, especially those with inkjet cartridges, have become very popular and it is becoming easier to have one at home. And, to avoid headaches, it’s good to think about ink for the printer.

Today, at we will explain to you a little better about printer ink and how in some models it is possible to carry out refueling quickly and conveniently.

Although there are establishments offering the service of refueling, it is very easy to carry out the process in your home and many brands offer their own refills. Check out our full review for more details.

First, the most important

  • Refilling cartridges is almost exclusive to inkjet printers.
  • Before purchasing the refill, make sure it is the same brand and compatible with your printer.
  • To refuel, remember to cover a countertop and use gloves to reduce the risk of mess and stains on your furniture.

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The best printer inks: Our suggestions

Having a printer at home is no longer a luxury, as they are increasingly affordable. And if you’re having fun or using it for work, few things are worse than running out of ink in the middle of the process. So, see here the best printer inks on the market to refill your cartridges.

  • A model well rated by users
  • Best colorful set
  • The best cost-benefit

Buying Guide

In the past it was necessary to have a real paraphernalia to change the ink of the printer, mainly in times when the refueling demanded the violation of the cartridge in many printers.

It didn’t take long for brands to realize the advantage of working to develop more accessible ways for the average user to refill their cartridge at home, offering their own refills.

And, with so much variety, be sure to follow our Buying Guide to understand more about the processes and the best inks for your printer.

What is printer ink?

When it comes to home printers, the most famous are inkjet printers, which have refillable cartridges and make black and white and color prints.

They can use two types of inks, dyes and pigments. They are mainly made up of water, solvents, additives and coloring materials, usually in black, magenta (red), cyan (blue) and yellow.

Dye inks are ideal for color printing, as they are more vivid and vibrant. They also have an advantage because they have less incidence of clogging the cartridge head.

The pigmented inks are intended for printing in black and white, since they have less gloss, but greater fixation. Therefore, when buying your refills, be aware of this detail to ensure better quality prints.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of printer ink?

Printer refills offer several advantages, after all, it is cheaper to change the ink than the whole cartridge. You can choose the best type of ink for your prints and this is also an ecologically sustainable option, since it reduces the waste of materials.

However, there are some disadvantages to note. You need to buy the right ink for your printer to avoid damage, the refilling process can cause mess and dirt and, in some cartridges and refills, you need to use syringes, which requires some care.

How to refill the ink cartridge?

Unfortunately, printer ink is still an expensive material, so when refilling your cartridge, care is taken to avoid waste.

Although some printers already have simpler cartridges, which facilitates replacement, in most inkjet printers, the process requires some care.

  1. First, choose a workbench and cover it with a little paper towel, in case of accidents.
  2. Then, carefully remove the label on the top of the cartridge to find the holes for filling.
  3. Before carrying out the process, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In most cases, the only hole that accepts paint is the one with a small sponge.
  4. Using a syringe, pierce this hole until you feel the needle hit the bottom.
  5. So just add the paint slowly, remembering not to overfill it so there are no leaks.
  6. Then, just cover the holes with the label itself or a piece of adhesive tape.

It is very important not to carry out the process while the cartridge is in the printer, as if there are leaks, it can damage the product.

How much does a printer ink cost?

The price of printer ink can vary widely according to its colors, product quality and net weight. Black ink refills are usually the cheapest, ranging from R $ 5 to R $ 10.

The colored ones can be found in kits or individually and cost a little more, ranging from R $ 10 to R $ 50, with some reaching more than R $ 100, depending on their quality.


Where to buy printer ink?

If you are the happy owner of a multifunction printer, you must have gone through that inconvenient moment when the ink ends up in the middle of printing.

Fortunately, today it is very easy to find refills for refilling, either in stores specializing in computer products or even in stationery stores. And, if you don’t mind waiting for delivery, you can also find them on the internet, at major distributors like Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: What to consider before buying printer ink

As you can see throughout our review, using printer ink is much cheaper, practical and sustainable. But, as each printer model has a type of cartridge, it is important to make the right choice to avoid headaches.

Thinking about it, we have separated for you some criteria that are important at the time of purchase so that you can be sure you made the best choice.

  • Colors
  • Net weight
  • Compatibility
  • Ink Type

Check each of the topics below carefully to understand a little more about the product and how to get professional-quality prints on your inkjet printer.


Most home printers currently work with two cartridges: one for black ink and one for color. The most important thing here is to note if the refills are compatible with your printer.

Another determining factor is quality, so, if possible, choose the refills made by the printer manufacturer. This guarantees a longer cartridge life and a greater number of prints without sacrificing quality.


Did you know that the base colors for a printer are black, yellow, cyan and magenta? From them it is possible to arrive in all other necessary colors.


Net weight

Another determining factor for the purchase is the net weight of the packaging, that is, the amount of ink available per refill. Currently, most manufacturers offer pots from 100 to 500 ml, although it is possible to find some with up to 1 liter.

The size of the ink cartridge depends a lot on one printer for another, as well as its capacity. In addition, you do not have to wait until the cartridge is empty before replacing.

As it is common to have a little ink left in the refills after refilling, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on storage so that they last longer and do not end up drying out.


As we said earlier, it is very important to check that the ink you are purchasing is compatible with your cartridge and your printer. In addition to maintaining quality, this can prevent damage.

And it is not difficult to identify this information, since most manufacturers make available in the packaging the series of printers with which the ink is compatible.

Ink Type

Finally, it is also worth paying attention to the type of paint. Throughout the article you saw that it is possible to find dyes and pigments, which are a little thicker.

Especially in this case, it is important to check if the cartridge is suitable for receiving the type of ink you want to put. In some cartridges, using thicker inks can clog the printhead.



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