Top & Best Universal notebook charger Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


Top & Best Universal notebook charger: How to choose the best in 2022?


Hello! Welcome to another article! The subject we are going to address today may be of interest to just about everyone: universal notebook charger.

Who has never lost a charger? Or did you have to borrow from someone, but he was not compatible? With a universal, you will no longer have these problems and your laptop battery will always be charged.

But there are many options and choosing the best one for your needs can be a challenge. To help you, check out our model tips, prices, advantages and disadvantages and more!

First, the most important

  • The universal notebook charger is a very interesting accessory, as it is capable of charging a variety of different models of laptops through a single product.
  • In addition, the accessory is capable of doing this simultaneously and can be used by more than one person at the same time. It can also offer some differentials, such as USB input for mobile devices and LED operation indicator lights.
  • The universal notebook charger is available at various prices. This guide lists models that cost between R $ 70 to R $ 150.

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Ranking: The 4 best universal notebook chargers

Before choosing your universal notebook charger, get to know some models and their main features. This way, you will surely find the ideal model for your needs. See our list below:


Buying Guide

The notebook has practically become an essential piece of equipment. Whether to work, study, have fun or spend time. Within these scenarios you have certainly gone through some tightening and been without the battery charger, right?

In such cases, a universal notebook charger can be a good solution. It has pins compatible with several laptops and can help a lot when charging your computer. See our tips and know which one to choose!

What is the universal notebook charger?

It may seem a little obvious to explain what a laptop charger is, but do you know what a universal notebook charger is? Unlike the conventional one, it has more than one tip and is compatible with different models.

Who never ended up running out of battery while using a notebook? But if you are away from home or have lost the source, the universal charger is a practical and interesting solution.

Because it has different outlet tips, which can be plugged into different laptop inputs, more than one computer can be charged on a single charger.

In addition to charging the laptop battery, some models also have a USB port, while charging mobile devices.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the universal notebook charger?

The main positive point of the universal charger is that a single source is compatible with different notebook models, bringing convenience to the user.

Another advantage is that some models of this accessory can also charge mobile devices through a USB port, being a two in one product.

The universal notebook charger is also interesting, as it can charge more than one laptop at the same time, and can be used by several people simultaneously.

In addition, it is a good replacement if you lose the original charger, as it usually costs less than the brand and works very well.

As a disadvantage is the fact that it is necessary to use it with care, checking the position of the pins in the voltage so that they are not inserted incorrectly, damaging the laptop.

Are you interested, but want to see the advantages and disadvantages in table format? Check it out below!

What are the differences between a universal notebook charger and an ordinary charger?

There are not many differences between a conventional notebook charger and a universal one, but there are some characteristics that differentiate each other. See the table below for the main differences between them and better understand how each one works.

How much?

The universal notebook charger can be found at various prices, which vary according to the brand, power, number of pins and other details. However, it is not an extremely expensive accessory.

In our Guide we list models of the universal source for laptops that cost at least R $ 70, and at most R $ 150.

Where to buy?

The universal notebook charger is for sale in electronics or department stores,

To buy online, visit the sites Amazon. Usually, purchasing products over the internet offers more advantages, since you can get better prices and receive your equipment in the comfort of your home.

And if you choose this last option, be sure to read the comments and reviews of those who have already purchased the universal charger in question so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Universal Notebook Chargers

Choosing between different models of universal notebook charger can be a complex task, as there are many options. Although they all have the same function, they are different from each other.

We have raised the purchase criteria below that will help you to compare the different types and versions of charger. Check out what they are.

  • Number of pins
  • Brand
  • Wattage
  • Additional Details
  • Prices

Now we will detail each of the purchase criteria so that you make the best possible choice of the universal notebook charger.

Number of pins

The number of pins is an important factor in choosing the universal charger, as this will dictate how many notebooks can be charged simultaneously or how many different models will be compatible.

You can choose sources that offer eight, nine, ten or even more connectors, which carry laptops from various brands, such as Dell, Compaq, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Sony and more.

Remember: the more pins, the more different notebook versions the universal charger will be compatible with, but care must be taken when connecting them, paying attention to their voltage.


The purchase of computer accessories and electronic devices is often influenced by the brand. Some companies have strong market credibility with their products.

The universal notebook charger is no different. It needs to be of quality and a trusted brand, after all, it will be directly linked to the operation of the notebook and its battery.

Therefore, research the manufacturer well, if you do not know it, or, if it is a brand already known to you, check if the product in question meets all your needs.


As it is a charger, a battery feeder, it is very important that it has a power capable of delivering what it promises: a laptop with a full battery.

The power will influence how quickly the load will be carried out. You can find sources with 65W, 90W, 96, 100W, 120W and so on.

Additional Details

Additional details include features such as USB port for connecting mobile devices, LED lights to check operation, type of outlet, vehicle input, among others.

Universal charger models may or may not have these characteristics and, depending on your needs, they may – or may not – be useful for you.

A source with UBS input can be very nice, for example, because you can charge your cell phone or other electronic device at the same time, without having theplug. This ends up bringing even more practicality to the universal charger.


Generally, everything related to the computer and electronics world ends up being influenced by how much the product costs. This ends up being a purchase criterion also for universal chargers, as they are sold at a wide range of prices.

You find some options very well, with less quality and durability, but that can break that branch. However, investing in a more expensive source will be worth it in the future.

It will not only last longer, it will also have more guarantee that it will work perfectly and will not damage your notebook. The choice is up to you!


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