Top & Best Broom Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Broom: What is the best model in 2022?

When thinking about cleaning a house, one of the first things that crosses your mind is sweeping the floor. In today’s article we will talk about the broom, an indispensable item in any home.

It is with the broom that dirt is removed on the floor after meals, the insistent dust that remains in the corner of the room and in the rooms, that the bathroom is cleaned and that leaves are fallen in the yard and on the balcony.

To ensure cleanliness, the ideal is always to have more than one. From the simplest models, like the bristle brooms, to the more sophisticated ones, like the electric ones, there are options for all tastes and floors. Know a little more about each one to know which one is right for you.

First, the most important

  • As cleaning the house is practically a daily task, brooms, in addition to being efficient, need to provide comfort for those who use them. The ideal is that its use does not cause any pain in the spine or other members of the body.
  • Choosing the right model for your home, in addition to sweeping surfaces more efficiently, also helps to optimize cleaning time. The ideal is always to have an option for the internal area of ​​the residence and another for the external.
  • Before investing in a broom, it is worth taking into account its durability. Good maintenance helps to preserve it so that it lasts for much longer.

Best brooms: Our recommendations

Every home has a broom, just like every business needs one. No matter the location, the broom is an indispensable item. Check out the best broom models we’ve selected for you:

  • MOP PRO broom pad
  • Magic broom with manual vacuum dispenser
  • Magic witch broom for carpets and rugs

Buying Guide

When we think of a broom, that old and traditional thing comes to mind. Nowadays, cleaning at home is getting easier. And brooms have also evolved to facilitate this work, as we saw in the ranking above.

Keep reading this article until the end to find out which broom best fits your day to day.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the broom?

The broom is an indispensable and essential item. It is recommended that, in each house, have at least two brooms stored in the laundry. Although its main function is cleaning, each model is specific to a certain area or type of floor.

Before investing in a broom, the ideal is to reflect on what you expect from it. Comfort and practicality are important differentials of electric models, for example. Mop brooms are great when it comes to cleaning the environment.

They all play the role of cleaning rooms in the house very well. From the simplest to the most sophisticated. Expenses vary depending on your role. The simplest ones start at eight reais. Those with more functions go up to 200 reais.

However, the cost benefit always pays off. The advantage of more expensive models is that, normally, cleaning is faster, requires less effort and the final result is quite satisfactory.

The most popular ones, such as piassava and bristles, for example, usually raise a little dust when they are used, in addition to requiring a little more physical effort.

All brooms, however, need maintenance to ensure their durability. Cleaning properly and keeping it in a suitable and covered place contributes to its efficiency when cleaning and increases its life span, making it worth the investment.

What to pay attention to before choosing a broom?

As cleaning the house is a practically daily task, brooms, in addition to being efficient, need to provide comfort for those who use them. The ideal is that its use does not cause any pain in the spine or other members of the body.

For this, it is important to take into account the size of the cable and the anatomy of its rod. Some models of mop brooms are very anatomical and fit perfectly to the height of the user.

In addition, it is also worth taking into account the durability of the item. Good maintenance helps to preserve your broom so that it lasts longer.

In the case of models with a reservoir, such as, for example, electric brooms and also magic brooms, it is important to clean after use. Usually the compartment is easy to remove and without secrets.

Models with a microfiber mop or those with a pad need to be washed according to the instructions of each manufacturer

How much?

Prices vary widely depending on the models and what they usually offer. The most popular brooms, such as piassava fiber or bristles, can start at R $ 8.

Electric models, magic brooms, mop or suction systems, for example, require greater investment. The value goes up to about R $ 200.

Choosing the right model for your home, in addition to sweeping surfaces more efficiently, making cleaning easier, helps to optimize cleaning time. The ideal is always to have an option for the internal area of ​​the residence and another for the external.

Where to buy?

Brooms are always easy to find. If you choose a simpler model, like the bristle ones, you can even find them at the market near your home.

In large supermarket chains, such as the physical stores of Extra and Carrefour, among others, there is a greater variety of models. You also have the option to buy your broom at building supply stores.

Buying online on Amazon websites, for example, is a very practical option. Amazon offers different models, which you can choose according to your preference.

Purchasing criteria: Main factors for evaluating a broom

Do you want your house very clean? So know how to choose the ideal broom for cleaning each area. Investing in the best model will greatly optimize your day to day and cleaning will be faster and more efficient, with a result you expect. These are some characteristics that must be taken into account before purchase:

  • Broom type
  • Areas of use
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

Below, we will understand the importance of each of these points.

Broom type

There are a variety of models on the market specific to certain types of flooring. It is also good to think about which space in the house it will be used for. Since the broom that sweeps the interior of the house should never be the same as the one used outdoors.

Currently the main and most common types of brooms on the market are piassava broom, with foam, synthetic, electric hair, vacuum cleaner and mop. Let’s check out its features below:

Piassava broom

Very common in homes and easy to find in markets. This model is very resistant and is normally used to sweep outdoor areas in general, from the yard to the sidewalk of your residence.

Its bristles are made of vegetable fibers and can be used to scrub the floor and remove more coarse dirt.

Broom with foam

Ideal for cleaning that dust that the common broom leaves behind. They are modern and look like a squeegee. They are good for washing floors. Cleaning your foam is easy and quick. Just place it under the tap of the tank and let the running water fall. The dirt goes away quickly.

Synthetic fur broom

Its short, soft bristles work very well on wood, porcelain and laminate flooring. The inclined brush of some models is very good to guarantee the cleaning of those corners that are more difficult to clean.

Electric broom

The electric broom brings more practicality to our life and optimizes the cleaning of the house. It is ideal for all floors in the internal area of ​​the residence.

From wood to porcelain, including carpets and rugs. The electric broom works with a rechargeable battery. There is no need to stay plugged in.

In addition to gaining practicality, the model is also great for those who feel those uncomfortable pains in the spine and have movement restrictions. There is no need for much effort. The broom is the same height as a common broom, facilitating a straighter posture.


Vacuum cleaner

Ideal for wooden, ceramic and carpet floors. Its light suction system, which is attached to the broom, sucks up all the dirt from the floor. Your reservoir should always be emptied after cleaning. It is very practical. Works wirelessly and is rechargeable.

Mop broom

It is very effective and very practical for everyday life. She combines the broom with the squeegee. You can degrease the floor and remove dirt marks. It is also great for absorbing liquids and cleaning food and hair residue.

On a daily basis, the broom replaces the vacuum cleaner very well and it is great for those with allergies, since it does not raise dust when cleaning. The great advantage of this system is that there is no need to be wiping and wringing it.

Area of ​​use

Some models of brooms are indicated for both indoor and outdoor areas. Others, clean better if used in one or the other. The ideal is to purchase a different model for each area of ​​use, thus ensuring the best possible cleaning.

For the external area it is common to use the piassava broom, which removes coarse dirt more easily. The electric broom, which can be used on different types of floors, is also used outdoors.

The internal areas need a little more care and softness, especially wooden floors, which easily scratch.

Each type of floor can be cleaned with a different type of broom. The most used for indoor areas are synthetic hair brooms and the vacuum broom (especially useful in carpets).

Before purchasing your broom, always consider whether it will be used indoors or outdoors and also the type of floor, as there are broom models ideal for different floors.


Many people complain of back and other joint pain after sweeping the house. The type of broom you purchase will directly influence your pain during cleaning.

Avoid simpler broom models that have short handles. To use them, you will need to bend over, which can cause pain when cleaning your home.

If you have orthopedic problems, you can minimize them with the right type of broom. Some models are more suitable for those with pain. Always choose models that have adjustable cables and reach difficult places more easily.


You saw above that the price of the broom can vary from R $ 8 to R $ 200, it depends on the type of broom you choose. Consequently, their durability can also vary according to the type chosen.

A piassava broom will not last as long as a mop, or electric broom. Some models need to be changed when the bristles are damaged. Models without bristles, and more modern, cost more, but offer a long product life.

It is also worth mentioning that some models, such as mop, require changing the base after a certain time. But the investment is much less than the initial one, since you only need to exchange a part of the product.





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