Top & Best Steam sanitizer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Steam sanitizer: How to choose the best cleaning equipment in 2022

First, the most important

  • The steam sanitizer cleans and sanitizes surfaces, furniture and appliances. The device uses little water and eliminates the need for chemicals.
  • You can choose between conventional steam sanitizer, compact vaporizer or vaporizer mop.
  • One of the characteristics that differ from one equipment to another is the vaporization system. The cold steamer releases steam without boiling water while the dry steamer produces steam by boiling water.

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The best steam cleaners: Our recommendations

We have prepared a list of the best steam cleaner models on the market. For sure, you will find a model that meets your needs and available budget.

  • The best steam sanitizer of the moment
  • The most cost-effective steam cleaner
  • The best rated steam sanitizer
  • A steam sanitizer with various accessories

Buying Guide

When it comes to cleaning, the steam cleaner is the best alternative, as the equipment provides efficient, quick, hygienic, economical and environmentally friendly cleaning.

But how does steam cleaning work? What can I clean with the steam sanitizer? What precautions should I take with the appliance? These and other questions will be answered in this Buying Guide.

Why should I invest in a steam sanitizer?

First, steam cleaning is an ecological alternative, as it uses little water, eliminates the use of chemicals used in cleaning as a disinfectant and eliminates the need for rinsing.


The steam cleaner promises to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria.

As the steam temperature exceeds 100ºC, the sanitizer promises to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, germs, protozoa and bedbugs that can survive traditional cleaning.

To eliminate these microorganisms, the steam sanitizer must be placed at a temperature of 120ºC and directed to the surface to be sanitized for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

For those who suffer from allergies or respiratory diseases, the steam sanitizer is an excellent alternative, as it helps to eliminate dust, mites and other allergens that affect air quality.

Hot steam also removes dirt, debris and stains from the floor, furniture and appliances. Find out all the advantages and some disadvantages of the steam sanitizer in the table below:

What can I clean with a steam cleaner?

The steam sanitizer can be used to eliminate the fats released by food from the surfaces of furniture and kitchen appliances, being a very efficient equipment for cleaning the stove, hood, microwave and other appliances that accumulate fat.

The equipment is also an interesting alternative in cleaning the bathroom, as it eliminates impregnated dirt, residues of hygiene products and microorganisms from the toilet, shower area, tub, tiles and window.

Another benefit of the vaporizer is the cleaning of carpets, curtains, upholstery, mattresses, pillows, among other surfaces that accumulate dust, dust mites and pollen when they are not regularly cleaned.

However, care must be taken in cleaning these surfaces, as moisture can damage the fabric or foam. Use a high temperature and avoid passing the nozzle in the same area more than once.

The steam cleaner cannot be missing in the home of those who own pets such as dogs and cats, as the equipment helps to eliminate animal hair and the odor left by pets .

The vaporizer also serves to clean the interior of the car, clean the bodywork, remove dirt on the tires and purify the ventilation ducts. Just be careful not to direct the steam to the electrical part of the car.

Can I use the steam sanitizer to clean the baby’s room?

Another advantage of investing in a steam cleaner is that you can use the equipment to clean the baby’s room and other items used by the child.

  • In the feeding chair , the steam sanitizer will help eliminate food residues, stains and bacteria, keeping the seat always clean for the child to feed safely.
  • In the crib , the vaporizer will help eliminate dust, mites, pollen, stains and possible bad odors, making your baby’s corner much more pleasant for long nights of sleep.
  • The toys can also be cleaned quickly and safely using the steam sanitizer. You can clean toys from all materials. Don’t forget to clean the boxes you use to store your child’s toys.

What are the different models of steam sanitizers?

There are three types of steam sanitizers on the market, each model has a different use purpose. The choice should be based on cleaning needs and available budget.

Steam sanitizer

The conventional steam sanitizer is very similar to a vacuum cleaner. The device has a large water reservoir, hose with a nozzle and wheels that facilitate movement.


The equipment comes with accessories.

The large volume of steam that the equipment produces allows you to clean the entire house without having to refill the water tank. Generally, the steam sanitizer comes with accessories that allow versatility in cleaning.

Portable steam sanitizer

Another interesting option is the portable steam sanitizer. The device has a small reservoir, with a capacity of 250 to 350ml, but it is very effective, as it can heat the water at an average temperature of 110ºC.

It is ideal for cleaning furniture and appliances, it can also be used to clean the kitchen and bathroom and even to clean the interior of the car. However, the equipment is not efficient in cleaning floors.

Steam mop

For those who want to perform a more efficient cleaning on the floor of the house, we recommend the steam mop. The equipment has a structure similar to that of a common squeegee, that is, you will be able to clean the floor without bending your back.

But the smaller reservoir will make you need to refill it more often during cleaning. The power and number of accessories vary from one model to another. This model is perfect for those who live in a small house and are on a limited budget.

What precautions should I take when using a steam cleaner?

The steam sanitizer is the most efficient equipment for cleaning the house, but when using the vaporizer it is important to take into account the following information:

    • The steam loosens the dirt but does not remove it , so it is necessary to wipe with a cloth to remove the residues from these surfaces. You can add a little disinfectant if you want to leave the room smelling clean.
    • It is important to wear appropriate clothing and protective accessories when cleaning the house with the steam cleaner, as hot steam can cause severe burns.
    • Some tasks are still performed more quickly and efficiently with the traditional cleaning method . Assess whether the use of the steam sanitizer is really necessary.


Our last tip is to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using the steam sanitizer, both the instructions for handling and cleaning the equipment.

Purchasing criteria: Find the best steam cleaner at the moment

When choosing a steam sanitizer, you must take into account some product characteristics such as those described below:

  • Dimensions and weight
  • Performance
  • Vaporization method
  • Accessories

We will detail each of these topics throughout the section. Be sure to rate this article and share this content with your friends.

Dimensions and weight

A traditional steam sanitizer is bigger and heavier than a steam mop or portable vaporizer, however, there is a lot of variation in the dimensions and weight of these devices.

Be sure to choose a model that is reasonably light to pull and push easily and remember to reserve a suitable place to store it when you are not using it.

Another important factor is the size of the water reservoir. The capacity of the tank defines the number of times you will need to refill the machine as well as the total weight of the equipment.

Some models have a double tank to reduce the number of times you will need to refill it. Others have smaller tanks, but they heat water faster.


The performance of a steam sanitizer is related to the equipment’s ability to heat water and the pressure at which it releases steam. You can choose between a model with constant or adjustable pressure.

The water temperature must exceed 100ºC. It is important to mention that the higher the water pressure and temperature, the higher the machine’s performance and price.

Vaporization method

There are two methods of vaporization offered by the steam sanitizer. The cold vaporizer releases a spray of water on the surface to be cleaned, but requires the use of cleaning products. The dry steamer releases hot steam. We compare both methods in the table below:


Regardless of whether you need a common, compact steam cleaner or a steam mop, evaluate whether the equipment comes with accessories. These parts increase the versatility of the equipment.

The best accessories for the steam sanitizer are removable brushes, different types of nozzles, extension tubes, container to measure the amount of water and funnel to pour it into the reservoir.



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