Top & Best Rodo Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Rodo: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome to you who read another shopping guide on Today is the day to learn how to buy a squeegee. Do you think there are not many variations on the market? Then surprise yourself with this article.

Known as one of the most popular cleaning tools, the squeegee is available in different variations. Each model serves to perform specific services on glass, floors, among other things.

Do you know what the average price is? Where to buy the best versions? How to purchase a model according to your service needs? See the answers to these and other questions related to squeegees.

First, the most important

  • The large squeegees are used for cleaning the floor. The squeegee in the smaller version, on the other hand, serves with better quality for those who want to clean glass or windows.
  • Plastic or aluminum squeegees do not get fungus due to contact with water as in the case of disqualified wooden squeegees.
  • Buy a large squeegee that has a perfect height for you to use without bending over your own body and experiencing back pain.

Best squeegees: Our favorites

The secret of choosing the squeegees that are worth it is in the details. By knowing the attributes of the best options, it is easy to know what to look for when looking for the best deals. Let’s take a look at the squeegee descriptions known for their high quality:

Buying Guide

Buying a large squeegee makes it easier to clean larger environments, such as industrial kitchens. On the other hand, the choice of the medium model is better for cleaning in residential areas.

Now is the time for you to understand details that make you a conscious consumer, able to buy the product with more benefits and less costs.

What is a squeegee and what is the correct way to use it?

Squeegee is a tool made up of rubber strips or cloths. In the composition there is also the cable that contains plastic, metal or wood.

Mainly, the use of this product is indicated for cleaning tasks. There are large models, used with two hands, and smaller models, with use of one hand.

it is common to use a rubber squeegee. In European countries, however, mop is used more – the name given to the squeegee with strips of cloth.

There are no secrets on how to use a large squeegee. In practice you need to use both hands to make the movement to remove excess water or dry.

It is advisable to use the squeegee with a plastic boot. This way you can perform cleaning with less risk of slipping.

In the old versions it is necessary to use a cloth for cleaning. Modern models do not require the use of cloths and even have systems for adjusting the amount of water used in the foam strip or fabric. Watch the video:

What are the advantages of having a squeegee?

This product that dispenses with the need for electricity to function is available in different types, each for specific variations of floors or glass work.

Even modern versions packed with additional features cost popular prices.

The product is so popular that even in street commerce it is possible to find options that should be disregarded because they are not certified.

Keep the advantages and disadvantages of squeegees in mind:

What are the best types of squeegee?

Squeegee is not all the same! Using the correct version helps to make your job easier. This way you can finish services more quickly.

Shall we analyze each type of squeegee? This makes it easier for you to make the best choice:

    • Mop squeegee: This option is characterized by the microfiber strip that allows you to pull water or sweep the dust without raising dust. These editions have the adjustment that controls the amount of water in the strip.
    • Double-sided squeegee: These products have a kind of sponge on the strip that facilitates the process of cleaning the house. Just replace the strip for new use, it can be washed several times. Also called a magic squeegee, the model has a metal handle.
    • Small squeegee: It is the typical option with rubber on the strip, very light to use. These models feature wooden or steel handles.
    • Basic squeegee : It is the most common form of squeegee in Brazil. The wood, plastic or steel edition on cable has the resistant rubber strip for various applications. The use of this tool requires the use of cloth, especially when drying the floor.


The table below shows the differences between the types of squeegees:

How much does a squeegee cost?

Small squeegee can cost from R $ 5 to up to R $ 40. Smaller versions of kitchens have low prices. Car or window cleaning models cost more.

With large squeegees the price ranges from R $ 10 to R $ 100. Common wood and rubber models are less expensive. Aluminum versions that have additional features are more expensive.

Where to buy squeegees?

Do not buy squeegee at fairs or street commerce, as in most cases these products are not certified. You can buy reliable models in supermarkets: like Walmart.

On the internet there are several options for certified squeegee promotions. In the security of your home you can choose one of the several options available on sites like Amazon.

Disqualified wood squeegees generate splinters that end up hurting your hand? Buy only structures with quality wood.


Purchasing criteria: how to compare squeegee models

Do you like to wash your car on Sunday? Always have a small quality squeegee to professionally clean the windows.

The experience of performing this task goes down the drain if you don’t choose the right squeegee.
Let’s see now what are the options comparison criteria that you need to know to buy this product:

  • Adjustment
  • Strips
  • Kits
  • 360 degrees

See the definition of the criteria:


One of the problems with using a squeegee is that the cloths are trapped after being immersed in the bucket. And when twisting, you need to put your hand in chemical cleaning products, something harmful to your health.

In some squeegee versions there is an adjustment system for you to decrease the water of the sponge located at the end of the squeegee. All this without having to put your hands!


Most common and cheap squeegees have non-removable rubber strips. The advanced models have an opening to remove the rubber, cloth or sponge strips, being necessary to remove the dirty strip before the new application.

In the case of removable strips options there are packages that can have 12 or even more strips with different sizes.


If you need to buy several products to clean the house just once it is worth purchasing the options of cleaning kits.

In the end it is cheaper to buy a set with a squeegee, broom, sponge, among other products than to buy each unit separately.

360 degrees

In the case of more advanced squeegees there are versions of strips that can rotate up to 360 degrees. These products represent a real relief to those who need to clean the corners of the environment.
To clean the corners with normal squeegees you need to turn the cable down, which in addition to being difficult can also generate back pain.


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