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Top & Best Magic broom Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Magic broom: How to choose the best one for you in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a cleaning accessory that will transform your daily routine: the magic broom.

The magic broom is an intelligent broom that uses neither battery nor electricity and yet sweeps, collects and stores dirt. All of this without you having to struggle!

With its popularity, there are now several models for sale. Therefore, we will show in this article what you should take into account before buying the ideal magic broom.

First, the most important

  • The magic broom is a combination of broom, shovel and trash can, as it automatically picks up dirt from the floor, making it easier to clean.
  • With so many models available today, you need to understand what differentiates one model from another to ensure maximum efficiency and durability of the magic broom.
  • We will show you what the advantages and disadvantages of this product are and what you should observe before buying your magic broom.

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Best Magic Broom Models: Our Recommendations

If you are looking for a magic broom, you want an efficient and long-lasting product. With that in mind, manufacturers bet on technologies and innovations to make the magic broom even better.

Therefore, below, we will present you the best models of magic broom available on the market today.

  • Magic broom 3 in 1 Easy Clean Sotti
  • Magic Broom Flash Limp
  • Magic broom Sorceress Brtoys

Buying Guide

It may seem simple to choose the best magic broom. But you need to analyze your goal, type of floor and the differences between the broom models available on the market.

Therefore, we created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to make the best decision when buying the magic broom that is right for you.

What is a magic broom?

The magic broom is a household cleaning tool that has been designed to make your life easier during cleaning.

That’s because the magic broom can replace three other accessories that we use to clean the house: the common broom , the shovel and the trash.

In other words, the magic broom is able to sweep the floor, collect the dirt and still store it in an internal compartment, which serves as a temporary trash can.

And then, when you’re done cleaning, just throw the dirt in the trash. That way, the magic broom not only does three jobs at once, it also saves you effort.

How does a magic broom work?

The operating dynamics are very simple. Just push the magic broom forward and the bristles will automatically pull and collect the garbage into the container that is already attached to the broom.

To accomplish all this, the magic broom has a handle that is capable of rotating 360º and, therefore, it is able to sweep all corners, even the most difficult to reach.

But the best thing is that the magic broom does not use electricity or batteries and, consequently, guarantees less energy bill expenses at the end of the month.

The magic broom works automatically by sweeping, collecting and storing all the dirt ahead.

Easy to store and handle, since, in general, the magic broom is completely dismountable, this accessory is usually resistant and durable.

In addition, of course, that the magic broom still frees you from the burden of having to sweep, bend down to pick up the dirt with the shovel and then throw everything in the trash.

It is not by chance that this type of broom fell into popular taste and several manufacturers started to manufacture the magic broom.

Despite the differences that exist between the available models, there are some characteristics common to any magic broom:

    • Clears 98% of places
    • It makes no noise as it does not have an engine
    • It has ergonomic and comfortable design
    • Must be used on smooth surfaces such as wooden floors, tiles or marble
    • It should not be used in irregular areas such as carpets, foam cushions , etc.


What is the difference between the magic broom, the ordinary broom and the vacuum cleaner?

When we talk about removing dust from the floor we have to consider three types of accessories that can help with this function: the broom, the vacuum cleaner and the magic broom.

The common broom is the cheapest, longest lasting and most popular accessory. However, it only serves to sweep dirt off the floor.

That is, with the ordinary broom you need to use physical effort to pull the dirt and accumulate it in a corner.

Afterwards, you need to use a shovel to collect the dirt from the floor and only then throw everything in the trash .

If you’ve ever had to pick up a broom at some point in your life, you know this is a job that takes time and physical effort.

n addition, depending on the type of broom you choose, you need to pay attention to the type and shape of the bristles that can damage some types of floors.

But the great disadvantage of the common broom is the fact that, when using it, much of the dust ends up spreading through the environment.

Hence the need to wipe the floor with a damp cloth or with a mop .

It is no wonder, therefore, that every day more and more opt for more practical and effective equipment to sweep and remove dust, such as the vacuum cleaner and the magic broom.

The magic broom, in addition to being efficient and practical, frees you from making physical effort during cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner is, in general, recommended for carrying out heavier and longer cleaning tasks, for example, in large residences with a large number of people.

Efficient, it sucks up all the dust without spreading and still keeps the dirt in a reservoir that only needs to be emptied when it is full.

The downside of the vacuum cleaner is that it ends up increasing the electric bill and, depending on the model, it can be tricky to find a place to store it.

But, for faster day-to-day cleanings, such as sweeping a kitchen or dirt that has fallen on the bedroom floor, for example, the magic broom is the ideal equipment.

Light, efficient and with multiple functions, regardless of whether you already have a common broom or a vacuum cleaner, the magic broom is a mandatory item to facilitate your routine.

Below are the main differences between the equipment that helps sweep the floors.

What are the advantages of the magic broom?

As we have seen, there are many advantages to the magic broom. To begin with, this is a 3 in 1 piece: the magic broom sweeps, collects and accumulates dirt in a reservoir that comes inside the piece itself.

Super light, the magic broom does all the work without you having to apply force or even trying to reach hard to reach parts to clean.

That is, using the magic broom you avoid fatigue and even increase productivity, managing to finish cleaning more quickly.

Because it is light and, in most cases, removable, the magic broom is also easy to store and transport.

Not to mention that, in the most complete models, the magic broom still includes a microfiber cloth that is capable of retaining even the smallest particles of dirt.

On the other hand, despite so many advantages, the magic broom is not suitable for all types of floors. For example, this piece is not recommended for use on carpets or rugs.

In addition, depending on the material of manufacture of the magic broom, it can be a piece not as long lasting as you would expect.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of the magic broom:

How much?

The price of the magic broom varies a lot depending on the manufacturer’s brand, the material of manufacture and the dimensions of the product.

So, in general, you will find the magic broom costing between R $ 30 and R $ 120.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the most expensive model of all. But in general, the most expensive options are often made of more resistant materials.

Where to buy?

You will find the magic broom for sale in department stores and hypermarkets. Still, we recommend that you make your purchase at online stores like Amazon. That way, you not only guarantee more model options to choose from, but also purchase the magic broom from the comfort of your home.


Purchase criteria: Factors to consider before purchasing the magic broom

As we have seen, the magic broom is the ideal accessory if you want to save your energy while cleaning and still finish the job more quickly and effectively.

But, when choosing which magic broom to buy, you need to understand the characteristics that differentiate each product.

Therefore, we have selected for you the main factors that must be taken into account before purchasing the magic broom:

  • Manufacturing material
  • Dimension
  • Stem
  • Bristles

In the following, we will explain each of these factors in detail so that you make the best decision and purchase the ideal magic broom.

Manufacturing material

The first factor that you must take into consideration before purchasing the magic broom is the material of manufacture of the piece.

Depending on the manufacturer brand you will find the magic broom produced with different materials. And this factor is what will determine the lightness of the product and, mainly, the durability and resistance of your broom.

In general, the material most found in the manufacture of the magic broom is stainless steel, which is a super-resistant and durable metal.

However, it is also possible to choose models made with other materials, for example, polypropylene, nylon and plastic.


Next, we recommend that you also look at the dimensions of the magic broom.

This factor is important because it will be reflected in the comfort you will have when handling the magic broom and also in the ease of storing the piece when you are not using it.

In general, most models of magic broom come with a rod that measures about 95cm in length.

The height of the rod deserves special attention, as it must be adequate to keep your posture and spine in a comfortable position during the moments when you perform the cleaning.

But as the size of the rod can vary a few centimeters more or less, depending on the model, you need to check it before buying.

You should choose the length of the rod according to your height, so that when using the magic broom, your posture and spine are straight and erect.

Also, observe the height and width measurements of the product. In general, you will find the magic broom measuring between 29cm and 100cm in height. The width of this product usually varies between 22cm and 33cm.


In addition to measuring the length of the rod, we also recommend that you take into account the operation of the rod before purchasing your magic broom.

This is because, in general, the magic broom has the characteristic of having an adjustable and removable rod. But this is not a rule.

It is true that most models on sale have a removable rod.

In general, the rod of the magic broom is separated into three parts which makes it easier to assemble and disassemble, in addition to taking up little space to store.

However, be careful if the rod is also adjustable and how many centimeters. The most modern models allow you to adjust the height of the stem up to 1 meter.

In addition, in order to be considered a magic broom it is essential that the rod rotates, preferably 360º. With this, the work of sweeping, even the most difficult corners, will be made easier.


Finally, you should also check the bristles of the magic broom before buying your favorite.

The bristles of the magic broom must rotate and collect dirt into the internal reservoir. Most models have side bristles that do this job.

Other models of magic broom, however, still have extra bristles at the entrance of the reservoir and also a microfiber cloth that is responsible for retaining the smaller dirt particles.


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