Top & Best Fat box Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Fat box: Know how to choose the best one in 2022

If you are building or renovating a house or commercial establishment, you know that it is important to install a high quality fat box. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to make the best possible choice!

The grease box receives all the residues that come from the kitchen and prevents them from damaging the construction piping or falling into the sewer network. It is mandatory and benefits you and the environment. It’s time to learn a lot more about this important accessory.

First, the most important

  • Having a good box of fat installed is essential for any construction that has a kitchen. Both people and the environment benefit from it.
  • Pay attention to specifications such as the size and material of the grease box. They need to be compatible with the activity performed by the kitchen.
  • A box of fat must be serviced every six months. If you don’t want to have any major problems in the future, follow this recommendation to the letter.

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The best fat boxes: Our recommendations

There is no escape from having a good box of fat. Fortunately, there are many high-end models available. We evaluated several of them and present you the ones that impressed us the most!

  • A fat box of the highest quality
  • The best cost-benefit
  • For those who want a premium fat box

Buying Guide

It’s time to learn the real importance of fat boxes, know how to differentiate types and models and understand why they are mandatory in any kitchen piping.

What is a fat box and what is it for?

In a kitchen, many wastes such as pieces of food, grease, detergent and other debris fall daily down the drain of the sink or by appliances such as dishwashers. If they meet with the pipes in the other rooms, the result is terrible.

We come to our buying guide, the article sector where your questions are really answered!

Waste such as this must always be kept separate so that there is no contamination, bad smell and damage to both the pipeline and the environment. That is why a grease box must always be installed under the sink during construction.

The elements poured into the sink reach the fat box via a drop pipe. It is completely closed and stores for a considerable time what it receives, however, it needs frequent maintenance and cleaning to always have its most perfect functioning.

Did you know that it is not possible to have a grease box on floors that are not the lowest of each building? In buildings, for example, it must be installed on the ground floor, with large capacity, and receive waste from each of the apartments via long drop tubes.

Regulatory Standard number 8160 deals with building sanitary sewer systems and offers all the information necessary for the installation and disposal of grease boxes.

Where do I need to install a fat box?

Whenever there is a building with a kitchen or sink that receives fatty residues, the presence of a fat box will also be necessary.

In simple residences, small, inexpensive boxes can be installed.

This applies, of course, to simple residences, where small, inexpensive boxes can be installed, and to building condominiums, which need more complex and advantageous models, since they can receive waste from different sources.

Bars and restaurants, which produce large amounts of waste, also require complex grease boxes. Other commercial establishments that only have occasional kitchens may opt for models similar to residential ones.

Larger and more complete boxes must be installed where there are large industrial kitchens, which serve to produce huge quantities of food, such as factories, schools and universities.

What are the advantages of having a fat box?

The installation of a fat box is mandatory most of the time, but still we will report all its advantages and show why it is so important.

When poured into the common pipe, kitchen waste causes a number of problems. Clogging is quite common, but the stench and corrosion of pipes also has great potential to cause discomfort.

Draining water from the sink becomes slower without the box, as it needs to pass through pipes full of fat. Problems can reach the surface and lead to huge financial losses.

As they are cleaned in a specialized way, the grease trays prevent kitchen waste from joining the materials of the common pipe and being discharged into the sewer network. As such elements are usually harmful to the environment, there is also a clear benefit to the planet.

The only disadvantages of fat boxes are installation and maintenance, which can be complicated.

We have prepared a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of having a good fat box:

What is the correct size of a fat box?

As there are kitchens of very different sizes, boxes of fat also need to vary in proportion. There is no point in wanting to install a small model, suitable for residential use, in a place where hundreds of meals are produced every day.

There are two main characteristics that are important for choosing the size of the fat box. The first is the number of kitchens that will end up in them, a number that is quite high in a building, and the second is the size and production of each of these kitchens.

For a common home, a box of fat above 18 liters of capacity will be enough. However, you will find on sale models that can reach up to 150 liters. Obviously, these are indicated for locations that produce waste in much greater proportions.

See the table below for the types of kitchens and the expected grease box measurements:

How to clean a box of fat?

The cleaning of a grease box must be done periodically. You can try to carry out this maintenance in your home or establishment or follow the most recommended option, which is to seek specialized help.

For residential fat boxes, the recommendation is for cleaning to be done every six months. In masonry models, the film with residues that forms on the walls must be completely removed. For this, it is recommended to use tools such as high pressure washers.

Cleaning PVC grease boxes is much easier. To show you how to proceed, we selected a video from Tigre, one of the main companies in the industry:

How much does it cost and where to buy a box of fat?

Grease boxes for residential use have their prices varying between R $ 50 and R $ 200. Even the cheapest models can already be of good quality. If you need more capacity, however, you may be required to pay something close to R $ 1,200.

Stores specializing in building materials often have great models of fat boxes. Another option is purchasing over the internet. We mainly recommend Amazon, but be sure to check out what international Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: What to take into account when choosing a fat box

You already know that you need a box of fat and what is the ideal size for it. But how to differentiate between so many models available? The time has come to discuss five important technical criteria:

  • Material
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Cover
  • Supported temperature

Below we will explain in detail each of these topics.


There are two main possibilities for grease boxes: They can be built in masonry and have the sides lined with mortar, or they can be purchased ready made in materials such as PVC and polypropylene.

The former are better for more complex works and for larger places, as they can already be built with a high capacity in mind. The latter have the advantages of easy cleaning, installation and the fact that they are cheaper.

If you are building a house or need to change your grease box, we recommend a model made of PVC or, better yet, polypropylene, a material that helps make the accessory even more environmentally friendly.

Ease of installation

When it comes to small or medium-sized fat boxes, installation is not complicated. It will only be put in its place and then connected to the appropriate tubes and pipes that will cause the waste to be properly dumped.

To change an already installed grease box, choose the correct size.

If you are buying a fat box to replace an older one, you need to pay attention to the size and dimensions. Installation can be almost impossible without carefully following this detail.

Masonry boxes need to be built, which means much more work. In one way or another, to make connections to the piping it may always be a good idea to have expert help.

Ease of cleaning

As we already mentioned, you will need to clean your fat box every six months. The task will be much easier if you have an easy-to-maintain model.

For homes, we again recommend PVC or polypropylene models, which are also more advantageous in this respect. When there are masonry boxes, it is practically certain that you will need professional help to perform the cleaning.

Check the box specifications on how to clean it and see if you have all the necessary tools and if you can do it yourself. This will have a positive effect on your pocket, as no one will be paid to clean the accessory.


All grease boxes have lids that must close in a totally safe way, preventing any type of leakage of content or odor. Check how the fence is made and if you feel safe enough with what the chosen model has to offer in this regard.

Another important issue is the ease of opening, an item that directly relates to what we just talked about cleaning: The more accessible the opening, the greater the chances that you can perform the maintenance yourself.

Supported temperature

It is common for the kitchen to produce liquids or waste at high temperatures and eventually they can be poured into the sink due to inattention or accident. Watch out: This can damage your fat box.

Each fat box model has its maximum temperature supported, which usually varies between 45 and 55 degrees Celsius. You must know what this number is and be careful not to pour anything above that into the sink, thus avoiding problems and unnecessary maintenance on the accessory.


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