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Top & Best Fisher-Price Mobile Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Fisher-Price Mobile: How to choose the best model in 2022?

The mobile is a decorative item that serves to entertain the child while he is in the crib or stroller. Do you already know the Fisher Price mobile models? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s article.

The brand offers five options that vary in theme, style and of course, price. All can be used from birth and some follow the baby’s growth in different stages. Want to know more? Continue with us throughout this Buying Guide to make the best choice for your baby.

First, the most important

  • Fisher Price currently offers five different mobile models. All indicated for use from birth.
  • The mobile may or may not be audible. One of the models even has star lighting that reflects off the ceiling. We will address the characteristics of each of them.
  • A Fisher Price mobile is not the cheapest on the market. The brand is quite renowned and its prices vary from R $ 150 to more than R $ 300.

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The best Fisher Price mobiles: For all styles

Fisher Price is a well-known brand in the market, being a reference in the field of baby products. Its toys are among the best sellers and the mobile is an option for babies from birth. Check out the models and choose the one that best fits in your pocket:

  • Fisher Price mobile with lighting
  • Fisher Price mobile for girls
  • Fisher Price mobile for baby stroller

Buying Guide

Even if you are a first-time mom, you should already know the Fisher Price brand, a reference in the manufacture of articles and toys for babies. Investing in a Fisher Price mobile means investing in that quality and offering the best for your baby.

We created this Buying Guide to introduce you to the different models of the brand. Keep up with us to learn everything about them and answer the main questions.

What are the different Fisher Price mobile models?

The mobile is a toy that can be attached to the crib or baby stroller. Its main function is to entertain the baby, while turning, stimulating to recognize, from a very small age, colors, sounds, shapes or whatever is the theme of the product.

They can be moved electronically or naturally, with the aid of the wind or a light human touch. Fisher Price offers both options, although electronic models are the majority, so they also have sound stimulus or lighting. Check out:

    • Super Mobile Mobiles 3 in 1: This mobile is motorized, musical and with projection of starry lights on the ceiling and walls. It plays three audio modes that last up to 30 minutes, ranging from lullabies, white noise or sounds of nature. It can be activated on the mobile itself or via remote control. The three teddy bears spin to entertain and calm the baby. It can be used in the crib, as a musical table projector or even attached to the stroller. This is the most complete option of the brand.
    • Mobile Seabed 3 in 1: This motorized model can be used in the cradle, the musical seahorse can be taken wherever you want individually, or the animals can be removed to serve as toys and rattles. It plays up to 15 minutes of music while the mobile spins slowly.
    • Mobile Amiguinhas Animals 3 in 1: This model can be used in the crib, stroller or as a removable toy for walking. In pink and with the animal friends theme, it is suitable for girls. It has three soft pets: monkey, zebra and alligator. It plays up to 20 minutes of music in the mobile function and three short songs in the walk mode.
    • Mobile Amiguinhos da Floresta 3 in 1: Another model that accompanies the baby’s growth with three functions, which can be attached to the crib, stroller or as a removable toy for strolling. He has a musical bird and three forest animals: lion, zebra and elephant. Plays 20 minutes of lullaby. In tour mode it automatically switches to an alternative mode with shorter and more fun songs.
    • My Hanging Animals: This is the simplest model of the brand. It only serves to fit the cart. It has five pets, three of which are translucent, that is, the sunlight shines through the toys. Closer to the baby’s little hands are a soft panda with a rattle and a noise-making monkey.


What is the advantage of investing in a Fisher Price mobile?

Although it looks like a toy or decorative item for the baby’s room, the mobile has a role in the development of the little ones from the first days of life. Senses such as sight, hearing and touch are stimulated from an early age.

In addition, they entertain and soothe children through their movement, songs and colors. Many babies fall asleep to the soft tune of the Fisher Price mobile, helping parents who want to put their baby to sleep in the crib from the start.

When wide awake and older, the baby tends to want to pick up the hanging elements, it also stimulates the interaction of the little ones.


Fisher Price has a testing laboratory for its products.

Investing in a Fisher Price model means having quality assurance and safety certification from Inmetro. The brand has a testing laboratory, where children play with products to ensure the success of their toys. Parents also come together to evaluate products and share experiences.

According to the senior manager of the company’s research area, Deborah Weber, “children learn better through practice. So, our designers watch and learn from children’s play. It helps us create better products “.

The disadvantage of the brand is the high price compared to other models on the market. Which is actually justified by its high quality and investment in research.

Fisher Price mobile with or without lighting?

Of the five models of the brand, four have sound stimulus and only one has light projection. There is no better or worse Fisher Price mobile, but one that meets your expectations and fits in your pocket.

The advantage of the model with light projection is that it has an extra stimulus for the baby’s vision. These soft lights projected on the ceiling and walls in the shape of stars can stimulate the baby to fall asleep more easily.

Another differential of this model is that this projector can be removed and placed on other surfaces, such as a table so that the stars can reflect where and when you want, as long as the environment is dark.

Obviously, by offering this extra service, this is the most expensive model of the brand. So, evaluate its advantages and consider if it fits your budget.

So that you can make your decision, we compare two models of Fisher Price mobile in the table below. Check out:

How much does it cost and where to buy a Fisher Price mobile?

As mentioned, Fisher Price is a renowned brand in the manufacture of toys and other children’s products. Because of this, its price is high compared to similar ones. You will spend between R $ 100 and R $ 400 to invest in a brand mobile.

To find the best deals, search the online market. Check out sites Amazon.

Purchase Criteria: Know how to choose the Fisher Price mobile model

Before deciding which Fisher Price mobile is best for your baby, we bring you final tips for you to make the best choice:

  • Theme
  • Size
  • Music
  • Lighting

Check out the topics mentioned in detail.


The themes vary between the animals most loved by children, teddy bears, deep sea and forest friends are the main ones used by the brand. Think about decorating your baby’s room and try to find something that harmonizes with the theme and colors used.

Each Fisher Price mobile has very diverse colors, being more or less vibrant. Here what matters is the personal taste and what you want to offer to stimulate your baby, after all, these are the colors and pets that he will see while using the mobile.


Some models are more compact and others larger. The size should be checked to ensure that the mobile is at a safe height for the child, who cannot reach and pull the toy items.

Another point in relation to size is the field of view it will occupy. Some have a larger or smaller diameter.

Do you know when it is time to remove the mobile from the cradle? The moment the child starts reaching and pulling the toy, it is a sign that it is already dangerous, and it is important to remove the piece.

At this point you can reuse the Fisher Price mobile in its other functions, since most of them follow the baby’s growth.



The music criterion can be observed by two aspects: type and duration. The melodies differ between one model and another. Some even offer the lull mode and the walk function, with shorter and more fun songs.

Regarding the duration, the lullaby varies between 15 and 30 minutes on the brand’s models.


Only one model has lighting as an extra, projecting starry lights on the ceiling and wall. This model helps babies to fall asleep more easily. Is it an important aspect for you? So you can pay off the investment, as this is the most expensive and complete model from Fisher Price.



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