Top & Best Waxing Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Waxing: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about equipment that has always helped those who want to have more beautiful and shiny floors: The waxing machine! As much as it is not as sought after as in other times, it still has many useful domestic or business applications!

Before polishing, the task of polishing the floor was arduous and time-consuming. It was created to help with this task, but it also has other functions. Do you want to better understand what this equipment has to offer? Find out everything you need to buy a very high-quality model? So stay with us!

First, the most important

  • Formerly very popular, waxing machines are used to polish and clean floors. Industrial models are still quite common in large establishments.
  • You should have a home waxing machine, especially if your home has wooden or ceramic floors.
  • There are many discs and brushes that are used in polishing machines. It is necessary to know which is ideal for each situation, thus avoiding unwanted effects on the floors.

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The best waxing models: Our opinion

When looking for a polisher, you will find both domestic and industrial models. We did a broad search and selected the best of each of the two types. Below, a little about them!

  • The best domestic model
  • For those looking for industrial waxing machines
  • The waxing machine of a well-known brand


Buying Guide

Why should you have a polisher in your home or work environment? How to recognize which model best suits your needs?

We are in the buying guide, the sector that brings answers to frequently asked questions about waxing!

What is a waxing machine and what is it for?

A waxing machine is a great piece of equipment that is responsible for maintaining floors. In its domestic version, once very popular, it is used mainly in wooden clubs and ceramic pots, quite common in older buildings.

It works through discs and brushes that rotate on the floor, helping with cleaning and, mainly, doing the task of waxing, important for materials such as those mentioned. With the current dominance of cold floors, which always maintain their shine, domestic waxing machines have fallen into disuse.

Nowadays, it is more common to find industrial waxing machines, which in addition to the act of waxing are able to perform many other functions, mainly related to cleaning. They are used a lot in places like hospitals, industries, schools, and other buildings that always need to be clean.

If you still want a home waxing machine, you can find good models, but there is a lot more use for industrial models.


Did you know that the use of home waxing machines was very common until the mid-1990s? Every house had its own. It had been a great invention, replacing the act of waxing the entire floor of the house with a cloth, a very tiring and even painful process.


What are the advantages of using a polisher?

If you live in a house with old floors, like wooden bats or ceramic sticks, it still makes sense to have a home polish. It will help you to always keep them clean and beautiful, with a very characteristic shine.

Modern models also have extra brushes that facilitate the cleaning of tiles, sinks, and other sectors. It is not worth having a waxing machine just for this, but if you buy on account of the floor, know that there are other uses.

In cleaning large establishments that need constant maintenance, industrial waxing machines are essential. They keep the floor always free of dirt, have brushes with multiple functions, and are not difficult to handle.

The value of waxing machines is usually high, but it is worth mentioning that they are extremely durable and can withstand decades of use.

We have prepared a table with the advantages and disadvantages of waxing machines:


On which floors is the use of a polisher recommended?

After all, in what situations should you use a polisher? We have made a list of the floors that need the most maintenance with this equipment!

    • Wooden floors: They are the ones that most need the use of household waxing. Over time, they lose their shine, become rough and dark. It is important that they receive constant polishing. They are still common in older homes.
    • Ceramic floors: Also common in the past, but now gone, they are shiny and beautiful when they receive the wax. It is difficult for you to have them in your home, but if so, it is a good idea to have a polisher.
    • Cold floors: At home, there are much easier and cheaper ways to care for cold floors than with floor polishers. But in large areas, such as hospitals and schools, the equipment is a big hand in the wheel for washing and cleaning.


Waxers can also be used to wash carpets, polish marble or porcelain floors, to remove stains on stones, and to wash tiles and tiles.

Domestic or industrial waxing?

The names already demonstrate that industrial waxes should be used in work environments and on a large scale, while domestic ones are for homes. But other than that, what are the differences?

Household waxes are simpler and usually have a brush or up to three in more advanced models. They also have less power, which makes it take longer to carry out work in the same area compared to a more powerful model.

In addition to allowing the presence of more brushes and having higher power, industrial models perform many functions with excellence. They are used less for waxing, as places like hospitals and clinics don’t usually have wooden floors, and more for cleaning.

The noise level is also a difference: Industrial models, due to the places in which they are used, tend to be much quieter. And, incredible as it may seem, there is not such a big gap in prices.

Check the differences between the two types in the table below:

What are the main disks used in polishing machines?

To use a polisher correctly, you need to know which disc or brush is best for each situation. Fortunately, there is an easy distinction between them, even made by colors.

Black discs are used for heavy cleanings, such as wax removal.

The cleaning discs are black and red. The former, for heavy situations, such as wax removal or similar, the latter, when the job is simple. Green discs are seen as an intermediary between these two.

For polishing, the yellow disc is more suitable and, for chandelier, white. This is what should be used in the final stage of finishing, when everything is already clean, giving the floor full shine.

The brushes, in turn, are used for washing. The nylon ones are indicated for more rustic floors like ceramics, concrete, and cement, while the soft nylon ones are used in smooth floors or carpets. Finally, hairbrushes are used to polish wood.

With these guidelines, you already know what accessories you need for your polisher!

How much does it cost and where to buy a polisher?

Household waxers have prices that vary between R $ 1,200 and R $ 1,500. Industrial companies, in turn, are slightly more expensive. The values ​​start at around R $ 1,600 and can reach up to just over R $ 2,000.

Good waxing machines can be found in some appliance stores, specializing in home and construction or cleaning materials. We recommend purchasing over the internet, mainly by Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a polisher

Now that you know all about waxing machines, it’s time to find out which model is right for you. We have selected four technical criteria that can help you in your mission:

  • Wattage
  • Rotations per minute
  • Extra items
  • Weight and ergonomics

Below, more details about each one!


The power of a polisher indicates how much work it can do at a given time. More powerful models are ideal for heavier jobs, while others with smaller numbers already do household chores very well.

Domestic models offer an average of 200 W of power, which is more than enough for homes. If you want to work in large areas, however, you should choose an industrialist, who will make it much easier. It is possible to find waxing machines with almost 1000 W, a very high number.

Rotations per minute

Combined with power, the number of revolutions per minute is essential to understand the working speed of a polisher. The bigger it is, the faster the cleaning or polishing of a certain area will be.

Industrial waxers can work at low or high speeds.

It is also important to note that some industrial waxing machines have speed adjustments. In them, it is possible to choose, for example, between low rotation (175 per minute), indicated for most jobs, or high (1500 per minute), used in very specific services.

In domestic waxing machines, the number of revolutions per minute is not so relevant. As the work is done in small areas and usually involves only polishing, the speed of the work will always be satisfactory.

Extra items

As we mentioned, there are a large number of discs and brushes that can be used in a polisher. So that you don’t have to waste time buying them separately, there’s nothing like the model you have chosen already accompanies a large number of these accessories!

In addition to practicality, a high number of accessories accompanying the waxing machine also helps with the cost-benefit, since the value becomes more pleasant by incorporating more discs and brushes.

Weight and ergonomics

Handling a polisher is easy, but it consists of constant forward, backward and sideways movements. The bigger and heavier it is, the more difficult it will become to perform the full service.

In the past, waxing machines were huge and heavy. Today, many models have become more ergonomic, making it much easier to use. If you can opt for a more modern and lighter one, you will certainly have a lot to gain, especially if the user is on a large scale.


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