Top & Best Tanquinho Colormaq Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tanquinho Colormaq: What is the best of 2022?

If you are looking for one of the best laundry tanks! In today’s article, we’ll show you all about the six pack Colormaq.

One of the most popular on the market, Colormaq’s six pack is known for efficiency and quality. But as there are several models, with varying capacities and features, you need to analyze some factors before buying the ideal one for you.

First, the most important

  • The Colormaq six pack is a simple, yet efficient and affordable washer.
  • Colomarq is a reference when it comes to semi-automatic washing machines.
  • The Colormaq six pack uses little electricity and saves water.

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Best Colormaq tanks: The ideal for every occasion

  • The six pack family size
  • Ideal for quick washes
  • The smallest six pack of all

Buying Guide

Amid so much technology, with washing machines so modern, it may seem strange to opt for a six pack washing machine. But the fact is that this appliance is still one of the most functional, versatile and economical.

And among the leading brands is Colomarq. So much so that the company offers a wide variety of tank models with design, capabilities and functions to please everyone. And that is what we are going to deal with in this Buying Guide.

What is the difference of six pack Colormaq?

Colormaq is a manufacturer of home appliances that appeared in 1976, precisely with the launch of six pack.

The idea of ​​the six pack Colormaq was to offer an alternative to the population that suffered from the lack of technical assistance for the automatic washing machines imported at the time.

In addition, Colormaq saw the need to insert a low-cost washer into the Brazilian market. And the company was right. The six pack Colormaq was so successful that it continues to be one of the products that still sells today.

And that is where the first difference from the Colormaq six pack comes from: The tradition of manufacturing this type of washing machine and also of automatic machines and other appliances. In addition, Colormaq is known for investing in innovation.

So much so that all the manufacturer’s tanks have the engine is the latest generation WEG, known as one of the best electric motors in the country.

In addition, Colormaq’s six-pack engine has a thermal protector, which automatically shuts off in the event of voltage fluctuations or temperature increases, then switching it on again.

But the differences of six pack Colormaq do not stop there. See below, the main features present in all models of this type of washer:

  • Washing programs: They vary between 4 and 5 cycles: Delicate washing, Day by day, Heavy, Jeans, Duvet.
  • Function sauce and rinse .
  • Timer: To control the time of each cycle.
  • Lint collector filter: Retains small objects forgotten in clothes and unwanted lint from fabrics.

How does the six-pack from Colormaq work?

The Colormaq six-pack is a semi-automatic washer and uses a system called swirling, which produces a type of swirl with water. With that, the clothes are washed with excellence and still come out in a disguise.

To use the six pack, just fill it with water, put the soap and fabric softener in the dispenser and then turn it on.

To determine the wash, soak or rinse time, you can use the Colormaq six pack timer and / or timer functions. As soon as the button is pressed, the time starts counting. It is worth mentioning that this process, regardless of whether the washer is connected to the power or not.

As it is a semi-automatic washing machine, when the Colormaq six pack finishes the washing cycle, you will need to remove the water. In the past, this was only possible manually, by removing the hose and draining the water.

But, as we will see in detail later in this article, it is now possible to find a six pack model with the automatic function of draining water after washing.

What is the difference between the six pack and the Colormaq washing machine?

Over the years Colormaq has also started to invest in other types of appliances, including the washing machine.

Both the Colormaq six pack and the brand washing machines serve the same purpose: washing clothes. And, as we have seen, the six pack, like the machine, is capable of washing different types of parts.

Still, the automatic machine has many more washing programs. After all, while the six pack is semi-automatic, the washing machine is automatic.

This means that most functions that occur automatically in the washing machine, are performed manually on the six pack.

And because of that, the Colormaq six pack has a simpler and more basic operation than the automatic version. After all, as you may know, today, washing machines have cutting-edge functions and technologies.

But the main difference between the Colormaq six pack and the automatic machines is that the six pack does not have a centrifugation function. That is, the clothes still come out very wet after washing. With the washing machine, the clothes come out practically dry.

Another difference is that the six pack does not have the option of washing in cold and hot water. On the other hand, the six pack is smaller and therefore takes up less space.

In addition, the Colormaq six pack is easier to use and consumes less energy. Not to mention that this semi-automatic washer is much cheaper than the washing machine.

But, for you to get a general idea about the main differences between the six pack Colormaq and the washing machine, check out the table we created:

Who is Colormaq’s six pack recommended for?

As the Colomaq six pack consumes less water, less energy and less soap during washing, it is indicated for those who do not want to spend a lot of product, nor pay dearly at the end of the month bill.


The Colormaq six pack is ideal for those who have little space at home.

More than that, due to its reduced physical size, the Colormaq six pack is ideal for those who have little space at home. But do not think that, because it is smaller, the wash capacity of this six pack is also reduced.

As we will see later in the Purchase Criteria , Colormaq offers tank models with the capacity to wash up to 16 kg of clothes at once, which is ideal for large families or even those who wash large quantities of clothes at once.

How much does the Colormaq six pack cost and where to buy it?

The price of the Colormaq six pack can vary widely and will depend mainly on the washing capacity and the features and functions included in each model.

However, in general, the six pack from Colormaq costs between R $ 400 and R $ 600. And it is easy to find this semi-automatic washing machine, either in department stores, such as Lojas Americanas and Casas Bahia, or in hypermarkets, such as Extra, for example.

But, to guarantee more attractive discounts, we recommend that you buy the Colormaq six pack over the internet, in stores like Amazon.

Did you know that with the Colormaq six pack you can still optimize the use of water?

You can use the wash water for other domestic purposes, as it is possible to drain the water directly on the floor or in a bucket and reuse it in the way you prefer.


Purchasing Criteria: How to choose the best six pack from Colormaq

As there are several tank models at Colormaq it is important that you know what are the characteristics that differentiate one from the other.

For that, we suggest that you consider some factors when choosing the Colormaq six pack. Are they:

  • Capacity
  • Dimension
  • Water outlet
  • Consumption

In the following, we will explain each of these topics in detail to you.


The first criterion that you should consider before purchasing the Colormq six pack is the washing capacity. Colormaq offers tanks that can wash between 4.5kg and 16kg of clothes.

Of course, in order to make that choice, it is important to take into account the amount of clothes you usually wash at once and the number of people who live with you.

In general, the smaller capacity Colormaq six pack is recommended for those who live alone or even couples who wash a small amount of clothes.

But nothing prevents you from choosing the 16kg family size model. After all, this six pack Colormaq is capable of washing even comforters and blankets.


When analyzing the best capacity of the Colormaq six pack, it is also important to check the size of the washer. After all, it is necessary to ensure that there is adequate and sufficient space for the installation of six pack in your home.

To give you an idea, the larger capacity Colormaq six pack measures 95.5 cm in height, 55 cm in width and 59.5 cm in depth.

The smallest six pack has the following measures: 86.6 cm high, 64.5 cm wide and 48.5 cm deep.

Water outlet

Another factor that you should analyze is the type of water output of your Colormaq six pack: Manual and automatic.

In the Colormaq six pack with manual water outlet, it is necessary to detach the hose and wait for the water to drain at each wash end.

The Colormaq six pack models that have automatic water outlet, have a button on the panel that can be activated after the end of the wash and makes the water come out automatically. This way, you can always leave the hose in the same position.

Some tanks also have protection at the water outlet to prevent objects from damaging the machine.


Also take into account water and energy consumption, which varies according to the Colormaq six pack model. It is clear that the less water and electricity the six pack consumes the better it will be for your pocket.

So stay tuned. In general, water consumption varies between 100 liters and 201 liters for each washing cycle. The approximate energy consumption can vary between 0.07kWh and 0.14kWh.



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