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Top & Best Vacuum cleaner Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Vacuum cleaner: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about vacuum cleaner, an electroportable that will become your ally when cleaning the internal and external environments of your home with practicality, speed and low energy consumption.

Each vacuum cleaner model offers its own advantages and has its particularities. Some come with a bag, others without, some are vertical, others are cylindrical, some suck only dust, others suck up dust and liquids, among other varieties of resources.

It is important to choose a model that is in line with your needs, so it is essential that you know the different types of vacuum cleaners available on the market, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each model, how much do they cost and where to buy.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know to buy yours as an expert!


First, the most important

  • Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner has numerous advantages, the main one being the speed with which you can clean rooms in the house. With this device it is also possible to clean upholstery, mattresses and the interior of the car.
  • Despite the name, vacuum cleaners don’t just suck up dust, some models also have the ability to suck up liquids. Models that have this dual function are ideal for cleaning indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • The use of a vacuum cleaner will be good for your health, especially if you are already allergic and / or have rhinitis, because, unlike the broom that removes dust from one place and puts it in another, the vacuum cleaner completely extracts the dust environment without you having to contact it directly.

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The best vacuum cleaner models: Our choices

With the rush of everyday life, seeking practicality for all tasks is something that everyone seeks. Especially when we are talking about household chores. The vacuum cleaner is a great ally in cleaning. Discover the best models on the market in the ranking below:

  • The intelligent robot vacuum cleaner
  • The vacuum cleaner in the classic model
  • Excellent vertical model
  • An option to clean all corners

Buying Guide

It may seem simple to buy a vacuum cleaner. But many things must be taken into account so that you do not regret it after the purchase. There are so many types available that we have prepared a complete guide for you to learn the difference between them.

Thus, you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Follow us to the end to learn everything about a vacuum cleaner.

What is a vacuum cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner is a portable appliance that uses the power of suction to remove dirt from the environment that is vacuuming into the machine’s collection container, which may or may not require a disposable or washable collection bag.

The engine of this device uses blades like those of fans to create pressure and suction vacuum, when it sucks in the air, it brings with it all the dust, solid, damp and wet residues inside. The dirt passes through a filter that retains dust and mites and is then stored in a container until it is discarded.

When this bag or the container itself is full, the suction power of the device decreases, which requires dirt to be removed.

Most vacuum cleaner models have a Hepa filter, which has up to three levels of filtration, promoting deep and effective cleaning.

Some models have an easy clean system, a button at the bottom of the collection container that can be opened directly in a trash can, preventing you from coming into contact with waste.

Watch the video below, published on Midea’s channel, to understand and visualize each of the features just mentioned:

Where to use it and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

There are different types of vacuum cleaner: the normal vacuum cleaner, of dust and liquid and the multifunctional vacuum, which washes and dries curtains, upholstery, rugs and carpets.

Most models of vacuum cleaners do not have the function of vacuuming water, they are more basic models, recommended for dry environments inside the house.

The vacuum and water models are highly recommended for cleaning spaces outside the home, such as backyards and garages, in addition to upholstery, rugs and damp carpets.

In these devices, the water storage capacity is less than for solid soils.

Another important detail is that, generally, in this type of model it is necessary to use the bag to vacuum solid and dry dirt and it is necessary to remove it when using it on wet surfaces or to suck liquids.

Modern vacuum cleaners also have an anti-allergic function, to stop sneezing from rhinitis and agents that cause allergies and diseases of the respiratory system.

These devices eliminate up to 99% of the dust, mites and bacteria present in your home environment.

The technology that eliminates the elements that cause allergy are filters that use silver salts and nano-ions to kill bacteria, or the most used today, Hepa filter (High efficiency particular air or high efficiency air particle filter) ), which aspirates 99% of dust mites, pollen and fine dust.

Another improvement in these products is that some models are very quiet and emit noise levels similar to that of two people talking in a moderate voice.

Even with low noise emission, these models are very powerful in absorbing dirt. We have prepared a table comparing the main advantages of purchasing a vacuum cleaner and some disadvantages, check below:

What differs one vacuum cleaner model from another?

The models of vacuum cleaners vary for many reasons: there are devices with or without a bag, models for domestic or professional use and robots.


There are devices with or without a bag, models for domestic or professional use and robots.

Some models have a paper collector bag that must be thrown away with the sucked dirt, others have a cloth bag, washable and reusable, just discard the dirt that the vacuum cleaner sucked in a conventional garbage, wash and dry the bag before to use again.

The first option is more attractive for convenience, but you must keep in mind that you will have to keep buying these bags always. The second option is more sustainable from an economic and environmental point of view.

The bag vacuum cleaner works by sucking the dirt and transferring it through a tube to the bag, usually these models are larger and suck a lot of dirt until reaching the capacity limit. These models are also simpler and cheaper.

Some brands make vacuum cleaner models compatible only with the collection bags of the same brand, so pay attention to this information when buying your vacuum cleaner.

A very positive point of this model is that vacuum cleaner bags do not need several levels of filtration to collect dirt efficiently, because the bags are already developed to be effective in this regard.

In bagless vacuum cleaner models, a cyclonic air flow (similar to that of cyclones, hence the name) takes place inside the dirt collection cylinder.

Dust particles are attracted to the center of the machine because of the force of the air, pass through the filters (up to three levels of filtration) and allow the air to escape again, but without dirt.

After the dirt storage cylinder reaches the capacity limit, it needs to be emptied, so as not to lose the suction power and, consequently, the cleaning of the machine.

As bagless vacuum cleaners have a series of tubes and filters through which the air passes, these models are usually noisier than bag vacuum cleaners.

In addition, they are more expensive than others and more susceptible to malfunctions.

Another detail is that even if it is not necessary to buy collector bags, in this model of vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to change the filters with some regularity, in addition to having to remove and clean them always to avoid clogging.

We have prepared a table comparing the main characteristics of vacuum cleaners with or without a reservoir bag, so that you can compare them and choose the option that best matches your expectations:

There are still other differences between some models. The vacuum cleaner with a reservoir bag is the most common. They are generally cylindrical in shape, wider and lower, and have wheels, circling like a cart. They are usually more powerful and ideal for very dirty places or outdoor areas.

The vertical vacuum cleaner is longer, lighter and easier to handle. The suction parts of the vertical vacuum cleaner are located at the base of the model. These differentials make it possible to move it more quickly, as if it were a broom.

On the other hand, these models are a little less powerful than conventional ones, that is, they can be used quietly if they are intended for simpler cleaning, inside the house.

The robot vacuum cleaner  is gradually gaining space in the Brazilian market. They are intelligent, have several sensors that identify where the dirt is and go there to make the suction. They are small, light, flat models and have 360º movement.

The side sensors identify where the walls, furniture and other objects are, and the anti-fall sensors identify stairs and the pool and tend to deviate from them along the way. So when they find a wall they turn around.

It can be programmed to work at certain times of the day and when it does, it leaves the base alone to do the job. The dirtiest areas are detected by the robot and it goes through the same place more often. Another detail is that the robot knows which rooms it has passed and which still need cleaning.

How much does a vacuum cleaner cost?

As we have seen, there are several options for vacuum cleaners and all the details influence the price. The power of the machine, the internal capacity in liters and the number of accessories, among others, can make the product more expensive.

The minimum you will pay for a vacuum cleaner model, of these simpler ones, is R $ 120. There are several devices of excellent quality that cost up to R $ 200. The most expensive can cost a little over R $ 5,000.

Where to buy a vacuum cleaner?

Finding stores that sell vacuum cleaners is an easy task. These small appliances are sold in supermarkets , appliance stores, and electronics and also in department stores.

But after reading the Shopping Guide, you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home!

We suggest that you buy your vacuum cleaner on the Amazon website, there you can find the best models from different brands, compare prices and read the reviews of other users, which will certainly guarantee a good purchase.

In addition, buying online you can find better offers and receive the product at your door.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing vacuum cleaner models

Although you have already learned a lot about the vacuum cleaner, before you actually choose the model for your home, we want to bring other essential points so that your purchase is as accurate as possible. Are they:

  • Ergonomics
  • Nozzle
  • Different possibilities of use
  • Storage capacity
  • Device power
  • Space to be saved

And so that you really understand the importance of each question, we will detail each one below.


The ergonomics of a vacuum cleaner is an important factor in optimizing the working conditions of those who are cleaning. The use of the device itself already facilitates manual work.

The most modern devices have ergonomic technology, some have retractable hoses, cable that rewinds, that is, it returns to the point where the wire comes out.

Others have different sizes, shapes, additional parts like portable filters, and specific nozzles for different contexts. The ideal is to choose a model that can reach the most difficult points to be cleaned, such as corners, cracks and under furniture.

For this, most models come with several nozzle options, specific to different surfaces, and ideal for ensuring effective cleaning.


As mentioned above, the nozzle is an ergonomic part of the vacuum cleaner, and there are different types and models. Let’s understand a little more about the purpose of each one:

  • Brush nozzle : it is the most used to clean carpets, carpets, floors and even upholstery, as the brush sucks up dust, cigarette ash and hair strands.
  • Nozzle for fabric : it serves to remove excess hair from pets and is less aggressive, it can also be used to remove dust from lamps.
  • Multipurpose nozzle : it is indicated for cleaning in general, it serves both for the floor, as for carpets and rugs and upholstery in general, even the car seats.
  • Crevice nozzle : this is used to clean hard-to-reach places such as corners and skirting boards.
  • Flat nozzle : used to clean fabrics such as curtains in the bedroom or living room.

Vacuum cleaners generally come with four nozzle options. The general vacuum tube serves to suck up any and all types of dirt, from the finest to the thickest.

The small nozzle with brush is used to clean surfaces that have fabric such as sofas and rugs. The larger nozzle with brush should be used to clean ceramic floors, such as porcelain tiles.

Unlike plastic nozzles, the brush bristles are smooth and prevent the coating from being scratched.

Different possibilities of use

The vacuum cleaner has multiple uses: it cleans the floor, furniture, upholstery, fabrics, cracks, corners and car interiors. To adapt your device to the different usage options, simply place the nozzle model most suitable for the use you are going to make.


You need to know that the vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean mattresses and armchairs, keeping these objects free of dust mites, with a clearer and more beautiful appearance and always clean.


The vacuum cleaner can also be used in the opposite direction, that is, expelling air to remove dry leaves from trees. Analyze what features you want on your device and see if it will meet your expectations.

See the countless possibilities of using a vacuum cleaner in this institutional video published by WAP:

Storage capacity

The storage capacity of bagless reservoirs varies between 1.5, 1.7 and 3 liters. In models with a reservoir bag, this capacity increases to up to 20 liters. This is a detail that must be observed before purchasing the device.

Some models have sensors and an indicator light that warns when the tank is already at the maximum storage limit, but in general use until reaching two thirds of the total capacity of the device.

Bagless models generally have a clear reservoir, which makes it even easier to see what level of dirt you’ve already reached.

But, even in devices that do not have this functionality, it is possible to perceive when the reservoir is full, because the suction capacity and power greatly decrease.

When this happens, just turn off the device, remove the waste from inside the reservoir and proceed with cleaning, if you are not finished yet.

Device power

Another relevant aspect to be observed when buying a vacuum cleaner is to check the power of the appliance, it interferes in the operation of the machine mainly in the suction capacity.

The minimum power of a vacuum cleaner is 1000 watts and the maximum is 2000 watts, most of which have 1600w of power. The higher the power, the better the suction capacity and the result.

Another detail to note is the length of the power cable, the bigger the better, because you won’t have to keep turning on and off all the time to change the plug.

Some devices are pedal operated and others are rechargeable and portable, eliminating the use of sockets.

Space where it will be kept

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, think about where in the house you will keep it without being exposed to dirt, moisture or at risk of being damaged.

If the space you are thinking of storing this device is smaller, give preference to a vertical vacuum cleaner, which takes up less space.

Now, if you have a bigger place, as a laundry area, laundry or garage, you can choose any type of vacuum cleaner without worries.


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