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Top & Best Video card Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Video card: Find the best of 2022

What a pleasure to have you here at In this text, we will provide information about what it is and how to choose a video card, to help you when buying this accessory for your computer.

Read this article and learn how to select the best technology to improve graphic reproductions on the screen of your notebook or PC. We will bring useful information to any computer with a graphical interface based on video cards.

What are the best video cards? What to consider before purchasing this type of product? How to have less costs and more benefits in the end? Follow the answers below.

First, the most important

  • Don’t look for a video card just for the price. Select according to your needs for work or leisure.
  • There are templates for simple tasks. Others reproduce superior graphics in augmented virtual reality, and are ideal for games and bitcoin mining.
  • The number of gigs on the video card is not the only determining factor for running a game effectively. Also consider bandwidth (maximum memory transfer rate).
  • A robust graphics card to achieve maximum efficiency requires an adequate power supply and a high resolution monitor.

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Ranking: The 4 best video card models

Looking for a powerful video card, to play your games with more quality or to edit your images and videos without any problems? So this list was made for you. Here are some of the best models, so you can compare and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Buying Guide

It is not just the ability that defines whether a video card is good or bad. There are other questions that need to be answered when you decide to buy one, and in this Buying Guide, we’ll help you find those answers.

Keep reading and learn everything you need to buy your video card.

What is a video card?

Here is the meaning of the video card: Component that manages and controls the functionalities to provide display of images on computer screens.

Currently, most computers have a graphical interface. The video card acts for the graphic interfaces to become reality on the screens of the monitors.

What are its advantages?

The old versions of video cards had limited resolutions and were expensive, unviable prices for the middle class population. Today’s technology enables products capable of supporting 3D effects on the market.

There are video cards with powerful performance without damaging the computer’s main processor. Acceleration features allow for more effective processing and less drag on image generations.

It allows you to work with photo and video editing programs without crashing, in addition to being able to play state-of-the-art games with high graphic quality. It also offers an advanced graphical interface without affecting the performance of the computer.

But the product is not only defined by advantages. See the negatives and positives of using a powerful dedicated video card on your computer:

Onboard and offboard video card: What’s the difference?


There are two main types of video card for PCs and notebooks: Integrated card and dedicated card (onboard and offboard).

The onboard video card integrates with the computer’s motherboard, something that slows down the system. For certain functions it is an advantageous choice: reading email, watching videos, working in Microsoft Office, among other tasks.

Offboard video cards have their own memories. They do not depend on the motherboard, which generates more RAM space for the computer. The right option for those who want to play cutting edge games with realistic graphics without crashing. Understand the main advantages and features of the two versions:

How to understand the nomenclatures of video cards?

The first point is to know how to identify the nomenclatures of the video cards. Keep a rule in mind: Higher values ​​don’t always mean more power. Below is a video that explains this issue in detail:

Power symbolizes energy. Therefore, depending on the video card model, it is necessary to use additional power cables, with 6 or 8 pins. Attention should also be on the type of connector on the card, suitable for your monitor. If you miss this rule you may have to buy an adapter.

There are 512MB video cards capable of running a game better than those with 2GB.

This is because the game’s performance is directly related to the memory bandwidth (maximum transfer rate on the video card). A 128-bit interface works with more performance than a 64-bit interface.

What is the transfer rate on video cards?

The maximum memory transfer rate is an indispensable value for playing games. But, few people pay attention to this detail before buying a video card. Graphics memory is one of the elementary components for the video card’s work to be perfect.

The memory chip on the video card works in a similar way to the relationship between computers and RAM. But, with some differences. While the graphics processor performs calculations, the memory chips on the video card send or retain information for a specified time. The video memory can transfer a huge number of data at once.

The value equivalent to the memory capacity of the video card in transferring data is the maximum transfer rate . The higher the maximum transfer rate, the more capacity video cards have to reproduce high resolution images. This value is specified with the acronym GB / s (gigabits per second) in the product packaging information table.

To calculate the maximum transfer rate, make the following account:

It is also necessary to stick to the types of memory. DDR3 memories are worse in performance when compared to DD5, even for running games or video software.

The video card must be compatible with the open possibilities of new technologies to offer the best of graphic resources. Shader Model, OpenGL and DirectX are standards of several current games.

How much?

The price variation occurs according to characteristics such as: composition of materials, quantity of GB, memory type, average transfer rate and resolutions. Dedicated video cards cost more than onboard versions.

The price on the internet can range from R $ 50 to R $ 8 thousand. In physical stores, the average value is 15% higher than in virtual stores.

Prices vary widely, so try to research before you buy. Don’t forget to identify your real need before choosing a model or another.

Where to buy?

On sales sites, you can use tools to compare prices and find the most affordable offers at the moment.

Offers on the internet are cheaper. The sites also offer superior options for varying models at quantitative levels.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing video card models

This is a product with advanced and detailed features. Buyers should consider some aspects when purchasing it, online or offline:

  • Functions for specific purposes
  • Pricing
  • Energy demand
  • Video output
  • Computer features

Next, we’ll detail each of the items so that you can make the best choice when purchasing your video card.

Functions for specific purposes

Are you looking for a solution to play a certain game? So it is worthwhile to find out if there is any special graphic function in the game for the video card to achieve superior performance.

For example, there are games that have the PhysX effect, present exclusively on some video card brands. The same goes for those who want to edit 3D works. Certain video cards offer special functions for AutoCad, After Effects, among other applications.


Although the prices of technological products are decreasing slightly, a dedicated video card is still expensive. Some come to the price of R $ 8,000, which is equivalent to 3 or 4 simple computers!

Depending on the games or the type of professional work you do not need to buy the most expensive product from the store. Some versions that cost R $ 1,000 or R $ 2,000 are efficient.

If you want to play a specific game perform tests on the game performance sites (benchmarks). This makes it easier to know what the specification of the video card should be with less cost and more benefits.

Energy demand

A frequent mistake: Installing a dedicated video card and not having the necessary power for perfect operation. With RAM and advanced processors, the most modern video cards can now be considered as small computers in structure.

Some cards need more power than the computer can offer. So, before buying, be sure to confirm the demand for the video card in Watts.

A video card even works to power other parts of the computer. This is a heavy activity that may require an extra energy source. Attention: Energy deficiency affects the components in the machine.

Video output

The monitor picks up signals from the video card. When there is no compatibility in such communication, it is necessary to use adapters. Adaptation sometimes affects the quality of graphics.

Check the video card outputs (DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0, most common standards) and the monitor input. Avoid adapters. VGA and D-Sub are the most frequent connectors. A perfect connection also requires the use of the appropriate cable.

Computer features

There is no point in having the best plate in the world when the machine is simple. Check your computer’s RAM and processor to find out if there are the necessary features to play a certain high-tech game.

The reverse rule is also valid. Computers with a powerful processor and video card without advanced features are not suitable for state-of-the-art games.



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