Top & Best Screwdriver Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Screwdriver: How to choose the best one in 2022?

All people will need to tighten screws at some point in life. For some, this is even part of the profession. How about, then, retire the screwdrivers and replace them with a screwdriver?

The screwdriver quickly and accurately tightens or loosens screws. It often comes in a combo with a drill , thus making it one of the most useful tools out there!

In this article, we will show you why buying a screwdriver is an excellent idea. We will also bring all the necessary details for you to choose the model that best suits your needs. There is a lot to talk about the tool!

First, the most important

  • The variety of screwdriver types is huge: impact or common, battery or electric, hybrid with drill or exclusive, with torque control or without. You will need to know your needs well before purchasing.
  • For home use, no very complex or expensive model is needed. If you are a professional, on the other hand, you will need to shell out considerable money on a high-level screwdriver.
  • Pay attention if the chosen model follows a good number of bits. Otherwise, you will need to purchase them separately for the tool to work optimally.

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Ranking: The 5 best screwdriver models

Because it is such a common tool on the market, the screwdriver is manufactured by all the major brands in this niche. There are excellent quality models at your disposal!

We selected seven screwdrivers that will not let you down. In the case of those that are multipurpose, the focus will be on the specifications of the screwing and unscrewing function. There is a specific article on drills.

Buying Guide

Now that you know great screwdriver models, it’s time to know how to choose. Is it good that she is also a drill? Does it make more sense to purchase an impact or common tool?

In the next lines of this article, you’ll find everything you need about a screwdriver!

What is a screwdriver and what is it for?

Furniture, shelves, electronics, household items and more. In a huge number of everyday objects, there are screws. When assembling, disassembling or repairing, you must tighten or loosen them.

For this, the most used tool has always been the screwdriver. But what if you could do this job with much more speed and accuracy? That’s exactly what a screwdriver is for.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the screwdriver?

If you’re going to tighten one or the other screw eventually, it doesn’t make much difference. But if you work with it or are always dealing with a reasonable amount, the time savings are huge.

The work is also easier: some models have LED light that directly illuminates the screw entrance, for example. With ergonomics and extra functions, using a screwdriver is much easier than a screwdriver.

Check the advantages and disadvantages of a screwdriver in the table below:

Common screwdriver or drill screwdriver?

Screwdrivers are found on the market as a specific tool or in a hybrid way with drills. In the second case, just change the tip and insert a bit (screw) or drill (drill).

Hybrid models are often a little more expensive than ordinary ones. If you do both tasks, screwing and drilling regularly, it is a good idea to choose a tool with this characteristic.

On the other hand, if you are rarely going to drill a wall or piece of furniture and your main function is to screw, keeping one screwdriver may be better for financial reasons.

When it comes to professionals, it is also better to opt for separate options. Drills and high impact screwdrivers need to have different power and torque specifications, among others.

There is no way to escape the best equipment when what is at stake is your livelihood, is it not?

Did you know? Screws have been around since very remote times – there are even historical references to the “Archimedes screw”. But as they were very large, they did not need specific accessories to be threaded or unscrewed.

The first metal screws, as we know them today, appeared in 16th century Germany. It was too much work to do. Thus, its daily use in furniture and other objects is much more recent than you can imagine.

Common or impact screwdriver?

You should have noticed that there are common and impact screwdrivers, and that the second group has much higher power, torque and price.

An impact screwdriver operates using an internal hammer. It makes strokes with a lot of speed that increase the torque and make the service much faster and well done.

Torque, according to physics, is the “moment of force”. It is measured by applying a force to a body that results in it rotating. It was noticed with the observation of the levers. The unit of measurement Nm stands for Newton-meter, which makes perfect sense, since it combines a unit of force with one of distance.

For you to have an idea, the torque of a common screwdriver varies between 3 and 10 Nm, while that of an impact screwdriver can easily pass 100 Nm. This characteristic is linked to the rotation and power of the tool.

We use the Adílson Pinheiro channel to better demonstrate what torque control is and how important it is:

There are some services that require the use of an impact screwdriver. Bolts that are too large or on surfaces such as concrete or hard metals, for example, need a much higher torque than that offered by a common tool.

Another advantage is that the battery or electricity consumption is much lower. Basically, if you are only going to do services at home with your screwdriver, not on a large scale, there is no reason to spend too much and buy an impact model. But for special or professional uses, it is a great idea to make this purchase.

Shall we compare the two types?

Electric screwdriver or battery?

The most common is to find battery-operated screwdriver models on the market, but those with wire, which must be connected directly to electricity, are also manufactured.

This is true for both hybrid screwdrivers with drills and exclusive ones. Likewise, there are also cordless drills .

The main advantage of a battery-operated screwdriver is that it does not depend on electrical outlets or a power supply nearby to function. Even in secluded and secluded places, you will be able to do your job normally.

In addition, electricity consumption is lower. As with your electronic devices, you will only need to worry about charging the battery eventually.

If you don’t like the extra work of charging the battery, you can opt for an electric model without any problems. The operation is similar. A small difference is how power is measured. In battery screwdrivers, the unit is the volt (V), while in electric screwdrivers, it is the watt (W).

We made another table to show you how to choose your screwdriver from the power:

Does the screwdriver fit all types of screws?

There are large and small screws, wide and thin, with different slit styles. Is a screwdriver capable of being efficient with everyone?

The answer is yes, but not alone. For this, you will need to have the ideal bits. Just like drill bits, the bit is the tool placed on the end of a drill and that adapts to the screw that will be tightened or loosened.

Some models already have a set of bits, usually between 10 and 20. This number should be enough for almost all the most common screws to be found. You just need to find the ideal one for your service.

If the chosen model does not come with a set of bits, you will need to buy a kit (or the separate utensils). At least some for simple slits and others for phillips (cross slits) in different diameters are essential for the daily use of the tool.

There is no use insisting on the inappropriate bit: you will probably just screw up the screw.

The Adílson Pinheiro channel is one of the most respected about tools on YouTube. To understand how to use your bits, we recommend the following video:

How to use a screwdriver?

The use of a screwdriver is simple, but it has some nuances that can give the inexperienced a little headache. So we dedicate a part of the article to him!

  1. The first question is to correctly tighten the bit to be used. For this, the chuck key is used in most models, some already have an intuitive threading mechanism in their mouth.
  2. Then, select the direction of rotation (screw or unscrew) and pull the trigger. As the process takes place, the torque and speed of the tool can be adjusted.
  3. It is important to make the correct adjustments to prevent the screw from passing the surface limit, losing its usefulness, or that the contact is not sufficient to achieve the rotation it requires.

In the video from the previous sector, you can see the ideal torques and bits for each screw and situation.

How much?

The variety of screwdrivers is very wide: impact or common, hybrid with drills or not, battery or electric, with different torque controls, among other differences. Therefore, prices also appear in distant ranges.

The simplest models, for home use and with few extra functions, can cost from R $ 70. They can break the branch well for people who will not make very complex use of the tool.

The more powerful and full of features, the more expensive the screwdrivers will be. Good impact models cost between R $ 500 and R $ 800. For professionals, it may be necessary to disburse amounts in the four-digit range.

Where to buy?

Shops specializing in tools and building materials are the best options for purchasing a screwdriver. Large chains, are present in many cities and have a huge range of options.

The best idea is to buy online, on the Amazon website, where there is an unbeatable variety of screwdrivers. We cannot fail to mention other great e-commerces such as Amazon international and.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying a screwdriver

You already know what type of screwdriver you need and how to choose it, but there are still a number of questions that can help you with your purchase. Let’s list a few:

  • Ergonomics
  • Extra features
  • Extra items
  • Portability
  • Battery life
  • Cable voltage and size

Next, we will explain in detail each of the items.


Many of the screwdrivers are made in the shape of a pistol, which is very natural and helps in use. Just leave one hand on the trigger area, hold tight and keep the tool straight with the other hand on the top.

Some models go even further, with rubberized inserts for the hands, which can be very comfortable for long-term use. When there is an obvious place for the hands, all types of users win.

Always prefer screwdrivers that were made with ergonomics and ease of use in mind. It is a matter of comfort and agility.

Extra features

We mentioned some important extra features throughout the article and we will now reinforce them. The LED light , which illuminates the place where the screw will enter, is one of them. It helps a lot in situations without much light to assist in the process.

There are screwdrivers that do not have the function of reverse rotation (which serves to unscrew). Run away from them! They can only perform the service in half.

Also worth mentioning here are the special cable lining in the case of electric screwdrivers and the digital percentage and autonomy display for battery operated ones.

Extra items

You already know that it is ideal to choose a model that comes with a good number of bits. We will now highlight some other items that will help your screwdriver to be more complete.

Briefcases and bags help in storing the tool, preventing falls or exposure to agents such as dust and other dirt. Thus, the durability will be much greater.

For battery models, a charger is essential. It is not ideal to have to adapt one another electronic. Some even bring extra batteries, making it easy when you have to work with the tool for many hours straight. Cleaning cloths and accessories are much rarer, but also welcome.


Is taking your screwdriver away from home often something that will happen? So pay attention to portability. Do not choose a model that is too heavy or with exaggerated dimensions, as this will make transportation difficult.

Impact tools tend to be a little bigger than ordinary tools, and if you are a professional you will need them. But still, it is possible to pay attention to brands that think of ease of transport.

Battery life

This item is exclusive for battery operated models. If you intend to work for a long period of time without breaks, the greater the autonomy, the better. This way, you will not suffer from the tragic moment of stopping to recharge.

Some of the best screwdrivers promise in specifications to have above average battery life. As much as there is no measure that allows us to compare them, making the choice taking into account the question is good when you have a high workload.

Cable voltage and size

Speaking now of electric screwdrivers, the size of the cable can reduce the disadvantage of mobility in relation to those with batteries. The bigger it is, the more it will allow you to reach great distances from sockets and the electrical network.

Voltage is critical at the time of purchase. You need to know if the place where you live has a standard of 110 or 220 V. The model chosen must be compatible with this.

There are a good number of bivolt screwdrivers, but if you haven’t found one, don’t buy a 220 V model if the standard you live in is 110 V, or the other way around. It will be sadly lost money.


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