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Top & Best Counterfeit bill detector Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Counterfeit bill detector: How to choose the best in 2022?

Always be very the place where you find the best product reviews. With questions about buying? Here they will end, without falsehood. After all, today’s topic is the counterfeit bill detector.

Working in commerce and the service sector has its common risks, including that of being deceived by a false note. Although the quantity is not relevant to the economy (it is estimated that around R $ 35 million are in the market), receiving a false note is pure sadness.

They circulate among us. Of course, the proportion is small, but you need to be prepared. And in this article, you will find good options for detectors to end this terrible surprise.

First, the most important

  • A counterfeit detector can be purchased anywhere, but it does not guarantee that you will escape the false positive. Ideally, you should also have visual knowledge to identify these notes.
  • The more knowledge you have about a banknote, the less risk of accepting a counterfeit. Just be careful not to embarrass the customer / consumer.
  • The legislation punishes the transfer of counterfeit bills. Knowing how to identify them, in addition to avoiding harm to you, helps you with other complications, ranging from embarrassment to police and legal problems.

Best Counterfeit Detectors: Our Recommendations

Behold, you intend to guard against the risks of counterfeit money. It is possible to search by itself, but the quantity and specifications of the product can make it a little difficult. To help, we’ll show you some of the best detector options available on the market.

  • Counterfeit bill and document detector
  • Pen-shaped counterfeit detector
  • Excellent ultraviolet bivolt detector

Buying Guide

If it is part of your job to deal with money, watching banknotes is common. Despite its analytical capabilities, having an electronic detector can help a lot. We will explain to you now why it is important to have one.

Counterfeit detector: Why have one?

Being a merchant or service provider is not always an easy task. And that task has become even more difficult when technologies are used to defraud. Increasingly similar, counterfeit bills are constantly appearing on the market and causing a good loss for those who accept them.

After all, the ability to defraud has increased, and you may encounter different qualities of counterfeit bills today. Even documents are expertly created or tampered with, on models capable of deceiving attentive eyes.

Knowing that more than 270,000 counterfeit bills were seized in one year should scare anyone. It’s a lot of money for you to be safe from being a victim.

“Receiving counterfeit money is equivalent to being stolen.”

After all, you provide a service or sell a good, and get nothing in return. Thus, equipment to assist in this detection is increasingly useful and important.

The good news is that counterfeit bill detectors have been keeping up with fraud improvements. They are constantly relaunched and improved to ensure that their users are not misled.

There are methods for detecting false visual and tact notes, this is true. There is even a movement saying this is the best method, but let’s think about it:

A person dealing with notes all day long: crumpled, stained, dirty, sticky, new …. Will you really keep the ability to identify counterfeit notes throughout your work?

It is important that your ability allows you to doubt. And when that happens, having a detector on hand can immediately eliminate doubt.

Counterfeit bill detectors: How do they work?

If there was no one to defraud, it is a fact that the bills would be much simpler and cheaper to produce. However, the act of taking advantage ends up moving interests, and causing people to seek to defraud the money for their own benefit.

For this reason, the banknotes are manufactured with various modernities in terms of security. This allows them to stand out over any other fraudulent material.

Magnetic, holographic prints, watermarks, embossed parts. These are some of the peculiarities that a ballot can have, to reduce the chance of being replicated as much as possible.

And it is based on these very specific characteristics that the counterfeit detector works. There are those devices that are capable of completely analyzing the ballot, and others that focus on certain elements.

There are four most common methods of detecting counterfeit bills, based on what each device analyzes.

Magnetic analysis

A very interesting type of detector, which reacts with the magnetic ink present on the bank notes, and thus indicates its presence. Some devices only emit an identification “beep”. Others visually show the ink by emitting a specific light on it.

For it to work, of course, the presence of magnetic paint is necessary. But don’t worry, because our real notes have this ink.

Ultraviolet or UV analysis

Marks visible only in ultraviolet are common on banknotes and documents, including real bills. In this case, the detector will show elements hidden with the naked eye, which replicate other characteristics of the note.

The value is one of the things that appears in smaller size, in the UV analysis. It must be the same as the visible note.

Watermark analysis

Another very common element, mainly in banknotes, since they depend on the visibility linked to the transparency of the banknote. In the notes of real, it is a replica of the image of the animal present.

The counterfeit detector of this type illuminates the banknote, which allows the user to view the watermark.

Ink pen

One of the most commercialized models, this pen has a different chemical composition ink. This composition reacts with coarser papers (such as sulfite).

This way, when the ink gets dark, it indicates that the chemistry has found a coarser paper. When it is clear, it is very likely that it is a true note.

How about a small table to better understand what each one checks?

Visual method

It is not really an electronic equipment, but the human being himself who performs this method. Depending on the counterfeit detector model you have, it does not cost much to make a quick visual check.

Some things that can be easily verified:

  • Watermark: just hold the note in front of a strong light source, the “invisible” marks will appear in contrast to the lighting.
  • Security element: in the dark bar with the color of the banknote, its value is “hidden”, in small size.
  • Weapon symbol: it is printed on both sides of the bill, in exactly the same place.
    Holographic strip: in the small silver portion, there is a play on words, where when waving the note you should see its value and the word “real”.

How much does a counterfeit detector cost?

Let’s be honest: compared to the benefit that this equipment is capable of providing, its value is simply minimal. Then try to choose one of the best nominees!

Jokes aside, you will find good models with value less than R $ 50.00. Of course, there are those embedded in technology (some even with a built-in counter), which will make it easy to unpack more than R $ 200.00.

Still, they are equipment that “pay for themselves” easily. In the case of a less expensive one, you just need to take a missing note. And in the most expensive ones, just identify a small amount of counterfeit bills.

It is sad to say, but to come across fake banknotes is relatively simple nowadays.

Where to buy counterfeit bill detectors?

A counterfeit detector is not that difficult to find out there. Several department stores have some of their options, and probably use them as well.

But for a device like this, the internet is an excellent purchase option. There you will find a wide variety of models and specifications, and you can compare everything calmly.

Stores like Amazon have a lot of options. Feel free to select the best, compare and choose. They deliver at home, quickly.


Purchasing criteria: how to choose your counterfeit detector

Counterfeiters are smart people, and are always looking for a new method to defraud. Of course, the government constantly seeks to avoid the possibility and trace the origin when faced with the problem.
But you are the one who needs to pay attention. And that means having a good counterfeit detector by your side. Now that you plan to choose a model, it is important to take into account some essential factors:

  • velocity
  • Volume
  • Form of identification
  • Location


Depending on how much money you spin, or whether you need to check continuously (especially high notes), speed is important.

If not, virtually all models on the market are compatible with your demand. Now, if the customer is in front of you, waiting for change or receiving something, the faster the better.


A little to do with speed, to choose the best model it is also important to define how much money you want to analyze. Whether at the same time or throughout the day (the breaks).

Some machines can’t handle being on all day. In comparison, others even have a built-in counter. That means counting the money and verifying its accuracy at the same time!

Form of identification

You have already read the amount of methods for detecting counterfeit notes that exist, it is true. And each one has its peculiarities when we think about the environment.

Visually detectable models can be harmed if they are in places with strong lighting. You may not see the elements of analysis correctly, for example.


Undoubtedly an important element, which “matches” with others already mentioned. You need space for the detector to be within reach of the user.

It is complicated to have it stored in another place, or distant, as it will cause a displacement of the user and great discomfort for the customer.

Before purchasing, assess the location available for the counterfeit detector. From there, define the compatible sizes and start purchasing.


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